How to Find the Right Bathroom Window for your Style

Bathroom windows are a vital part of the layered lighting sources needed in bathrooms. A window in the bathroom provides natural light in these small rooms and complements other light sources like task lights and overhead lights.

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Of course, it is wonderful to have a bathroom window that is large; however, even a small window in the bathroom brings full-spectrum light to the room and helps with energy costs 

Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows provide light, but they are also an important part of the overall style of the bathroom. In the following article, we will feature some different bathroom window ideas and bathroom window curtains that will help you see how the look of the window and curtains can change the style of the bathroom.

This will help you understand what you should focus on when planning your own bathroom’s interior design.

Symmetry in Bathroom Windows

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Symmetry is a characteristic of traditional interior design that has many variations for different spaces. In this bathroom from Studio Duggan, the positioning of the windows is one of the elements which contributes to this classic bathroom design. The positioning of the symmetrical windows within the bathtub enclosure ensures a welcoming and comfortable ambiance. 

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The second example is a zen style bathroom which has three tall and narrow symmetrical windows. They fit well in the design, framing the two wall mirrors and bringing in the lovely view of greenery making the room more vibrant.

A Large Window in a Small Bathroom

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A large window can be just what a small bathroom needs in order to look open and more spacious. Consider this bathroom from Shauna Glenn Design. The room is almost not wide enough to accommodate the small bathtub but even so, it looks roomy. In part, it is because of the large window which brings in natural light along with a relaxing view.

Retro Bathroom Window

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Just because a bathroom has a window does not mean the focus should be on this particular feature. In certain cases, the best strategy is to make the window blend in with the rest of the decor. This is well suited for traditional or retro-inspired bathrooms or bathrooms where the windows are not unique or interesting. However, modern and contemporary bathrooms emphasize windows and the light and views that they offer.

Small Bathroom Windows

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In some bathrooms, the windows are small and positioned at head level. This is meant to offer a maximum of privacy. Bathroom window curtains and shades offer additional privacy and should be functional and easy to use. Notice this small bathroom window curtain from Mark D. Sikes. This window is fitted with a simple Roman shade for privacy. When the bathroom is not in use, it can be raised to let in the maximum amount of light.

Small bathroom windows can be quite charming. They will not bring as much sunlight and they may not expose a panoramic view like large windows, but they will still help the bathroom feel more open.

Bathroom Window Privacy Film

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There are a few different design strategies for maintaining privacy with a window in the bathroom. One is the use of privacy film as with the window near the sink in this bathroom. Another option is to consider the placement of a window away from the shower and bathtub. Quite often, the bathtub is placed in an adjacent location to the window so that the view can be admired while bathing and privacy is maintained. 

Shutters for Bathroom Windows

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Privacy is more important in the bathroom than in other rooms, so the presence of large windows can be both a pro and con. For example, the large window in this dark bathroom adds needed light; however the windows can be covered as needed with shutters or blinds.

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Curtains are also not always practical nor would they fit the style in every bathroom. Some designers opt to use window shutters. In this bathroom, Chelsea Robinson Interiors chose black wooden shutters for the bathroom windows. They block the windows when needed and complement the minimalist style of the room.

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Window shutters have a wonderful way of making spaces feel warm and cozy. Consider the plantation-style shutters in this bathroom. They add retro charm and full privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through. 

Bathroom Windows with no Window Treatments

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If you live in a more private area, you can leave your bathroom windows free from any covering. For example, this bathroom window from Susan Burns Design does not have any curtains because the window opens into a private yard. Thus, this can provide a sense of freedom making the style of the bathroom lighter. 

 Wide Bathroom Window

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Consider this contemporary style bathroom with the wide window above the bathtub. This beautiful window dominates the bathroom. While curtains are not practical in every bathroom, they make sense when there is a wide window with plenty of clearance around the bathtub. In this bathroom, the white curtains frame the window offering privacy when needed.

Standard Sized Bathroom Windows

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This bathroom is in a modified living space. Therefore, it makes sense that it has regular-sized windows and curtains like any other room. We like this look because it makes the space feel inviting and comfortable.

Frosted Bathroom Window

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There are other strategies for maintaining privacy in the bathroom apart from relying on shutters and curtains. One of them is to opt for frosted glass bathroom windows. They let in light without exposing the interior of the space. Consider this bathroom from Tineke Triggs. The window above the bathtub features frosted glass on the lower panes and regular glass on the top. The window does not have additional bathroom window treatments in order to maintain the contemporary minimal style of the bathroom.

Multiple Bathroom WIndows to Balance the Room

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The number of windows ranges from one to as many as you can fit based on the size of the bathroom. Of course, other factors matter as well. There has to be a balance between the dimensions of the floor plan, the proportions of the furniture and fixtures, as well as the desired style and ambiance. 

Windows with Panes

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Windows with panes look perfect in this bathroom with historic character. Also, these windows have deep sills which allow the curtains to be fitted inside the window molding. The tied curtains keep the bottom from the radiator and add casual elegance to the space.

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The window in this minimal bathroom has panes that add historic character to this contemporary space. Thus, the window is the perfect counterbalance to the style of the room.

Bathroom Windows and Mirrors

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If possible, think of the interaction between the window and the mirror. If you want to put emphasis on the light or the view from the bathroom window, it can be reflected in a mirror. A large mirror on a wall perpendicular to the windows in this bathroom amplifies the light from the window.

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A long and narrow bathroom layout is not desirable but that does not mean you can’t make the most of it. For example, consider this chic bathroom and its wall of mirrors. The window at the far back is reflected into the mirrors. Therefore, this makes the whole room look bright and open.

Tall Bathroom Window

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This bathroom window is tall and narrow which helps to put an emphasis on the height of the ceiling instead of the small floor plan. This is a useful design strategy that can be used in other small rooms too.

Contemporary Style Bathroom Windows

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Bedroom suites with open bathrooms are a modern concept. Because this bathroom is blended with a contemporary style room, it features a large and seamless window. 

Full Wall Windows for Bathrooms

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An entire wall of windows combined with a wall of mirrors is a striking combination. With these elements, you can expect a bathroom to look bright and spacious. This is even true in a small bathroom.

Full Height Bathroom Windows

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Full-height bathroom windows are in a category of their own. Place the bathtub right next to such a window, and you will feel like you’re bathing outside. For obvious reasons, this type of window is a better choice in a remote location.

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If you are worried about space in the bathroom, full-height windows can help open up the room.  This bathroom has the added benefit of a wall that protects the privacy of the bathtub.

Horizontal Bathroom Windows

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Sometimes the architecture of a room offers the best design solution. This bathroom has windows right under the ceiling that provide light but still maintain privacy. This leaves plenty of room for storage, mirrors, and even for a chic accent chair.

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You can also add a horizontal window into your bathroom high on a flat wall. While this type of window doesn’t allow as much sunlight into the room, it is still better to have a small window than none.

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This bathroom places a horizontal window in the shower area. It is high enough for privacy while still offering natural light for the bathroom. Notice again how the window in the small bathroom in combination with a perpendicular mirror helps to make the bathroom appear larger.

Circular Bathroom Window

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If you want to add a more unique style to your bathroom, a circular window is a great way to do this. Also, this shape is effective if you want to also turn the window into a focal point.

Glass Walls as Windows

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If the room has access to a private courtyard or a garden, a glass door can make more sense than a window. There are a few different options to consider in this case. Sliding doors are popular and practical for most bathrooms while pivot doors are the best option for contemporary spaces.ven the layout of the space and it’s privacy requirements.


Does a bathroom need a window?

A bathroom window provides valuable natural light. Natural light is different from artificial light because it has full-spectrum light and it changes throughout the day. This helps your body to adjust to the time of day in a natural way. Also, a window can save on energy costs. 

How should I ventilate a bathroom without windows?

All the moisture in the bathroom can cause problems for the maintenance of the products within the room. Therefore, ventilation should be provided in some form. The best way to do this is through the installation of an exhaust fan. Next, make sure to wipe up any excess water left on the sinks or the bathtub. Also, open doors after taking a shower to get rid of the humidity in the bathroom faster. Last, don’t dry towels in the bathroom as they take a very long time to dry and leave excess moisture in the air. 

How should I install an exhaust fan in the bathroom window?

If an exhaust fan doesn’t fit in the wall or ceiling, you can put a fan in a window to draw out the moisture. In order to prepare the window, contact a glazier to cut the correct size hole for the fan. Also, hire an electrician to hardwire the fan. You can choose if it is turned on with the overhead light or not. 

How should I cover the bathroom window?

One of the best ways to cover a bathroom window is a curtain or a roman shade. There are tension rod options that are less labor-intensive than installing a curtain rod with brackets. Also, you can add double-sided window film to the window which still allows you to see out but no one to see in. Last, you can add stain glass or macrame over the window to add a unique covering for the window but still maintain privacy. 

How can I frost a bathroom window?

You can frost a window by purchasing frosted glass paint. Tape off any sections that you don’t want to paint and add decorative patterns to your window. Also, you can place frosted glass contact paper over the window. 

How should I decorate a bathroom with no windows?

Mirrors are the best way to decorate a bathroom with no windows as they will reflect light in the room. Also, you can paint light colors to make it feel more spacious. On the other hand, you can paint the room a dark color to help the space feel more intentional and cozy. Last, add fabulous light fixtures to draw attention away from the fact that there are no windows.  

How can I brighten up a bathroom with no windows?

Keep the bathroom light in color or add wallpaper to brighten up the space. In a similar way, you can build out decorative molding on the wall to add more visual interest in the room. Last, add some interesting art to brighten the room.

How should I prevent mold in a bathroom without a window?

First, make sure that you always turn on the bathroom fan if you have one. Also, after you shower, you should open any doors to let humidity out of the room. You can wipe down the walls of your shower or squeegee them after use and dry towels in another room. Further, you should wash towels and mats often as they harbor mold spores. Last, spray the shower down with a daily cleaner. 

Bathroom Window: Conclusion

Windows are a vital feature in any room that can complement the design and bring in natural light. In the bathroom, windows are just as important, and creative window shapes work for even small spaces.

So whether you just want to find a new option to cover your bathroom window or add a new window to your bathroom, you must consider the style, space, and privacy in the room. In the end, a bathroom window is a perfect way to make your room more beautiful.