Five Types Of Glass Kitchen Cabinets And Their Secrets

Amazingly, glass kitchen cabinets are still a thing, even so long after glass furniture stopped being popular. That’s because glass never really stops being popular and appreciated for its unique qualities.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

In the kitchen, cabinets with glass fronts or shelves are liked for their transparency and the fact that they frame items nicely, putting them on display without exposing them entirely. Of course, if you’re not a fan of transparency in your decor, there are other types of glass to choose from.

Pros & Cons to Glass Kitchen Cabinets 

If you’re not sure whether or not glass kitchen cabinets are worth your money, let’s take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of these products and see if they might be suitable for you:

  • Pro: You have plenty of options to choose from, including frosted-glass cabinets, seeded cabinets, and others. That makes it easier for you to find a cabinet that matches your current kitchen style. 
  • Con: Not organizing them in piles according to type and color will simply make your kitchen look disorganized, and worse, it will be visible to everyone who enters.
  • Pro: Because of the transparent nature of glass, it’s easier for you to find that plate you’re looking for without having to rummage through the cabinet.
  • Con: Kitchen cabinet doors with glass fronts are prone to cracking and fracturing, which is why they might require opening and closing with greater care. 
  • Pro: Glass kitchen cabinets are also easier to clean because of the stain-resistant and waterproof nature of the material. 
  • Pro: Similar to mirrors, kitchen cabinets that are designed with a glass front reflect and distribute light throughout the room, creating the illusion of an open, breezy space.

Types of Glass for Kitchen Cabinets 

There are six main types of glass commonly used in the construction of kitchen cabinets, so let’s have a quick overview of each.


Gray kitchen cabinets with frosted glass doors and black cooktop

You can utilize the frosted glass to partially conceal your content within your kitchen cabinet and put puck lights on the cabinets to increase the visibility of the content displayed through the frosted glass. The benefit of selecting a frosted glass is that it helps conceal fingerprints and spills.

Frosted glass provides a skewed vision through which you may perceive colors and shapes. Frosted glass obtains its translucent quality through sandblasting or grit, which results in a sleek and clean look that pairs beautifully with the smooth stainless-steel finish that you commonly find on modern cabinets for your kitchen.


Seeded kitchen glass doors cabinets

Seeded glass is comparable to textured glass but has a vintage appearance that dates all the way back to ancient times. It has a hint of either little, average, or large bubbles, which lends it the word seeded.

It’s a natural fit for a modern kitchen, and it also allows you to get a view of the shapes and colors of the projected material, depending on the seeded glass density and bubble size. Additionally, you can install puck lights to enhance the appearance and appeal of your kitchen cabinet.


Kitchen glass doors gabinets storage area

Transparent glass should be simple and attractive, with a single flat-paneled strengthened glass construction designed to protect against easy shattering or a decorative design to enhance the appearance of your kitchen cabinet.

Transparent glass is extensively used since it is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors. This sort of glass is artistic and elegant, and it complements a wide variety of kitchen styles due to its emphasis on content display.



Since textured glass was frequently employed in the design of traditional kitchen cabinet glass, it has an archaic appearance that plenty of kitchen styles could benefit from.  

Kitchen cabinet glass with a textured finish can be adjusted to match any decorative design style. Unlike other varieties of glass, they create the illusion of additional space and openness in a kitchen.


Stosa fancy cabinet handles with Leaded glass cabinets 1024x683

Leaded glass is a beautiful addition to modern kitchen decor. It is also referred to as crystal glass since it is made up of numerous little pieces of linked glasses that give it its appealing appearance. Leaded glass has a distinctive appearance due to the substantial metal content and the color that imparts an improved artistic quality to the glass.

The primary advantage of leaded glass is that it can be customized to your specifications about direct location, color, and art glass. Add some backlight to your leaded glass to enhance the appearance of the entire kitchen.


Textured Kitchen Glass Cabinets Diesel kitchen Design 768x1024

Sumiglass is composed of multiple layers of crushed materials, each layer consisting of at least two panes, which gives it its decorative appearance. Sumiglass is another excellent option for your kitchen cabinets because of its high-quality glass equipment.

Sumiglass is a proprietary and cutting-edge technology that assures a durable bond between each glass pane affixed. Sumiglass comes in a number of colors and may be customized to your specifications, resulting in a fashionable interior décor for your kitchen cabinet.

All types of Kitchen glass cabinets available nowadays

Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors 150x150
Transparent kitchen cabinets glass with small island and black bar stools 150x150
Gray kitchen cabinets with frosted glass doors and black cooktop 150x150

Transparent glass kitchen cabinets

There’s no hiding anything in a transparent glass cabinet so you should first of all be comfortable with this before anything else. Of course, while this might seem as an inconvenience to some people, others might think of it as a big plus.

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Upper kitchen cabinets with transparent glass doors let you put things on display while keeping everything safe inside, protected from dust and other things. Also, the plain nature of this type of glass is a nice fit for minimalist interiors, not to mention that it’s a perfect choice for small kitchens.

Transpared kitchen cabinets glass doors white kitchen design
Alternate between transparent and opaque cabinet doors to satisfy all your storage needs
Transparent kitchen cabinets glass with small island and black bar stools
You can have accent lights installed in your glass front cabinets to highlight the contents
Clear transparent glass kitchen cabinets doors for a white kitchen color
Glass cabinets look best when mounted on walls while solid modules are often preferred for the bottom area
Kitchen glass doors gabinets storage area
Cabinets with glass fronts are not just for kitchens. They’re also a good option for dining rooms

Frosted glass kitchen cabinets

If you like the idea of having glass cabinets in the kitchen but you’re not completely comfortable with all the transparency and the fact that the contents of the cabinets will be put on display for everyone to see, there’s an option that might be just right.

Frosted glass is sleek and cool and it looks great in modern kitchens. But while frosted glass does hide the mess behind it pretty well, it’s not completely opaque so you might still be able to distinguish the silhouettes and colors behind it.

Marchi wood paneling and frosted glass sliding doors for cabinets
You can use frosted glass to partially conceal the contents of your kitchen cabinets and shelves
White kitchen design with frosted glass cabinets doors and black countertop
You can literally put the spotlight on the contents of your kitchen cabinets to make them more visible through the frosted glass
Gray kitchen cabinets with frosted glass doors and black cooktop
Frosted glass can be etched with interesting patterns and decorative motifs

Textured glass kitchen cabinets

There are several different types of textured glass, some more common than others. This is a style that’s a bit tricky in the sense that some patterns are quite likely to be a fad and to go out of style quickly, leaving you with a dated kitchen design. You can avoid that by sticking with some of the simpler and more classical patterns. Textured glass is interesting from both a visual and a tactile point of view.

Textured glass is quite similar to frosted glass in the sense that it blurs the contents of the cabinets but doesn’t hide it all
Textured glass kitchen door for lower cabinets island
Depending on the pattern you choose, textured glass can be more or less transparent
Textured Kitchen Glass Cabinets Diesel kitchen Design
Sure, you can still clearly see what’s behind the glass but the textured finish makes the silhouettes less clear

Seeded glass

This is a special type of glass with a very particular look. Seeded glass features all these bubbles which can be tiny or large, depending on the source and style. It’s a look that suits vintage and traditional decors but which can also look interesting in modern settings. In the kitchen, it can be used to obscure the contents of the cabinets without really hiding anything.

White kitchen design with subway tiles and seeded glass doors
Seeded glass cabinet doors adds a touch of charm and texture to the decor without obstructing it in any way
Seeded kitchen glass doors cabinets
The bubbles in seeded glass usually give it a wavy texture and this created interesting visual effects when light hits it
Seeded kitchen glass cabinets doors
Seeded glass looks best in traditional or retro settings and it’s not very versatile

Leaded glass kitchen cabinets

As the name suggests, leaded glass is very rich in lead. The high content of this heavy metal is responsible for the unique look of this glass and the tint that makes it special and appreciated for its decorative qualities. Leaded glass looks elegant and has this very appealing artisanal look but it can be pretty difficult to find. Alternatives include tinted or stained glass.

Stosa fancy cabinet handles with Leaded glass cabinets
The same as seeded glass, this style usually suits well kitchens with traditional or retro-inspired decors
Brown kitchen design with leaded glass doors
The leaded glass looks especially great on backlit cabinets

How Do You Replace Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass is often accessible via a detachable panel when it is fitted in practically any cabinet. This makes it excellent for replacing cracked or broken glass or for cleaning the interior.

What you’ll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Safety gloves (to avoid cuts)
  • Putty knife
  • Chisel 
  • Clear silicone 

Step One

Open the cabinets and check the left and right sides of the glass panels. You should see a screw sticking out. You can remove these screws using a screwdriver, and all you have to do is bring them parallel to the frame.

Step Two

If there are no permanent attachments between the cabinet frame and the panel, unscrew the hinges. If the glass is embedded in the door, all that is required is to remove the screws that secure the hinges to the cabinet and the door containing the glass. Remove the hinges if there are no sticks or screws keeping the panels in place.

Step Three

Gently tap the panel from the inside to dislodge it from the cabinet frame. It should be placed face down on a worktable.

Step Four

Place the tip of the putty knife beneath the molding that surrounds the glass. Pry it carefully upward to dislodge the brads. Insert the knife between the sides of the panel and the molding, and carefully pry it out. When the molding is sufficiently loose, use the knife to pry it out from the frame. Carry out all four sides.

Step Five

Using a chisel, remove any debris, chips, or dirt using a scraper. Replacing the glass is as simple as dropping it in.

Step Six

With a utility knife, cut the tip off a tube of transparent silicone. Cut it diagonally to create a hole 3/8-inch diameter. Maintain the tube’s diagonal end at the point where the wood meets the glass. Applying pressure on the silicone tube, apply a silicone bead that goes all the way around, making sure it touches the side of the frame and the glass.

Step Seven

Use something heavy to apply pressure on the glass (such as a stack of heavy books). Leave the silicone to dry for about 24 hours. To put the glass panel back on the cabinet, make sure to turn the sticks/screws perpendicular to the frame. 


Are Glass Kitchen Cabinets Expensive?

Glass-front kitchen cabinets are more expensive, and the price continues to rise as the durability and quality improve. However, if you’re redesigning your kitchen and have long desired glass cabinetry, the one-time investment may be well worth it.

Even if you choose more expensive options such as stained, frosted, tinted, or painted glass, you’ll just pay once and enjoy the aesthetic of your kitchen for an extended period of time.

What Glass Is Best for Kitchen Cabinets?

It really depends on what qualities you’re looking for in your kitchen cabinet. For example, frosted glass is a great option for those with messy cabinet interiors because of the distorted view that conceals clutter, while transparent glass is a great choice when you want a clean view of what’s inside the cabinet so you can quickly find the plate you’re looking for. 

Are Glazed Kitchen Cabinets out of Style?

Glazed kitchen cabinets never go out of style in classic and country farmhouse kitchen designs, as well as other rustic types, such as French country kitchens. They do not, however, work in every configuration. Cabinets with distressed and glazed surfaces are a staple of many country kitchens. 

Even if glazed and distressed cabinets have gained a lot of popularity over the last years, they are not suitable for a modern setup.

How Much Do Glass Front Cabinet Doors Cost?

It really depends on what type of glass we’re dealing with, as well the overall quality of the construction (like what type of wood is used, the quality of the hardware, etc.).

The average price for such a door is usually around $225 per door, but it can be considerably higher depending on the aforementioned factors that influence the price. 

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