5 Modern Barn House Projects To Redefine Your Home

There’s a resurgence of the modern barn house lately because it’s a new way to reinvent your home.

modern barn house

They have an old-school rustic vibe with their pitched roofs and wood-clad exteriors. And the use of natural materials throughout the house complement various modern-day features. And the result is a very charming popular home.

Below you can find five such examples. Each is unique and different from the others, but they all share the barn-inspired design direction in common.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Modern Barn House?

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Modern Barn House?

Like building a standard home, the cost will depend on various factors, including:

  • Plumbing, electricity, carpentry
  • Location and property size
  • Contractor
  • Insulation and drywall
  • Foundation and flooring
  • Roofing and siding
  • Doors and windows

When you add up all your expenses, building a barn house will cost you anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000. The bigger the home, the more costly it will be.

Are barn houses cheaper to build?

Yes, building a modern barn house is usually cheaper than a regular home. This is especially true for pole barn houses because the construction method is less complicated and typically faster than traditional homes. 

How to Convert a Barn to a House

How to Convert a Barn to a House

Although it can be a lot of work, converting your barn can give your home so much appeal and character. And whether you’re turning it into a home for your family or an investment property like a vacation rental, a modern barn house is charming and unique. 

Most conversions start with determining whether or not you need a new foundation. In most instances, barns don’t have a foundation but will require one to turn it into a home. Otherwise, old barns typically need a new foundation. 

Aside from the foundation, the condition of the barn will greatly vary the cost. If it’s weathered and worn, you’ll need to refurbish a considerable amount of wood. You’ll also need to obtain the permits for these remodels, which isn’t always as easy as doing a standard home remodel.

And unless you’re a structural engineer, you’ll need one to create drawings of the structure before you can build the new design and obtain the necessary permits. Old wood barns can be challenging to repair and will likely need fumigation to eliminate the burrowed bugs.

Once you have a foundation, solid structure, and the building permits, you can start inserting installation to the roof and walls of the barn and cover it up with drywall. And don’t forget about the plumbing, electricity, and the essentials you must install to have a properly functioning house. 

Then, you can start adding in new floors, siding, windows, and doors at this point. Once you complete the main process of the barn conversion, you can start the interior decorating process. 

Is converting your barn into a modern barn house worth it?

If you have a good foundation and the barn is in ship shape, then you’ll save a lot of time and money without that expense. Repairing an old barn and turning it into a home can cost as much as or more than building a brand new traditional home.

Modern Barn House Ideas

Use these barn house projects from all over the country to transform your withering or unused barn into a modern home for your family or as a vacation rental. 

1. Timeless Barn Home

Modern Barn House

Joan Heaton Architects and Silver Maple Construction studios built and designed this eclectic style home in Weybridge, Vermont.

Modern Barn House interior design

contemporary barn house

It has a modern vibe, but at the same time, it’s a barn house. Everything inside and out is simple. And they customized some of the key defining elements.

modern barn design

Barn house getaway in Vermont - loft bedroom

For instance, the house has a large sliding door that disappears into the wall. And it exposes the rear section to the beautiful outdoor surroundings. The entryway, on the other hand, features a pivoting door.

Barn house getaway in Vermont swimming pool

This stunning barn house serves as a family getaway spot where everyone is close to nature and can enjoy the beauty.

Barn house getaway in Vermont - porch decor

As a result, the architects maximized the views. They highlight the connection between the house and its natural surroundings. This unique combination of styles is perfect as it maintains a timeless appeal. And it also makes it feel very welcoming and cozy.

2. Rustic Barn House

rustic modern barn home

This modern barn house has a strong rustic vibe, and there’s good reason for that. Yellowstone Traditions studios collaborated with Swaback Partners to complete this project.

simeple barn house design

Outside, the porch overlooks the private ponds full of trout, turning this barn into a charming fishing cabin.

Bridger Mountains Rustic Barn Cabin - wooden

It proves that you can dismantle a barn, relocate and reconstruct it into something fascinating and beautiful.

classic barn home interior

It was all put back together using the original materials. Additions and customizations resulted in a lovely blend of rustic decor and traditional details with a hint of modern simplicity.Bridger Mountains Rustic Barn Cabin- fireplace

The structure is in Montana and has a large porch. Inside there’s a kitchen and living room area on the ground floor and a loft bedroom upstairs. There’s also a bathroom with an outdoor shower and many other exciting features, including a stone-clad fireplace.

3. Modern Barn Style Architecture

Coastal Barn Home Design

On a different note, this modern barn style house has a lovely coastal vibe that blends well into its farmhouse-inspired design.

Modern Barn Style Architecture

Yankee Barn Homes studios designed this house on Martha’s Vineyard island in Massachusetts.

Coastal Barn Home Design- lap pool

It has 5 bedrooms and 5 1/2 bathrooms in total and all the common areas. They customized the interior design and layout to embrace the concepts of family living. The house can make guests feel very welcome.

Coastal Barn Home Design - interior

Coastal Barn Home Design -kitchen island

In addition to the attractive interior design and charming exterior, this coastal barn house also features a series of large openings. And glazed surfaces maximize all the views and ensure a close connection to the outdoor areas.

Coastal Barn Home Design - bathtub

Coastal Barn Home Design back

As you might guess, the exterior configuration of this house and its color palette match. The interior spaces are bright, open, and airy, making them quite different from typical rustic barn spaces.

4. Historic Red Barn House

Red Bucks County historic barn

This is a historic pole barn house located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The architect renovated and transformed it into a more modern structure suitable for today’s lifestyle.

Red Bucks County historic barn interior

Studio Brett King Builder did the remodel. And the team was careful to keep the original charm of the building as best as possible. They exposed the original stone walls and preserved the timber beams. And they integrated them seamlessly into the new design of the house.

Red Bucks County historic barn- wooden decor

Underneath the classic barn-like shell, the house is charming and cozy with a very fluid layout. The private section composes two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and private entrances upstairs.

stone wall and pole barn house

The common areas are on the lower level, where they have easy access to the porch and outdoor spaces. Stone and wood are the primary materials that define this project. They keep the magic of the original historic building alive and blend in nicely with the new and modern design.

5. Part Home, Part Working Barn

contemporary barn design

This is a rather unusual contemporary barn house with a distinctive roof shape and is a multipurpose residence. It’s near Lake Chelan in Manson, Washington. And studio SkB Architects designed it.

modern barn arcitecture

What’s especially interesting about it is that it serves part as a regular home and part working barn. Or, to be more exact, a fruit orchard. This is also a beautiful venue used for various events.

multi-purpose residence by Seattle-based SkB Architects barn doorn

This design wasn’t always the initial plan. Initially, the idea was to create a traditional metal barn with a classic red exterior to house farm equipment.

multi-purpose residence by Seattle-based SkB Architects- living

Multi purpose residence by Seattle based SkB Architects kitchen

However, the plans evolved and changed over time. The barn’s design eventually turned into a home with a lower roof line to show the project’s unique nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are the barn houses called?

Modern barn homes are also known as barndominiums. This is the newest term for turning your barn into a home. Many of these conversions replace the wood with metal, making it more energy efficient and low maintenance. They are also country homes with a barn-inspired design and style.

Why are pole barn homes cheaper?

Pole barn homes are houses with structures and frames made from treated wood posts. Post-framed homes, in general, tend to be more durable than conventional wood construction because they’re secured in the ground.

However, pole barn homes aren’t always cheaper. And there’s no set price because of all the factors you need to consider.

If you’re looking for top-notch finishes, elite materials, and fancy features, your pole barn home will not be cheaper than a standard barn conversion or building a regular home.

If you’re looking for an open base model using regular materials, then your pole barn house could be significantly cheaper than any other style home.

How long does it take to build a modern barn house?

Depending on the project’s overall scope, building a barn home could take anywhere from six weeks to six months.

The biggest factor will be the size of the modern barn home you’re planning to build. Other important considerations include the location, landscape, and time of year. If you want to develop during winter or your site is far from the necessary materials, it can take considerably longer to finish the project.

Turn Your Barn Into a Modern Barn House

Barns have become the perfect space to create a home. Even old, historic barns can be inexpensive, durable, and contemporary. Converting your barn into a home is an ideal way to make additional income or simply use abandoned architecture as a blank canvas.
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