15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Is it time to choose a design style for your bathroom? Great! Choosing bathroom design styles that fit your needs and tastes may take some time but it can be extremely satisfying given there are so many great ones to choose from.

Bathroom Decor Pictures

One of the most popular design styles is modern bathrooms. That’s why we’ve gathered some bathroom decor pictures to inspire you. Modern bathrooms are always in and they will always look good!

Today, modern bathrooms usually involve sharp lines, freestanding tubs, and monochromatic color schemes. However, you can really play around with designs to find that perfect fit for you. But let’s look at ideas. 

Getting Started With Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you want to bring your bathroom into the 2020s then you’ve come to the right place. We have some amazing modern bathroom designs from our bathroom decor pictures all with modern aspects. 

Modern is not exactly the same as contemporary though the two are closely related. Modern is also not the same as mid-century modern which focuses on what was modern in the mid-century 1900s. 

These ideas will get you headed in the right direction, ensuring that you make the most out of your modern bathroom. While you can add your own twists and tastes, these are just a few ideas that will only add to your own creative design. 

Merging Rooms

Merging Rooms

Small spaces are becoming quite common and so are merging rooms together. Yep, you got that right! Using one room as two rooms with no need for the Jack and Jill bathroom. More often than not, one of those rooms is a bedroom with another room in it.

The other room can often be a kitchen but it can also be a bathroom. When you do this, it’s important that the flooring is waterproof and that you have all of the appropriate plumbing in place before you begin.

Modern Wallpaper

Bathroom picture with wallpaper walls

Wallpaper seems like it’s only a dated way to cover your walls but it really isn’t. Wallpaper can be trendy and alluring just like any other wall covering. The trick is finding a good wallpaper that works with your style.

Bathroom wallpaper can work well as long as it is moisture-resistant wallpaper. If you can’t find any then a mural works just the same as long as it is waterproof. If not, put it on the walls that are away from the shower area.

Work With Geometry

Work With Geometry

Geometrical designs are very modern and trending. Find your shapes and stick with them. In truth, any shape can work for a modern bathroom, you just need to make sure that if you use different shapes, they work together. 

Octagons, pentagons, and hexagons are very popular but a lot of people think that they are the only geometric designs that can make a statement. But in reality, you can use circles the same way and really make a difference. 

Use Interesting Lighting

Use Interesting Lighting

Get creative with your lighting by backlighting mirrors and using interesting lights above your sink. Backlighting mirrors is much easier than you might think. You can add LED lights behind them or buy special lights.

LED string lights can be placed anywhere and they look amazing. But before you buy them, learn about the differences between LED lights and incandescent lights as you will most likely prefer one over the other. 

Minimize Furniture Space

Minimize Furniture Space

Floor space and wall space are both important. There are some things that take up a lot of both of those. Floating sinks or bars are a great way to free up both types of space while still having the amenities you need.

You can minimize the vanity by using a shelf for your sinks with small brackets to support them. Play around with designs and materials before you commit because this will be a built-in vanity and not a free-standing one. 

Use Every Wall

Use Every Wall

Gone are the days of using one wall for the tub and another for the sink and toilet. There are many more options now. A great way to utilize space is to use your wall space. All of it if it doesn’t make the room look cluttered.

Using all of your wall space isn’t necessary of course, but it can help to at least put something on each wall. A lot of people forget the wall that the door is on but that is usable space that can free up space elsewhere. 

Invest In A Bathroom Island

Invest In A Bathroom Island

Islands aren’t only for the kitchen. You can buy an island for the bathroom too. Getting one that is just a countertop that takes up extra floor space isn’t ideal, but it can work if that’s what you prefer.

However, it is usually better to get an island that has plenty of storage. Bathroom storage has no age so it is always modern. That’s why you should get a bathroom island to free up space elsewhere in your bathroom. 

Get Fun With Colors

The bathroom doesn’t have to be white or beige, it can be any color that you want it to be. A great way to make your bathroom look more modern and attractive is to add some color. A little or a lot, it doesn’t matter. 

Touches of bright colors are a safe way to go but don’t be afraid to go all out. Your bathroom is your own space, especially the master bathroom. So go ahead and play with color combos that suit your taste and comfort. 

Did Someone Say Muslin?

Did Someone Say Muslin?

Muslin is one of the best materials you can find for bedding, curtains, and even towels. Muslin is a loose-wave material made of soft cotton. Because it is loosely woven, it uses less cotton, making it green. 

While you don’t have to use muslin if you don’t want to, you can use it in the bathroom for a modern look that is soft and down-to-earth. They work for towels but are lighter weight and don’t absorb as much water. 

Leave Counter Space

Leave Counter Space

Don’t forget to leave counter space in your bathroom. This is a huge mistake that a lot of people tend to make. But when you are getting ready or looking for space for soap and lotions, then you are going to struggle without the space.

If you don’t have any space for counter space, you can improvise by getting a fold-out or slide-out counter that you can use for getting ready. As for soap, you can get wall-mounted dispensers and holders.

Creative Shower Heads

Showerheads are often bought and forgotten. But they don’t have to be. You can get an interesting showerhead that looks amazing, feels amazing, and is a unique as can be. You just need to know how to find them.

Showerheads in standard stores are usually basic, but if you shop around then you can find great options at a great price. Look for waterfall showerheads or those with removable heads. Perhaps even a smart shower head. 

Splurge On Feature Pieces

Splurge On Feature Pieces

A feature piece can make all the difference in the world. In fact, if you start with a feature piece in your bathroom then you can have that modern bathroom look the entire time you are remodeling your bathroom

As for what the feature piece is, well, that’s up to you. A piece of art is a great way to do this but it is usually more impactful to use something like a sink or tub to catch their eye. This is practical and gorgeous. 

Make A Statement

Go bold and really make a statement in your bathroom. Use gold if you want to use gold, have a wall of mirrors if you want a wall of mirrors, and most importantly, don’t listen to the haters trying to change your mind.

Sure, some things are distasteful. But that’s only according to the taste of the masses. If you like something others would see as gaudy, well that is actually trending. Because finding something no one else has thought of will always be in. 

Try A Different Wall Covering

If drywall and other common bathroom walls get boring, mix it up by trying something most people are too afraid to try. Stone and brick are very unique but if you can afford them, there’s no better way to go.

Although when doing this, the wall itself will be waterproof, it’s important to make sure that too much moisture doesn’t build up or else bacteria will set in. Ensure good circulation and perhaps a dehumidifier

Make It Your Own

This will always be the single most important tip you can get when it comes to interior design. Make your space your own space. Although you can emptily create a space of your own with someone else’s designs.

However, when your heart is in it and you fall in love with what you are doing, that will show. So make the most of your creativity and your own personal taste to create a modern bathroom picture that you would want to be featured. 

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