Sloping Roof Ideas And Architectural Wonders

When it comes to the architecture of different residential house styles, the average person can feel lost in all of the different terms. One of those terms is the sloping roof. This is because it isn’t always what it seems. 

When it comes to barnhouse roofs or flat roofs, it’s a bit easier to understand the meaning. But sloping roof is vague enough that it isn’t straightforward, leaving too much room for interpretation. Well, not anymore. 

What Is A Sloping Roof?

Sloping Roof

Despite your first thought, a sloping roof isn’t simply any roof that has a slope. There are many other types of roofs that have slopes but what we are referring to today is a roof with single slopes that don’t meet at the top. 

A house with two slopes is an a-frame house and a house with four slopes is considered either a barn roof or a gambrel roof. The a-frame has rather steep slopes while the barn roof is much softer, giving a lot of room inside. 

Benefits Of A Sloping Roof

Benefits Of A Sloping Roof

Sloping roofs aren’t just for those who like the look of them. They can be very beneficial as well. Every type of roof has its own benefits, but it is quite possible that in today’s work, the sloping roof is best. 

Rain Drain

This one is fairly obvious. A sloped roof is so much better for draining water than a flat roof. Flat roofs look cool but in the end, they are not ideal for areas that get a lot of rain and are better for dry climates.

This is why you’ll see flat roofs more often in desert areas like Arizona and New Mexico, whereas the sloping roofs are common in greener states. However, both can work if the right precautions are taken. 

Save Energy

Sloping roofs preserve energy because they allow natural ventilation between the layers of your roof. Because of their simple design, they do a great job of eliminating any extra hot or cold air that may enter the home through the roof.

So the house stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter if you have a sloped roof. Just make sure that if you do have a small attic, that it is insulated well, which will keep the entire house at a better temperature. 


Because they are simple, sloping roofs are easy to repair. There won’t be nooks, crannies, and special cuts that need to be repaired. Instead, they are easy to repair because all of the pieces are laid the same.

There are many different materials that sloping roofs can be made of but they will all be easy to repair. Even tar can work well, but tin and clay are both easier to repair and better for the environment. 

Solar Power

Solar panels work extremely well in sloped roofs because of the way that they are designed. Any type of roof can have solar panels but since the panels are mounted, it is much easier to mount them on a sloping roof.

On a-frames, the panels will be too steep and won’t work well. On a flat roof, they won’t be as safe. Then on a gambrel roof, the panels are too large to fit on each slope most of the time. This makes a single slope roof the best option.

Sloping Roofs From Talented Architects

If you want to get inspired, then you need to check out these amazing sloping roofs by some of the world’s best architects. Each one of them has something special to offer, so let’s take a look at them. 

The Keeper’s House

The Keeper's House

This work of art is called The Keeper’s House by L.Oberlaender Arquitectos. Notice the clerestory windows that help open up the normally stark roofs of the sloping roof house. It really adds to the overall appeal.

The house is located in Bogotá and can be found in the countryside. This really is a wonderful marriage of country and modern design with a unique, eclectic blueprint for the house and modern materials. 

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North Lake House

North Lake House

The North Lake House Wenatchee by DeForest Architects is definitely one for the books. Just look at it! The amazing rustic house is cozy and elegant. It was designed to “bridge two worlds with natural ease.” 

The point of the house was to bring together the warmth of wood with the coolness of the stone. The house really delivered and who wouldn’t want to spend the weekend at this resort? It can be found at Lake Wenatchee in Washington State.

The Loft

The Loft

With a name like The Loft, you know this place has to be special. It was designed by ALT Architectuur just last year in 2020. The panoramic home is designed with convenience and style in mind, making it quite unique.

The home is a rather open concept, with a center wall made to connect all of the rooms together. Then of course, there is the loft which has been made into an office and a bedroom. Now this is a fun home!

Virginia Farmhouse

Contemporary Renovation For A Virginia Farmhouse

Whoever said that farmhouses couldn’t have single-sloped roofs was wrong. Because this farmhouse in Virginia pulls it off fabulously. Designed by Reader & Swartz Architects, this home takes sloping roofs to a new level. 

The most amazing part of this home is that it was originally a standard farmhouse that looked just like any other farmhouse. But it was turned into this work of art and the family never looked back. 

Hillside House

Hillside House

This home in Belgium is absolutely stunning. It was designed by Lava architecten with so much class, it’s insane. The slope for the house is ever so slight that it can almost be considered a flat roof home. 

But with the slight slope, it is considered a sloping roof home. What makes it unique is that it’s not only on stilts but it is made of brick. So it is kind of phenomenal, and can even be considered an anomaly. 

The Hog Pen Creek Home

The Hog Pen Creek home by Lake|Flato is another head-turner. It can be found in Austin, Texas and it is as cozy as they come, with endless curb appeal. This will inspire you before anything else will. 

The home is found near Lake Austin in an area covered by trees. Every square foot of the home is stunning, with so many amenities and unique features, that it can be impossible to pick any favorites.

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Piedmont Hills Science Complex

Piedmont Hills Science Complex

This building isn’t a residential building but instead is a science complex at a high school. It was designed by LPA and it covers over 177,000 sqft. Yes, that’s a lot of acreage for one complex, which adds to the awe.

The complex is found in the Bay Area in Piedmont Hills High School. The school wanted to make science fun, so they designed a complex with both indoor and outdoor learning. You won’t find any bored students here. 

The Glass Farmhouse

The Glass Farmhouse by Olson Kundig Architects

The Glass Farmhouse is unlike any other design. It was created by Olson Kundig Architects and they deserve an award for their design. The snowy landscape adds to the gorgeous setting, but it’s that slope that is special.

The sloping roof is unique, with the lip to catch the rainfall and snow. A sloping roof is actually the perfect roof for a place this snowy. That’s what you’ll find when you visit this home in Northeast Oregon.

Casa Almudena 

Casa Almudena is a wonderful building designed by Jesús Perales. It is only a few years old but it is becoming a local legend in Els Boscos, Spain. Guess where it can be found in Els Boscos. Next to a vineyard.

Now that is one place that would be a fun and relaxing place to visit. Because who doesn’t dream of vacationing in a classy home next to a vineyard in Europe? That’s not even where the magic ends either. 

Building A Sloping Roof

When it comes to building a roof, 99% of the time, you want to hire a professional to do it for you. Roofs are such an important part of your home and it’s crucial that they are built correctly for safety reasons.

This doesn’t just mean insulation either. This means structural integrity and sustainability. You don’t want anything catching on fire abruptly either. So always hire a professional to at least survey your roof.

Once you do this, then you can spend all of your energy truly enjoying your sloping roof. Design it yourself or hire an architect. That part is up to you, as long as the contractor agrees that the sloping roof is green-flagged. 

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