Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas And Design Directions

The kitchen is quite possibly the most modern room of any house. Even in cases when a different style is chosen like rustic for example, underneath the retro decor, there’s still a very modern kitchen with all the convenient features that make our lives easier these days.

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With that in mind, today we’re having a look at a few kitchen interiors and reflecting on some of the features and details that stand out. We’re hoping you can find inspiration in these ideas to make your own modern kitchen look more amazing than ever. 

What is a Modern Kitchen?

Gone are the days of large oversized appliances and cabinetry in the kitchen. Sure everything worked and had a purpose in the kitchens of yesteryear, but they often lacked a cohesive style. Today’s modern kitchens turn this approach on their head and combine exceptional function with gorgeous styling.

Modern Kitchen decor uses open space and minimalistic style to create a streamlined design. Smooth lines guide your eyes across elegant modern cabinets, counters, and appliances.

Every item is placed to both maintain a sense of sleekness and maximize the ergonomics of the entire kitchen. Industrial materials create hard-defined lines, while natural, earthy materials bring a feeling of warmth and welcomeness to the space.

Popular Modern Kitchen Designs

Space is often the defining factor in determining the direction you’re going to take your modern kitchen designs. Flow and layout will be determined by the space you have to work within. However, the beautiful part of modern kitchen decor is its ability to turn any size kitchen into a modern-day work of art.

Before we dive into our list of fabulous modern kitchen ideas, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular kitchen layouts and designs.

  • Galley Kitchen – A galley kitchen style has cabinets on both sides of the kitchen facing each other with a “galley” space between them. This design maximizes working space and storage capacity. Ideally, in a galley kitchen, the meal prep area will be on one side of the space only. This improves workflow and kitchen safety.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen – The U-Shaped kitchen design is ideal for larger kitchens with plenty of space. Cabinetry lines three walls in the kitchen, providing plenty of storage. An adequately set up U-Shaped kitchen leaves plenty of room for multiple cooks in the kitchen. Using shelving along one wall instead of high cabinets can help to open up the space and make it feel a bit roomier.
  • One-Wall Kitchen – Perfect for smaller kitchens, the one-wall kitchen design allows you to maximize limited space while maintaining a fully functional kitchen. To achieve this, all of the cabinetry and shelving are placed along one kitchen wall, along with your oven, fridge, and sink. The minimalist design of modern cabinets helps add a sense of size and scope to one-wall kitchens.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen – The L-shaped kitchen uses perpendicular walls lined with cabinetry to fully take advantage of available space. L-shaped kitchen floor plans are perfect for both small and larger size kitchens. You’re able to place your appliances with more flexibility with these floor layouts compared with others. L-shaped kitchens are arguably one of the most versatile kitchen designs available.
  • Peninsula Kitchen – A peninsula kitchen gets its name from the counter that protrudes from a kitchen wall. Peninsula kitchens are an excellent alternative for smaller kitchens that are unable to take advantage of a larger island. The peninsula provides a great place for meal prep, eating, homework, or just a way to hang out with the cook while they get the food ready.
  • Island Kitchen – A staple in many open floor plans is an island for the kitchen. Kitchen islands provide a way to dictate flow within the kitchen and offer the ultimate utilitarian space for the family. Islands can serve as a meal prep area, serving surface, cozy place to eat, or social spot. Many modern kitchen ideas look to incorporate a versatile kitchen island when possible.

Preparing for Your Modern Kitchen Decor

It has been said before that the kitchen is the heart of a home. There is more time spent working and spending time with family in the kitchen than in any other room in your house.

That’s why it’s so important your kitchen is set up to accommodate and compliment you and your family’s lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the key first steps when thinking about your modern kitchen decor.

Understanding Your Dollars and Cents

It can be really easy to allow your wants for your new modern kitchen decor to outweigh your actual budget. Understanding and having a firm grasp of your finances will allow you to come up with a realistic budget for your new kitchen.

Knowing precisely what you can afford to spend will allow you to focus on must-have items, like modern cabinets and appliances, and what things you could possibly do without.

Have Fun and Shop Around

While brainstorming ideas for your modern kitchen decor, you need to keep one important thing in mind- have fun! After you know your budget, shop around and see what’s out there. Besides pricing modern cabinets, flooring, and appliances, you can use this time to look for inspiration and ideas for your kitchen plan. Check out multiple showrooms and dealers to pinpoint the exact look you want.

Understand What You Have

Before planning for a peninsula or L-shaped kitchen, you need to ensure you’re not limited to a galley design. Knowing your space and understanding its advantages and limitations will allow you to design the perfect modern kitchen that fits you and your family’s needs. Setting realistic goals and expectations can allow you to stay on budget and enjoy the process of laying out your modern kitchen decor plans.

Plan Out Appliance Placement

After you have your budget set, understand your space, and have your modern kitchen decor, cabinets, and appliances all picked out, it’s time to place them around your kitchen. Understanding where to place your modern cabinets and appliances is key to producing the sleek signature lines of modern design. Understanding how you plan to use your kitchen space will also allow you to place items in a way to maximize efficiency and flow within your kitchen.

Must-Have Modern Kitchen Decor Items

Modern kitchen design is defined by its cool, slick lines. These kitchens use horizontal lines to create a continuous flow that blends modern cabinets, counters, and appliances together.

No one feature is highlighted or central. Instead, the entire space becomes greater than its distinct parts to become an all-encompassing showplace piece.

There are a few items and themes, however, that are crucial to creating proper modern kitchen decor. Take a look at these must-have modern kitchen features.

  • Pull-out pantry
  • Double-bowl sink
  • Sleek frameless cabinets
  • Hardwareless cabinets and drawers
  • Clutter-free smooth polished surfaces
  • Industrial blended with a few natural materials

Modern kitchen decor is, at its heart, simple and minimal. However, being simple and minimal doesn’t mean being lazy and taking shortcuts. It takes a lot of work to pull off a modern kitchen design.

But, when done correctly, you’ll have an elegant and sophisticated kitchen that you can enjoy for years to come. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at 30 modern kitchen ideas that will take your breath away.

1. Straight Minimalistic Lines Highlight this Modern Kitchen Decor

Straight Minimalistic Lines Highlight this Modern Kitchen Decor
Put an emphasis on the flat and minimalist design of the kitchen cabinets

One of the key characteristics of a modern kitchen is simplicity. That can be interpreted in lots of different ways. One of the details you can focus on is getting rid of any furniture accessories and details that break the linearity of the design, like cabinet door handles, drawer pulls, and so on. 

2. Sleek Modern Cabinets Combined with a Modern Island Design

Sleek Modern Cabinets Combined with a Modern Island Design
The wooden breakfast table is seamlessly integrated into the kitchen island, a combo that’s as stylish as it is practical

There are many cool and interesting kitchen layout ideas to consider and while modern decors are often defined by simplicity, they’re also quite complex and detailed from this point of view. We love the idea of incorporating a table or a bar into the kitchen and even physically combining it with the island like in this case. 

3. Elegant Grays Accentuate this Modern Kitchen Decor

Elegant Grays Accentuate this Modern Kitchen Decor
A nice combination of grays, whites, and natural wood always has a modern vibe

On one hand, keeping things simple when designing a kitchen makes everything easier but on the other hand, it becomes a real challenge. There has to be a natural harmony between the colors, finishes, materials, shapes, and everything else so it’s important to look at the big picture when picking all the individual elements. 

4. Modern Kitchen Ideas that are Outside the Box

In a small kitchen it's nice to keep the decor simple and airy and to make use of open shelves as much as possible
In a small kitchen, it’s nice to keep the decor simple and airy and to make use of open shelves as much as possible

A kitchen can be small and still look stylish and modern. In fact, a lot of the contemporary apartments are tiny so a kitchen such as this one is something many of us are familiar with. The color palette, the finishes, and in particular the floating shelves give it a very chic appearance. 

5. Accentuate Your Modern Kitchen with a Splash of Color

Accentuate Your Modern Kitchen with a Splash of Color
A nice and easy way to make a kitchen look more modern is by introducing a chic accent color

A modern kitchen color like chartreuse for instance can really make this room pop. Here you can see a chartreuse-colored accent wall that’s almost entirely covered up by all the furniture but still, it manages to stand out and add a lot of character to this space. 

6. Earth Tones and Hues Project a Sophisticated Style

Earth Tones and Hues Project a Sophisticated Style
An earth-toned color palette composed of beige, brown, and other similar nuances can make a kitchen look extra elegant and sophisticated

With enough space and a suitable design plan, creating a luxury kitchen becomes a very attainable goal. It’s usually best to work with subdued colors and simple finishes that have a sophisticated appeal.

Like in many other cases, less is more. A lot of modern kitchens also have asymmetrical and unexpected decors and features. 

7. White Marble is a True Staple of Modern Kitchen Decor

White Marble is a True Staple of Modern Kitchen Decor
White marble is the most common and popular type, widely appreciated for its elegance and uniqueness

Marble always has a place in a modern kitchen. It’s a very timeless material that doesn’t really rely on any trends and looks good in a lot of different configurations. You can really put an emphasis on its natural beauty by using marble for the kitchen counters, backsplashes, and even an entire accent wall.

8. Brass Adds a Touch of Classic Charm

Brass Adds a Touch of Classic Charm
Introduce metallic accents to highlight certain details in the kitchen of the kitchen

As you may have noticed, brass is quite often included in many modern and contemporary interior designs, specifically when it comes to kitchens. The same goes for copper and other metal accents. These add flair and style to the kitchen and can completely change its look and overall vibe.

9. Natural Materials can Warm the Darkest Modern Cabinets

Natural Materials Can Warm the Darkest Modern Cabinets
Although the color palette of this kitchen is quite dark, the space feel warm and inviting

Significant emphasis is also often placed on the natural materials and finishes employed when designing a modern or a contemporary kitchen. Wood is one of the most common and versatile materials that’s used to add warmth to this space and to give it a welcoming and elegant appearance. It comes in lots of different forms. 

10. Add Geometric Patterns to Your Modern Kitchen Ideas

Add Geometric Patterns to Your Modern Kitchen Ideas
Introducing eye-catching patterns and finishes is always a cool way to add character to a room

There’s always a place for glossy finishes in a modern kitchen. Of course, there are many different ways that the design can go.

The perspective is also important. A design like this one might not immediately strike someone as being modern but on closer inspection, the impression can change. 

11. Black Marble Adds Style to Any Modern Kitchen Decor

Black Marble Adds Style to Any Modern Kitchen Decor
Black marble is a perfect material for the counters and backsplash in this type of design

If you’re planning a modern decor you can rarely go wrong with black kitchen cabinets. There’s something about them that suits this style very well. An accent color is often welcomed in such a design so consider metallic accents, neutrals, or even white if you want to create a timeless kitchen. 

12. Add Old World Style to Your Modern Kitchen Cabinets and Decor

Add Old World Style to Your Modern Kitchen Cabinets and Decor
This kitchen has a very retro look which is what actually gives it a modern vibe

Retro designs are once again trendy so you can actually give your kitchen a very antique-inspired look and make it fashionable. There aren’t that many options in this case when it comes to the appliances and the fixtures but there are surely lots of different ways to make it work. 

13. Combining Natural Materials with Your Modern Kitchen Ideas

Combining Natural Materials with Your Modern Kitchen Ideas
The black and white variations are elegantly brought together into the center where marble and wood accents are also introduced

A variation of the black and white color combination can look right at home in a modern or contemporary kitchen. It’s also a nice way to add a timeless vibe to the decor since these two colors never go out of style. They also pair nicely with marble and a lot of the common materials such as wood for instance. 

14. Add Special Cabinet Lighting and Style to Your Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Add Special Cabinet Lighting and Style to Your Modern Kitchen Cabinets
A simple way to add a modern vibe to a kitchen is by adding LED accent lights under the shelves and cabinets

LED light strips are easy to include in kitchens and they’re very practical too. They can be used to add task lighting to the prep area or to highlight shelves for instance. They can also be attached to the underside of cabinets to create a nice glowing effect that adds ambient lighting to the room at the same time. 

15. Green and Stylish Modern Kitchen Decor

green and Stylish Modern Kitchen Decor

The mix of painted brick and lovely green hues work together to create this classically inspired modern kitchen from Jean Stoffer Designs. The slightly lighter green shade in the gorgeous modern cabinets helps to create visually distinct horizontal lines for your eyes to follow. This is undoubtedly a modern kitchen idea that is worth emulating.

16. A Harmony of Blended Materials

A Harmony of Blended Materials

You may not have the total square feet available to copy this fabulous modern kitchen, but you can certainly borrow key elements from it. The stainless steel appliances accentuate the crisp whites of the modern cabinets. And, the entire space is warmed up with beautiful, natural hardwood flooring and exposed ceiling beams.

17. Use Understated Blues to Make a Statement

Use Understated Blues to Make a Statement

The mix of hard marble, frameless cabinets, and understated blues help to create crisp, clean lines in this modern kitchen from interior designer Nathalie Milazzo. The modern kitchen decor in this room guides your eyes down to the rest of the house. This creates a warm, cohesive flow to the home.

18. Create a White Out with Modern Kitchen Decor

Create a White Out with Modern Kitchen Decor

Beautiful clean whites are a dominant aspect in this inspiring modern kitchen from architect Messana O’Rorke. This kitchen represents everything that is the ideal modern kitchen.

It’s clean, clutter-free, and has a defined visual flow. The use of natural woods only helps to highlight the beauty and cleanness of the whites.

19. Muted Tones Bring Cohesion and Flow

Muted Tones Bring Cohesion and Flow

The muted earth tones in this kitchen from Tammie Ladd Design draw the eye into the entire open living space of the home. No one feature stands out among the rest. Instead, the whole open space is made the showpiece and focal point thanks to the brilliant design of this modern kitchen decor.

20. Contrasting Elements Highlight this Modern Kitchen Decor

Contrasting Elements Highlight this Modern Kitchen Decor

Here we see a number of modern kitchen ideas in play. This elegant kitchen from interior designer Mary Patton uses deep blue colored lower modern cabinets to contrast against the hard white marble of the countertops.

At the same time, a minimalist oven hood and nearly hardwareless faucet help create a sense of sleekness. Being clutter-free and having distinct lines of separation help turn this kitchen into a showpiece for modern kitchen design.

21. Modern Kitchen Ideas That are Outside the Box

Modern Kitchen Ideas That are Outside the Box

Modern kitchen decor doesn’t have to rely on only a couple of colors. This fabulous kitchen from Benjamin Black blends three distinct elements to create a warm, inviting space for the entire family.

Clean white walls are emboldened by striking high gloss black accents, which itself is softened and broken up by warm natural wood. Every element works together in harmony to create a striking modern kitchen design.

22. Get Vertical with Your Modern Kitchen Decor

Get Vertical with Your Modern Kitchen Decor

Typical modern kitchen decor emphasizes horizontal lines, but that doesn’t mean vertical can’t work. Allison Caccoma Interiors creates this bold modern kitchen idea with marked lines of verticality with the use of its cabinets and upper cubbies.

Crisp whites are broken up by splashes of color, with everything working together to create a masterful modern kitchen.

23. Modern Kitchen Decor with Smooth Grays and Browns

Modern Kitchen Decor with Smooth Grays and Browns

As simplistic as modern kitchen decor is, it takes an artful hand to truly capture the feel behind the design. The smooth use of grays and browns in this kitchen from Pearson Design Group draws the eye along the space until you hit the contrasting roughness of the brick backsplash. This creates a visual complexity that is beautiful to behold.

24. Unique Patterns can Still Create Flow

Unique Patterns can Still Create Flow

The unique geometric pattern design in the backsplash and lighting of this kitchen could have hindered the modern theme they were going for. However, as this TRG Architecture and Interior Design proves, modern kitchen decor can still work with fanciful patterns and overlays.

The long island with bookend natural wood accents on the bottom and the line of pendant lighting fixtures work together to create a striking horizontal line that is a staple of the modern kitchen.

25. A Clean Simple and Elegant Modern Kitchen Idea

A Clean Simple and Elegant Modern Kitchen Idea

Judith Balis Interiors shows us that modern kitchen decor can still be warm and inviting while maintaining its crisp cleanliness. The white countertops, walls, and backsplash are beautifully broken up by the rich earthy browns of the modern lower cabinets and base of the island.

Brass pendant lighting and a few green plants help to further warm the space. The hardwareless faucet helps to ensure the kitchen retains its sleek, clean feeling.

26. Simple and Beautiful Modern Kitchen Decor

Simple and Beautiful Modern Kitchen Decor

Radiant white is broken up with splashes of color in this kitchen nook by Alyssa Rosenheck. The long line of shelving creates a definitive line that is only accentuated by the role of colorful jars that run along them. Soft, understated throw pillows help soften up the space and add yet another hint of inviting color.

27. Elevate a White Kitchen with Different Shades of Wood Accents

Elevate a White Kitchen with Different Shades of Wood Accents

The long white table with overhanging brass pendant lighting creates a runway of sorts for your eyes to travel down. As you visually move down this beautiful modern kitchen from Helen Norman, you are rewarded with not just a view of elegant modern cabinets but with two gorgeous windows that flood the room with radiant light.

28. Pin Pointing the Beautiful Modern Kitchen Decor

Pin Pointing the Beautiful Modern Kitchen Decor

Immediately your eyes are drawn to the beautiful hanging pendant lights in this modern kitchen. The lights serve to pinpoint specific areas of the kitchen for your eyes to find.

They take you from gorgeous modern cabinets to the bold wooden tabletop, then along to the industrial metal of the oven hood. This is a brilliant modern kitchen idea that will highlight every aspect of your fabulous kitchen.

29. Brilliantly White Modern Kitchen Decor

Brilliantly White Modern Kitchen Decor

You won’t be able to hide clutter or dirt in this incredibly white modern kitchen from the Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn. The long wall of frameless modern cabinets helps pull you to the white island that takes center stage in the room. A few gray veins in the marble help give a little scope and depth to the modern kitchen decor.

30. Modern Kitchen Ideas to Maximize Space

Modern Kitchen Ideas to Maximize Space

Modern kitchen decor aims to blend function and style seamlessly into one space. Jones Design Build captures a perfect example of that combination. A retractable set of drawers allows you to maximize both storage and counter space, depending on what you need more of at the time. Modern kitchen ideas should work to make your life easier, and this one certainly does.

31. Modern Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

As you can see in this kitchen from JBA Collective, you don’t need a lot of square feet to create a beautiful modern kitchen. The space is made to look larger thanks to brilliantly white counters and sleek modern cabinets. Stainless steel helps break up the room a bit and adds a sense of depth.

32.  Getting the Most Out of Your Modern Kitchen

Getting the Most Out of Your Modern Kitchen

This well-laid-out kitchen from Nuevo Espacio uses a peninsula to maximize every inch of available counter space possible. Crisp white modern cabinets with their frameless design help keep the area clean and neat looking. At the same time, the two hanging pendant lights provide plenty of light along the peninsula.

33. Beautiful U-Shaped Modern Kitchen Ideas

Beautiful U-Shaped Modern Kitchen Ideas

A Beautiful Mess gives us this awesome u-shaped kitchen that uses rows of shelving and modern cabinets to draw your eyes to the oven in the back of the space. While this kitchen may not have the same clean, clutter-free design that typifies most modern kitchen decor, it is undoubtedly inspired by it. The light blue oven works well with the stainless steel hood and adds a pop of color that highlights the room instead of itself.

34. Sophisticated Black Modern Kitchen Decor

Sophisticated Black Modern Kitchen Decor

The black appliances somehow shine when set alongside the white accents of this fabulous modern kitchen. Rich black modern cabinets work with exposed black beams to create a sense of depth to this smallish space. The pop of color from the flowers adds a little life to this modern kitchen decor.

35. Minimalist and Beautiful Design

Minimalist and Beautiful Design

There isn’t much to say about this elegantly simple modern kitchen. It’s beautiful and has a great flow.

It borrows on the modern kitchen idea of clean straight lines to highlight the vast working area provided by the countertops. Modern cabinets hide appliances to further the clean, roomy feeling of this kitchen.

36. Spark Joy with a Little Yellow

Spark Joy with a Little Yellow

Modern kitchen decor doesn’t have to be all straight white lines. This attractive modern kitchen from Massucco Warner proves that splashes of color and geometric shapes can achieve the same unique look- only with a twist.

The octagons in the table and wave pattern in the backsplash add a bit of fluidity to what would otherwise be a static, dull space. Bright yellow light fixtures and accents add a warmth and happiness to the kitchen as well.

37. A Uniquely Original Modern Kitchen Idea

A Uniquely Original Modern Kitchen Idea

Painted blue floors and red tables may not scream authentic modern kitchen decor; however, it can still work. A blue floor creates a welcoming slate that the rest of this beautiful kitchen is built upon.

And, the bright red legs of the table catch the eye, allowing the long white tabletop and rows of retro light fixtures to bring your gaze toward the large window at the back of the kitchen. Crisp white walls work to compliment every aspect of this uniquely gorgeous modern kitchen.

38. Contrasting Elements in this Modern Kitchen Decor

Contrasting Elements in this Modern Kitchen Decor

This Traci Zeller Interiors kitchen takes your modern kitchen ideas and turns them on their heads. Soft fabrics, warm woods, industrial steel, and elegant marble all come together to create a visually striking space that will take your breath away.

The design of the oven hood and modern cabinetry work together to create the horizontal lines that modern kitchen design is known for. This kitchen truly combines a wealth of styles to make something new and beautiful.

39. Natural Materials can Warm a Modern Kitchen

Natural Materials can Warm a Modern Kitchen

Spectacular whites and exquisite modern cabinets with glass panels make this modern kitchen feel much larger than it is. Exposed naturally colored wood beams create a flow that pulls you down the kitchen, allowing you to take in every gorgeous detail.  The space is given depth by the dark color of the oven hood contrasting against the white wall.

40. A Symmetrical Beauty in Every Direction

A Symmetrical Beauty in Every Direction

Modern kitchen decor has seldom looked this attractive. Large modern cabinets with sleek hardware work to bring your attention both up the space vertically and towards the beautiful oven hood in the center of the back wall.

An oversized sink and island run the room’s length, creating a horizontal focal point that draws you around the room. With vertical and horizontal aspects, this modern kitchen decor creates a feast for the eyes.

Modern Kitchen Decor FAQ

What Are The Best Lighting Options For Modern Kitchen Decor?

Your options for lighting in your kitchen will depend largely on the size and layout of your kitchen space. The key is to find a lighting style that is both stylish and provides you with optimal lighting in your kitchen while you work.

  • Under Cabinet Lights – To maintain the streamlined look of modern kitchens, under cabinet lighting is a great choice. Without fixtures or hanging chains, you will have an unobstructed view of your kitchen’s sleek horizontal lines.
  • Chandelier – A modern chandelier can blend seamlessly into your kitchen’s floor plan to maintain the space’s elegant flow. The large single fixture’s light can accentuate modern cabinets and counters.
  • Pendant Lights – A row of single-light pendants can be used to highlight the horizontal geometry of your modern kitchen. The single row of lights can be used to draw your eyes down the space. In a sense, creating a visual roadmap for your eyes to follow, emphasizing your modern kitchen decor.
  • Recessed Lights – Without any hardware hanging down, recessed lights will blend in and maintain the minimalist look and feel of your modern kitchen. With proper spacing, the light will aid in creating a visual path for your eyes to travel down.

How Do You Clean Modern Cabinets?

Modern cabinets are practically works of art. You want to do everything you can to maintain their beauty and longevity.

While it’s best to defer to the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods, here are a few tips that should help you keep your cabinets looking fabulous longer.

  • Before you get started, remove everything from the cabinets you plan to clean. Dishes, plates, cups, and food should all be stored away from your cleaning area.
  • Same as cleaning a car, you should start at the top and work your way down. Dust or vacuum the tops of your modern cabinets before moving down them or to the inside.
  • If you encounter tough, stubborn grease, white vinegar is going to be your best friend. Mix a little white vinegar with baking soda on grease spots. Let the mix sit for a few minutes before wiping away.
  • For practically all modern cabinet surfaces, you can safely clean and polish them with a mix of hot water, a few drops of dish soap, and some white vinegar. You don’t want to saturate your cabinet’s surface, so apply the solution onto a sponge or cloth to avoid getting things too wet.
  • With hinges that are caked in gunk and grease, a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar is all you need to bring back their shine. Just apply the mix to a toothbrush and give the hinges and thorough scrubbing.

How Much Will It Cost To Remodel A Modern Kitchen?

On average, a modern kitchen remodel will run around $22,000, with higher-end remodels exceeding $50,000 easily. And while still a considerable number, a smaller kitchen remodel may only cost about $10,000, according to estimates.

The good news is, if you’re handy with tools, you can offset a lot of the remodel cost if you choose to go DIY. While you’ll still need to pay for modern cabinets, counters, and appliances, you’ll save a ton on labor costs.

It is worth keeping in mind that kitchen remodels offer some of the biggest returns on investments compared to other home improvement projects. It’s estimated you will receive a little over 90% return on remodeling investment as an increase in your home’s market value.

What Is The Most Popular Color For Modern Kitchen Decor?

Modern kitchen decor is all about clean, clutter-free, both visually and physically, spaces. Looking through images of modern kitchen ideas, you’ll see a lot of blacks and whites mixed with grays. This color combination leaves you with crisp, clean lines that highlight the sophisticated simplicity of the space.

However, don’t be afraid to incorporate areas of color into your design. The goal, again, is to create slick, clean horizontal lines that the eye follows. This can still be accomplished with your favorite colors, as long as they are used strategically to follow the room’s flow.

Can You Make Modern Kitchen Decor Feel More Traditional?

Modern kitchen decor can easily be softened up with a few traditional touches. Adding in natural materials, woods, and fabrics can lighten up the space and add a sense of warmth. While mixing in seasonal flowers on an island or kitchen counter can lessen the industrial feel that is associated with modern kitchens.


Kitchens are arguably the busiest rooms in the home. We gather together around kitchen counters and islands to prepare food, work on homework, and at times just hang out together and talk. That’s why it’s so essential you create a kitchen space that is both functional and one that you will love. Modern kitchen decor combines the best of functionality and style to create a living area unlike any other. Hopefully, this list has left you with a few fabulous modern kitchen ideas you can use in your home.

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