Types Of Kitchen Sinks And Choosing The Right One

It can be a chore for some people to pick out all of their kitchen appliances and decor, while for others it’s the most exciting part of building a new house. Either way, you definitely want to see your options.

types of kitchen sinks

A kitchen sink is one of the first things you’ll pick out because it usually needs to be installed whenever the cabinets, plumbing, and counters are installed. So go ahead and pick one out with this kitchen sink guide. 

Types Of Kitchen Sinks

There are many different types of kitchen sinks. They can be sorted into categories of how they are mounted, what they are made out of, and more. Some options are for practical reasons while others are for aesthetics. 

When choosing a kitchen sink, it’s important to first think about the practical side of things. You don’t want an oversized sink or one too shallow to wash dishes in. So size is probably the first thing you choose.

After that, you can choose how you want it mounted, followed by the style you want and then the color. This will narrow it down to help you find the perfect kitchen sink for you. Now, let’s get into the different types of kitchen sinks. 

Types of Kitchen sink Mounting Options

Kitchen sink Mounting Options

The mount of the sink is the way that it is attached. In the bathroom, the options for mounts don’t vary as much as they do in the kitchen but one type is added, the freestanding sink, which is rare in the kitchen. 

Top-Mount Kitchen sink

Top-Mount Kitchen sink

The top mount or drop-in sink is a mounting type that is simply a sink insert that is dropped into a hole in the countertop with little to no support underneath the countertop. You can use these on any countertop.

Top-mounted sinks are great for any type of counter but you will need to cut out the area for it. This is true with most types of sinks but it does make it difficult if you have granite countertops or something similar. 


Undermount kitchen sink

An under-mount sink is a sink that the countertop is on top of. This type of sink is placed on a frame that holds it up completely. The countertop is placed on top of the sink and does not support it in any way. 

Again, cutting out a spot for it is important but this time, it needs to fit over the sink and the sink needs to be visible all the way around. Making the hole flush with the basin is important but difficult to do.

Integrated kitchen sink

These types of sinks are usually made of ceramic

An integrated sink is a sink and a countertop that is all in one. These types of sinks are usually made of ceramic or some type of natural stone. They look very high-end and can be expensive if made of stone. 

You can get some of the cheapest types of sinks this way too. If the sink/countertop combo is ceramic, it may be cheaper than buying the sink and countertop separately. So take this into account when shopping. 


Wall-mounted sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are rare these days in the kitchen though they can be found as floating sinks in the bathroom. They can be used in the kitchen but it eliminates the space for counters and cabinets. 

When you mount your kitchen sink, it’s usually best to place cabinets around the sink and a kitchen cart, or something similar, underneath it. That way, you can still make the most of your kitchen space. 

Basin Options

The basin of the sink is the part of the sink that holds the drain and the water. This is the most important part of the sink and in this sense, we’re going to talk about the type of basins that are most common. 

Single Basin

Single Basin

A single basin is just a simple sink with one bowl. These are very common when it comes to bathroom sinks but less common when it comes to kitchen sinks because people like different types of kitchen sinks. 

Double Basin

Double Basin

A double basin is just like a single basin sink but there are two basins. It is most often chosen so that you can wash dishes in one sink and rinse them in the other sink. This is a very common type of kitchen sink.



A drainboard sink usually only has one basin and a drainboard on the other side to pair with it. The drainboard is used to drain dishes without getting the countertops wet, which is a huge plus for kitchens. 

Three Or More Basins

Three Or More Basins

Three or more basins are very rare. Most kitchen sinks do not have more than two basins. Though there are expectations when people like to have three basin sinks. It is difficult to find one like it but it can be worth it. 

Kitchen Sink Style Options

The style of the sink is almost always chosen due to the style of the kitchen and the design style of the family. There are many style options but they are usually categorized into one of these four styles. 

Apron Sink

Apron Sink Farmhouse Kitchen

Apron sinks are also known as farmhouse sinks and they are a popular and adorable sink option. These sinks are visible from the front as they look like aprons hanging down over the front of the counter.

It should be said that you don’t have to have a farmhouse kitchen to get an apron sink. You can incorporate an apron sink into any style of kitchen, regardless of the design style of that kitchen. Make it your own.

Bar Sink

Kitchen island sink

Bar sinks are smaller than standard sinks. They usually have a workspace around them and aren’t often seen in full-sized houses. They are common in small houses, or rather tiny houses, and sometimes studio apartments. 

You can add an extra sink as a bar sink if you feel you need it. This is a great thing to do with your island as it can act as a prep space. Since these sinks are often called prep sinks, this is a perfect solution. 

Bowl Sink

Bowl kitchen Sink

Bowl sinks can sit on top of the counter or they can be mounted underneath them. These kinds of sinks are round and are rare in kitchens. They are very common in bathrooms but if you like them, then add them to your kitchen. 

Bowl sinks can be difficult to wash dishes in, especially when they are placed on top of the counter instead of mounted in them. So place towels or drying mats around them when washing dishes in a bowl sink.

Corner Sink

Corner Sink type

Corner sinks are extremely rare and not usually all that useful. They are double sinks that are added to the corner of a countertop. One basin on one side and one on the other side. The center is usually a drainboard. 

This can vary and it can be risky to even install a corner sink as it is difficult to use. But if you like lazy susans due to the saved space then you will also love a corner sink because it adds so much counter space. 

Material Options

The material of the sink may be the most important part to you. Because this often affects the price the most, it is important that you choose the right material for you. Check out these most common kitchen sink materials. 


Farmhouse style kitchen sink

Ceramic is a very common sink material. It is what most bathroom sinks are made out of and what many kitchen sinks are made out of. However, this can be too fragile for kitchen sinks when washing heavy or hot pans. 


types of sinks in the kitchen

Porcelain is also not quite as common as other types of sinks in the kitchen because it can be fragile. However, it can be one of the prettiest types of sinks you’ll see, available in many different colors. 


Glass sinks are more common than you’d think. They are one of the only ways to get a clear sink, which is important to some people. Resin is another less popular though similar option for kitchen sinks. 

Stainless Steel

type of sink featuring stainless steel

Stainless steel may be the most popular kitchen sink option today. It is durable, affordable, and looks great with other stainless steel appliances. So if you don’t know what to get, this is a safe option for your kitchen.


Copper is also a good option but it is more expensive and quite rare. This type of sink looks amazing in an industrial kitchen and in many other types of kitchens. But you do have to work around it when designing.

Granite Composite 

Granite Composite type of sink

Pure granite kitchen sinks are very rare, but granite composite sinks are not. Granite composite is an engineered blend of crushed quartz, stone dust, and acrylic resins. It is becoming more popular as well. 

Cast Iron

Cast iron sinks are extremely heavy and non very practical, making them rare as well. However, those who want something you just can’t hurt will love this type of sink. It’s also unique so that’s another point!

Choosing Your Kitchen Sink

Choosing Your Kitchen Sink

It isn’t easy making that final decision but if you keep narrowing it down and narrowing it down, you’ll eventually settle on that perfect kitchen sink for you. So keep going and you’ll get there eventually. 

Remember, start with the practical side and everything else will soon follow. It’s easy to find what you like but finding what works is another story. Kitchen sinks are all created equal but they’re not all right for you! 

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