Try a Minimalist Bedroom Design for Less Stress and a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’ve ever done any serious decluttering — the Marie Kondo method maybe? — you know the sense of accomplishment and calm that comes from creating a well-organized closet or dresser.  That same sense of serenity can be achieved in a room by adopting the same approach.

minimalist bedroom

In fact, the prime room for this is the bedroom. A minimalist bedroom can make it easier to unwind and relax, leading to a better night’s sleep. But does having a minimalist bedroom mean doing without the favorite creature comforts? Not really.

Minimalism means being spare and using the fewest – and simplest – elements to decorate the room. In the bedroom, this means avoiding clutter and items that are unnecessary for rest and sleep.

Minimalist bedroom with wall paneling 150x150
Bedroom with sliding barn door and white walls paint
Villa El Rompido Wood wall Paneling
Danish bedroom interior design

A clean and spare environment is scientifically proven to help prevent stress and promote a clear mind. The New York Times says that according to study published in Current Psychology, there’s a substantial link between procrastination and clutter problems.

Also, as people age, frustration with clutter increases and can cause dissatisfaction with life. Clutter can even increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

As Motherly points out, “

What is minimalism in interior design?

Minimalism as a general concept refers to the idea of simplifying something and reducing it to its most basic form without losing its defining characteristics. In interior design minimalism is often used in conjunction with the modern and contemporary styles.

What is minimalism in interior design?

Before we get into the details it’s important to first understand the pillars of the minimalist style applied in interior design:


A minimalist design reduces a space to only the bare essentials, meaning everything there has a purpose and is necessary for the integrity of the space. Nothing is superfluous or unnecessary which is why this style feels so clean and refreshing compared to the traditional or rustic ones for example.


In a minimalist interior design the focus is primarily on functionality. The furniture and accessories serve a purpose and are practical before anything else. This also means they lack any detailed ornamentation or extra elements that are not actually necessary for them to function properly.

Monochromatic palettes

Another element which defines the minimalist style is a preference for monochromatic color palettes. This means that simple and neutral colors such as white, grey or beige are used as primary colors in a minimalist design which allows spaces to look very bright, clean, airy and open.

Personalizing and adding character to a minimalist design

A minimalist interior only includes the more essential items, is clean and uncluttered. So how do we add character to such a space and make it our own? Well, there’s lots of different ways to do this:

Shape and form

As mentioned before, minimalist furniture and accessories are reduced to their bare essentials, without any unnecessary or ornamental features. That results in them having very simple and clean lines and can also mean they look bland and boring.

One way to avoid this kind of outcome is by focusing on shape and form and using this simplicity to bring out the beauty in them. For example, a minimalist bedroom dresser or a nightstand can look interesting by featuring an interesting and eye-catching geometry.

Textures and finishes

Another crucial element in the minimalist style is texture. This is what prevents a minimalist space from looking cold and austere and helps it be warm and welcoming. Using certain finishes and textures helps bring a design to life.


Although it’s true that minimalist interior use monochromatic color palette, that doesn’t mean there’s no variation in them. You still have plenty of tools at your disposal if you want to add some of your own style to a space.

Try incorporating different shades of a certain color into your texture, bringing in some soft pastels or even a bold accent color. Also, mixing in some different textures and finishes makes everything even more interesting.


This goes hand in hand with what we mentioned earlier regarding texture and color. Textiles help us add warmth and dimension to our minimalist interior designs. This includes things like area rugs, curtains, bedding, cushions, blankets and all sorts of other details.

Is minimalism going out of style?

Trends and styles come and go and this is partially linked to how our lifestyle evolves and how our needs change over time. Right now for example we’re going through a global pandemic which has forced many to work from home or to change their entire lifestyle.

Is minimalism going out of style?

Minimalism is a style that focuses on the bare essentials which isn’t really compatible with all of that. Right now we’re engaging in more activities at home, we’re requiring more things in our daily lives and a very simple home environment just isn’t enough to satisfy these needs.

It’s also important to realize that we’re going through a major change and that the minimalism style is no longer sustainable or compatible with that. In a home that’s supposed to be very clean and perfect all the time, where you can’t just leave stuff out you wouldn’t ultimately be comfortable.

All of these things combined mean that minimalist is on its way out and we’re gradually shifting towards a more eclectic and maximalist style which is able to accommodate and fulfill our changing needs in this day and age, a style that reminds us of a better and more comforting time.

Minimalism vs Maximalism

Minimalism vs Maximalism

Without even knowing anything about these two styles it’s obvious at least that they’re polar opposites to one another. But what is each one defined by?

  • Minimalism, as mentioned before, focuses on simplicity, on the bare essentials. It’s a style that puts emphasis on functionality and practicality, on cleanliness and space in general.
  • Maximalism, on the other hand, is defined by diversity. The focus in this case is on mixing a variety of different colors, patterns and textures in order to create a personalized space. That however doesn’t mean it lacks cohesion. Everything is intentional.

So what does all of this actually translate to in interior design? Here’s a few examples:

A personalized interior

Some people enjoy surrounding themselves with all sorts of little things that make them feel comfortable. They personalize their homes and add their own signature to each room and this is a sign of a maximalist style.

Others prefer a simple environment without anything to clutter the room or to distract them. They feel comfortable when the area around them looks clean and clutter-free in which case they have a minimalist style.


Depending on the type of atmosphere you want to create for your guests and the things that you want them to focus on when entering your home you either prefer minimalism or maximalism.
If you want the focus to be on the architecture of your home, on the big, bright and airy nature of the rooms and so on, you’re a minimalist.
On the other hand, if you want to put lots of things on display and to showcase your personality through decorations, artwork, collectibles and so on, you’re a maximalist.


The main difference between the two styles is that maximalists tend to need more storage for all the things that they keep around them and don’t necessarily serve a function or add to the aesthetic of the room.
For a minimalist everything has a place because they’re no superfluous elements in their design. Storage is thus efficient, organized and simple.

Old vs new

To simplify this, minimalism goes hand in hand with the modern and contemporary styles because it’s a pretty new concept. It’s why a minimalist interior is either decorated in one of these two styles.

Maximalism is best paired with the vintage style which makes it easy to add charm, history and character to a space and to surround oneself with comforting elements.

Decor tips for a minimalist bedroom interior

Decor tips for a minimalist bedroom interior

Getting started is the most difficult thing in interior design. Having a clear idea of the outcome you expect from a project makes this seem less scary so let’s have a look at a few tips to help you create a minimalist décor that suits you.

Use only a few colors

It’s easy to get distracted when picking a color palette or to want to include the nuances that are personally dear to us even if they don’t really suit the style that we want for a room. Try to adhere to the simplicity of color palettes in minimalist interior design.

Limit your choices to light colors and understated neutrals. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to personalize the space in other ways.

Leave some empty spaces

Not every wall has to be decorated and not every shelf has to be filled with items. In a minimalist room it’s important to have plenty of empty space. This allows the eye to focus on the few elements that actually matter.

Add sensible decorations

Let’s not mistake a minimalist room for an austere one. You should definitely add decorations to a space to make more personal and to break the monotony. However, choose these decorations carefully and make sure they don’t overwhelm the space or distract from its clean and simple décor.

Use clean and simple lines

In a minimalist design we deal with very clean and simple lines and that applies to everything from furniture to fixtures, decorations and accessories. Things like the hardware on the furniture should either be super sleek and simple or non-existent in order to be less distracting.

Bring some texture in

One of the ways in which you can personalize a minimalist room and make it feel more warm and welcoming is by adding texture to it. For example, in a minimalist bedroom you can do this through things like rugs, curtains, blinds, blankets, pillows, lampshades and so on.

Don’t hide the windows

Part of what makes a minimalist interior look so clean and fresh is the fact that’s filled with light. In a minimalist space the windows are either left exposed and unadorned or decorated with thin and simple window treatments like sheer curtains and light-colored blinds.

Use few and powerful decorations

Because there’s typically very few decorations and purely aesthetical elements in a minimalist interior that forces us to put more thought into what we actually want to include in our homes. If we’re to add a painting on a wall it has to stand out and to actually suit the space and the same goes for everything else.

Use patterns sparingly

Minimalism and patterns don’t really go together but that doesn’t mean you should avoid patterns altogether. It’s ok to include them in your design as long as you use them sensibly and sparingly. A pattern shouldn’t overwhelm a space or be the first thing that stands out when entering a room. It should complement the room and help to bring out the beauty in the elements that surround it.

Minimalist Bedroom and Their Designs

Minimalist Bedroom Contrasting Sophistication

Minimalist Bedroom Contrasting Sophistication

A study in contrasts, this sophisticated minimalist bedroom is located on a home in the Surry Hills suburb of Sydney. The dark black bedding is striking against the all-white walls and trim and the gray carpeting provides a neutral base.

The focus here is clearly on the bed, emphasized by the lack of artwork, accessories or fussy window treatments. Aside from the single-drawer nightstands, the only furniture in the room is a lounge chair with a furry throw, ideal for snuggling in to read or relax.

Mid-century Minimalist Bedroom

Mid-century Minimalist Bedroom

Select midcentury modern pieces are ideal for a minimalist bedroom. This design in a Santa Fe home by Prull Builders uses the sleek pieces with iconic lines to outfit an-all white space, grounded by a smooth concrete floor.

Restrained use of artwork adds interest but doesn’t add to the clutter in the space. Small tulip style tables serve as nightstands as well as an occasional table. It’s a clean and hypoallergenic environment.

Modest Minimalism Bedroom Decor

Modest Minimalism Bedroom Decor

Minimalist bedrooms don’t have to be modern. This shabby chic bedroom in Karin Jensen’s St. Paul, Minnesota home is marvelously pared back but still has a cute, homey feeling. The palette is nearly all white and boasts comfy yet understated bedding along with simple white curtains.

A chair does double duty as a nightstand and the reading light is hard-wired to the wall above the bed — which has a very small headboard. The white contrasts with the warm wood floor and dark window creating a very pleasing bedroom.

Minimalist Scandinavian Inspired

Minimalist Scandinavian Inspired

The all-white palette of the Scandinavian-inspired Toronto minimalist bedroom is an extension of the style found throughout the house. Taking minimalism to its textbook definition, this couple has found relaxation and serenity in their ultra-spare space.

Natural wood is used for the floor and the frame of the spare bed, done up in simple white bedding. Suspended lights are also spare in design with their single black cords and clear glass bulbs. The only accessory is a touch of nature on the small bedside table.

White walls bedroom decor

A traditional exterior doesn’t mean the bedroom can’t be a minimalist one. This one is located in an Edwardian home in Queens Park, Australia and again, the owners chose a clean, serene white palette.

The only color comes from a couple of plants and the other essential elements are rendered in black, like the ceiling fan, side tables and light fixtures. Devoid of distractions, it’s sure to encourage a good night’s sleep and during the day, the space is flooded with light.

Black & White Basics

Black & White Basics

A modern house in Brussels designed by Studio Daskal Laperre embraces a pared-down aesthetic in general, especially in this minimalist bedroom. White walls are paired with a pale floor and white extended headboard.

Black triangular tables serve as nightstands and are paired with an angular wooden bench at the end of the bed. The sole piece of artwork is a large, arresting black and white piece that is a focal point. The lack of curtains also helps keep the room clean and unfussy.

With a Feminine Touch

With a Feminine Touch

While most minimalist bedrooms seem to have a masculine or gender-neutral appearance, it is indeed possible to have a spare space with a feminine vibe. The main concept is the same: Few distractions and a clean white palette.

The differences are subtle yet noticeable like the delicate gold mounting for the tiny shelf and a single, frilly pillow that resembles a flower. In a small bedroom like this one, adopting a minimalist approach is the best way to make the most of the area

A Boho Twist

A Boho Twist minimalist bedroom

One would think that minimalism and bohemian style would be diametrically opposed, but the blending of the two creates a very special space. Designed by Laurence Simoncini, this bedroom takes the black and white palette and uses it to define a casual space that’s slouchy but still serene.

The mattresses stacked directly on the floor emphasize the casual nature of the room as do the mismatched throw pillows. Black accessories match nicely with the art, which is large and avant-garde.

Texturally Rich

Texturally Rich

A world away from most sleek minimalist bedrooms, this Montauk, New York beach house by Space Exploration demonstrates how a space can be spare but very rich in textures. The all-white palette is punctuated by black and white textiles that have varying degrees of texture, creating layers of richness.

It’s still a very relaxing, stress-free space because the earthiness of the textiles is inviting, not distracting. The room maintains its clean lines with roller shades that block light but completely disappear when not in use.

A Spa Vibe

American inspired bedroom decor

A California beach house is the perfect sport for a minimalist bedroom that has a spa vibe. Designed by Lukas Machnik, the room has sliding doors to a balcony, paired with simple white curtains.

The shiny dark floor is a clean base for the white walls and bedding, which has a plush and welcoming look that makes you want to snuggle right in. The tables have a global vibe, emphasizing the zen feeling.

Contemporary and Clean

Contemporary and Clean

A little reminiscent of an artist’s loft, this minimalist bedroom in a Melbourne area home has an airy vibe with an industrial touch. The gray headboard takes up the entire floating wall and includes an inset shelf, eliminating the need for nightstands.

The white walls contrast with the dark floor and a mirrored wall makes the entire space feel larger. Breezy full-length drapes cover the windows with a Parisian flair. The room boasts only one oversized, dramatic painting.

Blended Elements

Bedroom with sliding barn door and white walls paint

Kriste Michelini Design transformed this San Francisco area bedroom into a minimalist paradise with a nod to farmhouse rustic. The brown wooden barn door is an unexpected element in the otherwise white and super-spare room.

The designer aimed for a “blurring of the boundaries between inside and out, house and nature,” which this bedroom certainly does, especially with the large picture window.

Wood-Focused Space

Villa El Rompido Wood wall Paneling

Warm and minimalist is not often the vibe that comes from the term, but TENDENZA Interiors & Architecture Studio made it happen in this bedroom. Wood floors and walls are accented with black accent furniture and a wall. The gray bedding is neutral and soft, an ideal pairing with the wood. The room has few distractions, is very cozy and feels enveloping.

Extremely Spare

Apartment with a small floor plan and minimalist bedroom

Taking the concept to its extreme, this minimalist bedroom is part of a modular apartment designed by FrontOfficeTokyo. Sliding walls run on tracks and divide the space as necessary and to fit with the super spare environment, the bed is a simple down pallet on the floor.

A small folding chair provides seating and is a good match with the concrete walls and exposed massive rustic wood beam.

Provençal Perfection

Provence bedroom decor with white walls and shared beds

Driven by the Provençal flavor of the architecture, am designs of Belgium created a minimalist space that still exudes the vibe of the region. From the white plastered walls and pitched ceiling, this minimalist bedroom in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is as relaxing as you would expect for this sun-drenched part of France.

The room has wall mounted bedside lights and the focal point of the room is the arched glass door with black architectural detailing.

Bleached and Beachy

Clean white beach resort bedroom decor

The beach is the ideal place for an all-white bedroom that reflects the sun as much as the ocean does. This bright, white minimalist beachy bedroom designed by Onion is in the Sala Samui Chaweng Beach Resort in Surat Thani, Thailand.

Natural wood furniture accents the space and plentiful pillows are the main exuberance in the room. Otherwise, it is a sleek and spare room with a real lack of fuss.

A Nod to History

Minimalist bedroom with exposed wood beams

This bedroom is focused on capturing the past instead of being modern, which actually makes almost the original form of minimalism. The room, designed by anySCALE is located in a luxury retreat in rural China, and is modeled after the 300-year-old Huizhou-style property.

A neutral gray accent wall is the only shot of color and rustic wood posts and beams accent the room as well as form the structure. Rustic wooden tables and a contemporary wooden lamp complete the spare space.

Farmhouse Flair

Decor tips for a minimalist bedroom interior

Designed by Henkin Shavit Design Studio, this modernist farmhouse in Israel has a minimalist bedroom that has plenty of flair. While it’s all white, the spare vibe is emphasized by the windows that do not have curtains, low headboard, and retro-looking built-in shelf.

Accessories are at a minimum with lighting and a plant. Just a single piece of artwork is propped in the upper shelf and adds just a little bit of a personal touch.

Bold and Blue

What is minimalism in interior design?

In a major departure from the color palette of most minimalist bedrooms, this one in Marina di Ragusa, Italy manages to be bold and blue and still quite spare. Designed by Giuseppe Iacono, the printed tile floor echoes the deep hue of the accent wall and floor just outside the bed area.

Built-in nightstands keep the floor space clean and the white mirror has a little rococo detailing. Modern lighting is at each side of the bed and the wall of windows is open and clear, thanks to the blinds that are hidden away when not being used.


Blue shade The Courtyard House bedroom

Another way to incorporate color into a minimalist bedroom is to use a pastel hue. The Life Spaces Group designed this space with the standard white walls and neutral gray carpet, but then added bedding and a single piece of art that bring in a pastel blue that is super relaxing. A spare white side table serves as the nightstand and the style is repeated in the plant stand. Lighting mounted on the ceiling helps keep the room clutter-free.

Focused on the Floor

Danish bedroom interior design

Designed by MacDonald Wright Architects, this minimalist bedroom is focused on the flooring, which is made from pale, wide planks, repeated in the bench at the end of the bed.  The otherwise all-white palette is unadorned in the main part of the bedroom. This design is also a good example of how to incorporate a television in a clutter-free bedroom in a stylish way.

Bare Minimum

Minimalist bedroom with wall paneling

Super minimal but still warm thanks to the wood floor and wall, this bedroom is super minimal. The bed and a console are the only pieces of furniture, leaving absolutely nothing to distract you from sleeping in this room designed by Alexandra Fedorova.

The wall full of filmy, floor-length curtains block the light and add a little softness to the room. All the lighting is mounted in the wall and the ceiling, eliminating the need for nightstands.

Cozy and Gray

Swedish grey bedroom decor

For those who want to embrace minimalism to be more stress-free but prefer a cozier environment, this room by Coco Lapine Design is an example of a good compromise. The space sticks to a neutral gray and white palette but is more generous with the cozy textiles and soft details.

In addition, the room contains numerous plants. The textures and soft lines make it a cozy space that is still relaxing and serene…and clutter-free!

All About the View

Floating bed frame glass

When a bedroom has stunning views like these from this Portland, Oregon home, there’s nothing more relaxing than focusing on those vistas. It’s also a space where no other elements should try and compete. Designed by Don Tankersley and Company, the minimalist bedroom has no furniture save for the bed and a chair.

The bed is set on a plexiglass platform and seems to float, giving the whole room an ethereal feeling. Any window coverings disappear completely during the day

English Country Minimalist

Attic bedroom decor with a minimalist touch

Louise Holt Interior Design has crafted the perfect minimalist bedroom for an English country cottage by highlighting the traditional characteristics and mixing them with modern elements. The original floor has been painted a bright white to match the walls but the rustic wood beams and an exposed wooden plank are left natural.

The modern element comes in the form of a sleek nightstand and glass lamp, amplified by the neutral but very textural pillows and throw.

Asian Multilevel Minimalism

Loft bedroom design with simple accessories

Minimalist style is perfect for situations where space is at a high premium, as in this house in Nada, Japan. FujiwaraMuro Architects created a tall and narrow home with many levels, one of which includes this uber-minimalist bedroom design.

A natural wood platform extends up to form the headboard and a simple mattress finishes off the space. Unadorned and uncluttered, this space is clearly meant for sleeping only.

With a Calming View

Lagoon england bedroom view

This Norfolk, England home features a minimalist bedroom that feels exceptionally light and serene thanks to the calm lagoon right outside the window. Any bedroom that features floor to ceiling windows and a killer view needs little else to make it perfect for a good night’s sleep, free of stress-inducing clutter.

Platform 5 Architects created the neutral bedroom and positioned the bed to capitalize on the view. The only accessory is the modern, pink overhead light fixture and an earthy and textural orange blanket.


Wood bed frame and wall art sliding barn door

This minimalist bedroom is far from basic because of the eastern-inspired elements in the room. Located in Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, the gallery-style home features a bedroom where ceramic garden stools serve as nightstands — a very inspired idea!

The bed frame of natural wood has an angular Asian style and the sliding door is reminiscent of the sliding screens found on traditional Japanese house called a Minka. One large piece of art emphasizes the Asian theme and muted colors keep the space calm.

Architecturally Driven

Bedroom with black accents

In what might be one of the most unique minimalist bedrooms, this one by SpacEdge Designs uses an architectural element to add function to the spare space.  Located in the Hotel Mono in Singapore, each bedroom features a seamless metal bar crosses the wall and ceiling as if someone drew lines in the space.

The bar is meant for use as a light fixture, coat hanger and sculpture all at once. All the other elements in the room are black and white, emphasizing the serenity inherent in simplicity.

Northern Light

Bedroom furniture with hairpin legs

Nordic style mixed with plenty of natural light creates a minimalist bedroom that is hard to beat.  Designed by D/O of Minneapolis, the room includes just the most necessary elements and lets the windows act as calming artwork in the room.

Devoid of curtains, the space has a Nordic-inspired look that is clean and uncluttered. Besides creating a restful environment, rooms like this highlight the design features of individual furnishings, such as the angled drawer fronts on the dresser and the hairpin legs on all the pieces.

Sleeping Aloft

Attic bedroom with black accents - and industrial style

Almost like an aerie, the minimalist bedroom on the top floor of this Czech home makes the most of the room’s angles for an architecturally focused design. Created by studio ORA , the bed is the sole piece of furniture making the room a total sleeping retreat with no distractions.

The stark black and white palette makes it look modern and even the floor supports are turned into a design feature.

The Traditional Minimalist

Simple bedroom decor with modern wallpaper

Think that a minimalist bedroom can’t have a more traditional feeling? Yes, it can, as you can see in this Milanese bedroom. Designed by MilaninFlat, the room certainly has a modern element or two, but the overall look has a conservative vibe.

A more conventional bedframe and large dark nightstand match up with the printed wallpaper. Lighting is the only real nod to the modern and gives a little flair to the room’s more austere look.

Hidden Elements

In an example of how minimalism can be luxurious

In an example of how minimalism can be luxurious, this bedroom in an Athens apartment has a clean and uncluttered appearance thanks to the hidden elements in the space. Clever design by re-new architects uses the free-standing wall to delineate the sleeping area and hide the wardrobes placed on either side of the hall leading bathroom.

Drapes pull all the way to the sides during the day to feature the amazing view that is better than any other decor could be.

Visual White Oasis

the minimalist bedroom is a break of serenity

In the middle of an apartment characterized by numerous bright colors and bold graphic elements, the minimalist bedroom is a break of serenity from the visually energetic environment. Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design made the bedroom an island of all-white in the New York City home.

Built-in nightstands are the only furnishings besides the bed and lighting is layered for a cozy feeling. The only signal that color plays a big role in the house is the bright yellow sliding door that adds a bit of cheeriness to room, which doesn’t have any traditional windows.

Lofty Minimalism

more accessories than most minimalist bedrooms do

A century-old former textile-factory-turned-loft features this bedroom that has a few more accessories than most minimalist bedrooms do. That said, the overall neutral palette with just the accent pillows for color and boldness capitalizes on the high ceiling for an easy, airy feeling.

Part of the property collection of Shoot115, the Barcelona bedroom has an eclectic selection of furniture that looks vintage as well as traditional. this bedroom is great inspiration for those who prefer to have a more varied looking yet still calm and stress-free bedroom space.

Multipurpose Minimalism

Murphy wall bed - keeping the floor clean

Big cities are full of studio apartments like this one that has to serve multiple life purposes and still be a calm sleeping space.  In this situation, the best solution is to follow a minimalist aesthetic for the entire space as LifeEdited did for this bedroom area.

Space-saving furniture and plenty of closed storage mean that when it’s time to go to sleep, the space is not filled with the day’s clutter, which can interfere with a restful night. In these types of spaces, organization is at the top of the list for a clean and minimalist bedroom area.

Gray Matter

Gray Matter

Gray is a very calming neutral color and very far from boring when used as it is in this Australian bedroom. The paneled wall behind the bed adds a graphic element without being fussy and the colorful nature of the artwork draw attention there. The feel of the room is more contemporary given the mix of pieces used but it makes for a very Zen bedroom space.

Mixed Materials

Mixed Materials

While most minimalist bedrooms are monochrome or feature just one highlighted material, this one by Sawyer Mason has a variety that does not make it feel cluttered because the room is large and open. A light, wide-plank floor is paired with white walls except for the large wooden wall that backs the bed.

A tall channel-tufted headboard highlights the wood wall and the dark color is repeated on the modern design of the wall to the left. The art and chair are situated at one end to keep the feeling open and uncluttered.

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