Modern Mountain Homes From Some Of The Most Wonderful Locations

The mountains have some of the most spectacular and exciting views on our planet. Many mountain homes and cabins seek these prime locations to take advantage of the scenery and the peace of the natural environment. 

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HMH Architecture + Interiors

While most cabins lean toward a traditional rustic style, there are also examples of modern-style mountain homes. They are unique in their architectural design, and their simple style blends well into the surrounding landscape.  

Modern Mountain Homes

Traditional mountain home interiorView in gallery
Living Stone Design + Build

Traditional mountain homes have a reputation for dark wood interiors with small windows to keep out the cold. A new style called Mountain Modern overturns the stereotypes of traditional cabins. Mountain Modern home design is more about what is outside than inside. Unlike traditional-style cabins, these modern cabins seek to make the most of outdoor views and pursuits. They stand out for their lovely but minimal interior and exterior designs.  

Mountain Modern Life

Mountain Modern LifeView in gallery
HMH Architecture + Interior

People go to the mountains and other remote locations for different reasons. However, the most common reason is to escape from their normal chaotic and fast-paced lives. Cabins offer the space to rest and connect with nature in a way that feels authentic and organic. You can also engage in more vigorous pursuits like skiing, hiking, and hunting. Many decide to retire to quieter destinations in the countryside.   

Mountain Modern Architecture

Mountain Modern ArchitectureView in gallery
Heslin Construction

Modern mountain home architecture is minimal in style. It is about complementing the environment rather than creating distinction from it. Therefore, the designers focus on using natural materials fashioned into sleek and minimal shapes. While these cabins are modern and simple in style, they also feature rustic elements like barn wood or weathered metal exteriors. Also, many modern mountain houses feature large and seamless windows.

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This allows uninterrupted views of the outside and thus, a greater connection to nature. Last, modern mountain cabins have more open floor plans than traditional cabins. There are some distinct styles of mountain modern home plans that are typical for the look. 

Modern Log Cabins

Modern Log CabinsView in gallery
Precision Craft

Modern mountain cabins use mixed materials for construction; however, one of the most common materials is wood as it can be sourced through local connections and harmonizes with the natural environment. Logs are resistant to weather and long-lasting. This ensures that they will be used in cabin construction for many years to come.

Modern Prefab Cabin

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Prefabricated cabins are less expensive than custom cabin options. This small modern cabin from the Backcountry Hut Company features a floor plan that can be modified. Also, the modular elements within the cabin can be altered for a variety of needs. This cabin’s focus is all about being in the outdoors rather than being inside, but it also has cozy nooks for sleeping and resting by the fireplace when the weather gets cold. 

The Modern A-Frame Cabin

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A-Frame cabins have this name because of the shape of the roof. This particular modern A-Frame cabin is another modern cabin kit. This charming cabin is based on a 1960s design and has a simple but striking shape. At almost 2,000 square feet, this cabin features a generous floor plan. However, because it is a kit, the costs are lower than a custom house of the same size.  

Modern Cabin Interior Design

Mountain Modern interior design uses natural materials like wood combined with current popular materials like sandstone and slate. Also, the walls are painted in light neutral tones with large, full-glass windows to bring in the outdoor light and views.

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Cast Architecture

There is a new emphasis on modern mountain decor like sleek and tailored furniture and a focus on elements to make the interior cozy like plush blankets, wool rugs, and large fireplaces. In modern cabin interiors, there is greater interest in environmentally friendly designs.

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Therefore, designers utilize many local and sustainable products in the design. Last, modern mountain floor plans feature large and open spaces rather than small and separate rooms.

Mountain Modern Hotels and Cabin Rentals

Not all of us can afford to quit our jobs and move to the mountains or buy a second home like a modern cabin; however, we can look for vacation cabins or hotels to stay a short time in a rural location. Some of these hotels and cabins feature the best in modern design and luxury.

The Wiesergut 

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The Wiesergut in Hinterglemm, Austria has a beautiful and modern appeal but with a historic character. The proprietors sourced the distressed wood interiors and exteriors from local providers. There is liberal usage of glass to connect the interior and exterior spaces. Enjoy fresh and local food, a hike in the surrounding mountains, and the Finnish sauna when you return. 

The Tälta Mountain Lodge 

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If a trip to Europe isn’t in your near future, consider this more practical modern mountain motel near the ski slopes in Stowe, Vermont, USA. It is a more luxurious take on a European hostel in that it has comfort without extra frills. It also has a practical and simple modern style and an indoor pool and sauna that are sure to be just what you need after a long day on the slopes. 

Minimal Style Cabin in Ashville, N.C., USA

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If you want a more private getaway, try out a property like this from Airbnb. This cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains has a modern and minimalist style. It features a wood-burning fireplace and mid-century furniture making it both stylish and cozy. The views outside the large accordion windows provide scenic natural art for the cabin’s interior spaces. 

Modern Luxury Cabin Inspiration Ideas

Just like everyone else, people who have more means want places where they can get away from their busy lives and enjoy a slower pace of life. They have built some of the most impressive and interesting modern cabins that exist. If you like the modern rustic style or want to build or decorate a modern cabin, these photos will inspire you to try something new.

Modern Mountain Cabin in Aspen

Modern Mountain Homes

Modern Mountain Homes

The V-Plan residence is located in Aspen, CO, USA, and was designed and built by Studio B Architects. Its design reflects the owner’s preference for privacy but also a desire to take advantage of the location and its exposure to the Aspen golf course.

V Plan Studio B Architects Living RoomView in gallery
V Plan Studio B Architects entranceView in gallery
V Plan Studio B Architects FireplaceView in gallery
V Plan Studio B Architects side viewView in gallery
V Plan Studio B Architects window viewView in gallery

It has a large courtyard that acts as a buffer zone between the house and its neighbors. The cathedral ceilings are airy and open creating double-height spaces inside. This brings in more natural light and emphasizes the gorgeous views.

The Riverside Piampiano Residence

Piampiano Residence Studio B Architects Lake houseView in gallery

Studio B Architects designed the Piampiano residence in Woody Creek, CO, USA. It is located at the heart of a mountain with a river nearby.  This location has the perfect combination of serenity and dramatic views.

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Piampiano Residence Studio B Architects house viewView in gallery
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The team faced an interesting challenge in designing this home because they had to work with a series of existing structures on a narrow site and close to the river’s edge. They couldn’t remove the structures and so had to transform them. They created the home through additions and new elements in between and around them. Thus, this mountain home has an organic feel and style because it is a wonderful combination of old and new.

The Chickadee House in the Rocky Mountains

Chickadee Surround Architecture house viewView in gallery

 This house designed by  Surround Architecture is situated within its surroundings at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by dense vegetation with many large native trees and local wildlife, you can understand why being here would make one feel a part of nature. Thus, these large outdoor spaces link the house to its wild natural surroundings in a seamless and organic way.

Chickadee Surround Architecture side viewView in gallery
Chickadee Surround Architecture fireplaceView in gallery
Chickadee Surround Architecture showerView in gallery
Chickadee Surround Architecture gardenView in gallery

The design is simple, with clean straight lines. There are not many ornamental features throughout, rather nature provides all the ornamentation needed.

The Beautiful Lakeside Cliff House

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The Cliff House is a beautiful residence close to Payette Lake in Idaho, and it sits high up on a set of rugged granite boulders. The steep slope gives the home a spectacular view of the surrounding forest and lake. The team at McCall Design and Planning managed to incorporate the home into the side of the mountain in a natural and beautiful way.

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Cliff House Living roomView in gallery
Cliff House KitchenView in gallery
Cliff House bedroomView in gallery

The rugged landscape of the mountains makes building here challenging. However, it is also the reason why we seek such locations in the first place. The Cliff House owners overcame the struggles of building in this difficult location for the sake of the scenic views and remote location.

A Vacation Home at the Foot of the Teton Mountains

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Carney Logan Burke designed and built this lovely retreat that sits below the Teton Mountains in Wyoming. It has a perfect view of the mountains behind the home. The area around it is wide and open with fields running for miles. The remote location means it doesn’t have any neighbors to disturb the peace and rest offered. 

Home at the foot of Teton Mountains fireplaceView in gallery
Home at the foot of Teton Mountains kitchenView in gallery
Home at the foot of Teton Mountains house viewView in gallery

The design is contemporary with stylish and simple architecture, a flat roof, and expansive outdoor areas. Also, everyone has the space they need for relaxation because the public and private areas are separated. All the common areas are organized in an L-shaped. This opens into the outdoors and brings beautiful views inside.

 An Eclectic Mountain Retreat in the French Alps

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This lovely mountain home was designed with inspiration from the history of the area and its cultural surroundings. It sits in the French Alps and it has an eclectic design that respects the guidelines of this region. However, it has its own modern style.

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Alpine mountain house BedroomView in gallery
Alpine mountain house Living roomView in gallery

This home was a project by Studio Razavi. From a distance, you can see the traditional overall shape. However, modern details become more apparent as you study the building. The two main building materials that were used for this project are wood and concrete. Thus, the home blends well with the natural character of the mountain around it. 

 All-Season Retreat on Reynolds Mountain

Blue Ridge Mountains ResidenceView in gallery

There is no doubt about it; the views from high in the mountains are spectacular no matter what season it is. With that in mind, Living Stone Design + Build and Retro + Fit Design worked together to create an all-season retreat. This is a beautiful contemporary structure that makes the most of its location on Reynold Mountain in North Carolina.

Blue Ridge Mountains Residence Living roomView in gallery
Blue Ridge Mountains Residence fireplaceView in gallery
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Blue Ridge Mountains Residence bedroomView in gallery
Blue Ridge Mountains Residence bathroomView in gallery

The structure feels integrated into its surroundings because the builders used a selection of natural materials including stone and wood. Therefore, this retreat looks at ease with its natural environment in this pristine and beautiful location. Likewise, large windows and numerous terraces bring the outdoors in and emphasize the panoramic views from every part of the house.

 A Mountain Chalet in the Czech Republic

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 Studio Triarchitekti designed and built this home in the countryside of the Czech Republic. The building design is conscious of historic building design in this area. However, the home is also adapted to the needs of the twenty-first century. The modular interior made with light-colored wood and concrete make the indoor spaces look simple and uncluttered.

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Mountain Chalet houseView in gallery

The interior is divided evenly in two, and there are separate entrances at the front as well as the back. In fact, they are two complete homes under one roof. Thus, they each have a basement level, a ground floor with a common area, and an upstairs area for the private rooms.

A Mountain Home with a Barn-Inspired Design

Modern Barn Messner House exteriorView in gallery

This mountain home is quite unusual. It’s located at the foot of the Sciliar Mountain in Tyrol. In the 1850s there was a barn in the location where the home stands now.

Modern Barn Messner House bath areaView in gallery
Modern Barn Messner House open spaceView in gallery
Modern Barn Messner House mountain viewView in gallery
Modern Barn Messner House kitchen island hoodView in gallery
Modern Barn Messner House living roomView in gallery

 Studio noa created this design, and the new structure pays homage to its rustic history. Therefore, it is not surprising that the design is an eclectic one. There is a combination of traditional and modern elements which blend together to make this home unique and full of character.

A Trio of Cozy Houses in Bigfork

Stone Creek Camp Andersson Wise ArchitectsView in gallery

In Bigfork, MT, USA, there is a lovely spot in a remote location where you can find three cozy structures along a sloping hill. They blend in with the surrounding landscape as they are built into the hill on one side.

Stone Creek Camp Andersson Wise Architects showerView in gallery
Stone Creek Camp Andersson Wise Architects Living roomView in gallery
Stone Creek Camp Andersson Wise Architects houseView in gallery
Stone Creek Camp Andersson Wise Architects fireplaceView in gallery
Stone Creek Camp Andersson Wise Architects kitchenView in gallery
Stone Creek Camp Andersson Wise Architects terraceView in gallery
Stone Creek Camp Andersson Wise Architects dormView in gallery

On the other side, cabin is open to a beautiful lake and the windows overlook an expansive outdoor area. One interesting feature about this cabin from Andersson Wise Architects is that many of the interior spaces have sliding panels rather than the typical solid walls. Thus, the walls open up to the forest so the inhabitants can be both indoor and outdoor at the same time.

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A Weathered Steel Retreat in Montana

A weathered steel retreat in MontanaView in gallery

When designing this house in Montana, Carney Logan Burke Architects chose to use a particular set of materials, giving the house a distinctive and unusual look.

A weathered steel retreat in Montana terraceView in gallery
A weathered steel retreat in Montana kitchenView in gallery
A weathered steel retreat in Montana poolView in gallery
A weathered steel retreat in Montana house viewView in gallery

They built the house out of stone and weathered steel. In this way, they designed the building to blend into its surroundings rather than stand out from them. The inspiration came from the natural colors of the landscape

The Canyon House

Canyon House by Paul HirzelView in gallery

Architect Paul Hirzel created this retreat in 2003. They constructed this remote home that allows the owners and their visitors a chance to get away from their normal daily lives. Above all, the isolated location allows the opportunity to embrace the wilderness, relax, and enjoy the simple things in life. 

Canyon House by Paul Hirzel amazing viewView in gallery
Canyon House by Paul Hirzel fireplaceView in gallery
Canyon House by Paul Hirzel staircaseView in gallery

The surroundings are spectacular and the house design seeks to do them justice by framing all the wonderful views and making them a part of the interior decor. There are two structures on this property; one is the main house and the other is a studio.

 A Floating House in the Woods

Cat Hill House Studio MM ArchitectView in gallery

The first thing you notice about this building is that one section of it is floating over a steep ravine. This design allows it to maximize the beautiful view in a stunning way. Studio MM created this challenging design.

Cat Hill House Studio MM Architect side viewView in gallery
Cat Hill House Studio MM Architect kitchenView in gallery
Cat Hill House Studio MM Architect living roomView in gallery
Cat Hill House Studio MM Architect bathroomView in gallery
Cat Hill House Studio MM Architect bedroomView in gallery

This cabin is situated at the foot of the Catskill Mountains in New York, and it is surrounded by a dense forest. Although you can’t see far because of the forest, the views are still wonderful. The full-height windows frame the tranquil view. The house includes a fitness studio which is housed in the room over the ridge, making exercise more pleasant. 


How can I find a modern cabin to rent?

The best place to look for a modern cabin rental is on one of the large vacation rental sites like Airbnb or Vrbo. These sites allow you to view the property to make sure it has the modern aesthetic style that you want. Also, you can set price limits in order to find one within your budget. In addition, these sites allow you to read reviews of the properties to make sure that other travelers have had a good experience. 

How can I style my home like a modern cabin?

If you want to style your home like a modern cabin, look for decor that has a modern rustic style. In its most simple form, the modern rustic style is a modern style that welcomes inspiration from the outdoors. For example, paint the walls in a light neutral color to maximize your light, and keep window treatments to a minimum to draw the eye outside.  Replace your furniture as you are able with straight-lined and tailored pieces. Then, bring in textured woods where you can; this can be in furniture pieces or perhaps as part of an accent wall. Use leather, concrete, cowhide, and other natural textured pieces to accent your room.  

Should I give up the city life and go live in a modern cabin home?

Cabin life sounds like it would be stress-free and is wonderful when you are on a vacation; however, it isn’t for everyone long-term. Before you decide to make a major move, talk to people who have made the move to a mountain home. This will give you a good idea about what day-to-day life is like for them. Also, try renting a cabin for a longer period of time to see if this is a lifestyle you would enjoy. 


The recent trend of modern mountain homes combines great style with the opportunity for relaxation. We all want to find more peace and rest in our lives, and cabins in remote places offer this in abundance. While we can’t all have or even visit these remote places and beautiful homes, we can still be inspired by their style and design.