20 Black Kitchens That Will Change Your Mind About Using Dark Colors

Black kitchens may seem taboo or like a bad idea but in reality, they can be quite chic, unique, and completely swoon-worthy. Whether you go with a monochromatic scheme or pair this deep neutral with another tone, you may be surprised to find out how beautiful they can be.

black kitchen

black kitchen

These 20 black kitchen ideas below will change your mind about using dark colors inside the home!

Black Sophisticated Kitchens

Black brings another dimension to the kitchen.

To make your kitchen feel more sophisticated and luxurious, try adding some black kitchen concepts to your design.

Black Kitchen Concepts to Include:

  • Black marble
  • Ikea black kitchen cabinets
  • Black kitchen sink
  • Matte black kitchen faucet
  • Black pendant light kitchen
  • Black kitchen chairs

These concepts will pop against a red and black kitchen or compliment an all black kitchen design. 

20 Black Kitchen Design Ideas

Whether you want a black backdrop or are trying to make your kitchen pop, black will emphasize other colors and finishes in your kitchen. 

Black and Wood Kitchen

Black and wood kitchen design

Black and wood kitchen designView in gallery

This black kitchen is paired with a lot of wood accents and we’re loving the rich and masculine energy that it’s giving off. Just make sure to have a source of natural light to create an opening.

Victorian All Black Kitchens

Black and Victorian kitchen

Black and Victorian kitchenView in gallery

And here we have an all black kitchen that’s highlighted by feminine, Victorian accents. From the black kitchen sink to the chandelier, there’s something womanly and simply chic about this entire design.

Farmhouse Design with Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Farmhouse Kitchen With Exposed Brick Backsplash

Black Farmhouse Kitchen With Exposed Brick BacksplashView in gallery

You can use black cabinets in your farmhouse kitchen. Just look at this glimpse into this black kitchen that combines country vibes with texture and a deep, silky black foundation.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Black Kitchen Chairs with Wood 

Black Kitchen Chairs with Wood 

Black Kitchen Chairs with Wood View in gallery

Black works great when you have a space that’s full of wood accents and natural light. It will make the room look bigger even with the use of the dark tones but also provide a bit of drama too.{found on theworkspdx}.

Black Cabinets with Brass

Black Cabinets with Brass

Black Cabinets with BrassView in gallery

There’s something so quaint and perfect about this tiny peek. From the black cabinetry that really sets the tone to the room to the brass hardware, it’s a thoughtful combination of design styles.

Black Kitchen Hardware

Black Kitchen Hardware

Black Kitchen HardwareView in gallery

To have a black kitchen you don’t have to have the entire kitchen dipped in black, instead, it can just set the tone while the white or stripes compliment it – like you see here. With the black kitchen hardware, it’s such a happy and youthful energy!

Black Kitchen Floor

Black floor open space kitchen

Black floor open space kitchenView in gallery

Maybe you should set the tone using a part of the room that isn’t focused on as much. A painted wooden floor – in black – will pop and make a statement unlike any other flooring option.

Eclectic Black Kitchens

Black and ecletic kitchen design

Black and ecletic kitchen designView in gallery

Keep your black cabinets grounded and then your open shelves up top. You’ll create a gorgeous foundation and a way to style it to your liking – in a personalized and eclectic way.

Black Kitchens with White Accents

Black contrast kitchen design

Black contrast kitchen designView in gallery

Contrast lots of black with … white! But do it in a way that fits your personality or the family’s style. Make it a bit less dull by contrasting a lot of different textures as well.{found on stephanechamard}.

Black Island with Seating

Black Minimal Kitchen design

Black Minimal Kitchen designView in gallery

To up the “modern” notches to your design, go with a minimalistic feel. This will set off the lines and neutral tones in a way that makes everything look a bit cleaner and more sophisticated. 

Luxury Black Kitchens

Black and iron combination

Black and iron combinationView in gallery

There’s something really futuristic, fun and forward-thinking about this kitchen. We’re loving the black and iron combinations and the industrial accents as well.{found on renovationdesigngroup}.

Narrow Black Kitchens

Small black kitchen

Small black kitchenView in gallery

Don’t be afraid to use black in narrow or smaller spaces – as long as you have the lighting to balance the darkness. It’ll become a comfy, cozy spot to be in when done right.{found on douglasdesignstudio}.

Traditional Black Kitchens

Traditional black kitchen design

Traditional black kitchen designView in gallery

Your black kitchen can be as traditional in feel and in style as a simple, white kitchen can be. Just look how beautiful those classic black cabinets are!{found on site}.

Black Cabinets with White Island

White marble and black kitchen cupboards

White marble and black kitchen cupboardsView in gallery

One may not think that wood works with black but, in fact, it can cozy up a modern, chic design in an instant making it a more welcoming space – like you see here with the floor.{found on thegoodguys}.

Spacious Black Kitchens

Open space black kitchen

Open space black kitchenView in gallery

There’s something really freeing about this kitchen, so make sure when deciding on your kitchen renovation you realize that darker, deeper tones can have that same light and breathy air about it.{found on txconstruct}.

Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Black kitchen cupboards and subway tiles

Black kitchen cupboards and subway tilesView in gallery

We’re loving this edgy and artistic black kitchen. Filled with subway tile, a matte black kitchen faucet, and black cabinetry, you’ll wow yourself with its design everyday when you walk in for breakfast.

Black Kitchens with Color

Black with pops of Color for kitchen

Black with pops of Color for kitchenView in gallery

You should really think about what you put on your shelves, especially with some open cabinets, because it can make or break the theme and vision you’re going for. The pops of color here play well with the black scheme.{found on archiblox}.

Black Backsplash Kitchen

Black small tiles and wood cupboards

Black small tiles and wood cupboardsView in gallery

Just because it’s a kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t be completely unique and innovative with your styling ideas. This space combines so many different themes of interior design: classic, contemporary and rustic too.

Black Countertop Kitchen

Black and drama with pops of yellow

Black and drama with pops of yellowView in gallery

Here’s a kitchen that shows how dramatic and rich an all-black kitchen can truly be. It will never go out of style – black never does – and neither will the sophisticated lines of the space.{found on dlccorp}.

Timeless Black Kitchens

Black with dark blue color combination for kitchen

Black with dark blue color combination for kitchenView in gallery

Black can be the perfect foundation to a fashion-forward space full of style and modern design. We love how “bachelor-pad” like this space feels but also how upscale and beautiful it is too.

Black Kitchens FAQ

What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen?

Every shade does something different to the room. Turns out, there’s certain colors that work best for your kitchen.

Shiny colors like white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green are popular colors to use in your kitchen to make it pop. Warmer colors like red, are known to stimulate appetite and is incredibly versatile. 

Whereas, white is stimulating and feels fresh and clean. And if you start your day in the kitchen, then this color would work well. 

Is a Black Kitchen A Good Idea?

While black has a reputation for being dark and dramatic, it makes for a great color to use in your kitchen. 

It’s easy to pull off, and when done correctly, your kitchen will look totally chic. 

Whether you go with an all-black kitchen or accent with black cabinets, black will transform your kitchen with a timeless, sleek look.

Is a Black Kitchen Popular?

Black kitchens have become increasingly popular!

Black gives the feeling of luxury and adds a sense of depth to the room.

From shiny black cabinets to black kitchen countertops, sophisticated homeowners are using black in their kitchens. 

Are Black Kitchens in Style?

Similar to fashion, black goes with everything. Whether you want a contemporary kitchen or a modern aesthetic, black is highly versatile.

From black kitchen appliances to black backsplashes, the all-black design is anything but boring. 

Are Black Kitchens Timeless?

Black is a timeless color. And when you use it in your kitchen, it does give it a sense of being timeless. 

Black cabinets are especially popular for giving a timeless feel to the kitchen. But don’t underestimate the influence of black appliances, hardware, floors, or backsplashes. 

Many all-black kitchens transport you to another dimension and give the feelings of luxury and sophistication. 

Use These Black Kitchens to Transform Your Home

Whether you contrast your kitchen with light and dark colors or go with an all-black kitchen, you can use these black kitchen ideas to transform your kitchen into a timeless, sophisticated space.