Celebration Of Georgian Style Home Architecture

Georgian style home architecture holds a significant place in US design. Since its arrival in the 18th century, the Georgian style exists today. Many of the original homes have been steeped in history and have influenced architecture for generations.

Among residential architecture, the number of historic homes is increasing. Some houses might not fit in the Georgian category, but if you look closer, you’ll discover key features. 

Classic Georgian Style Home Architecture

Join us as we explore some of the finest examples of Georgian home architecture. With each example, we’ll show you why the architectural style is respected to this today.

Latin House, Risley

Georgian style home

Brick construction is a highlight of Georgian architecture. With red brick, white trim and window frames offer unique curb appeal. The exterior colors are a throwback to 18th century American home styles.

Whitemarsh Island

Georgian Style Homes with white columns

Designed by Historical Concepts, this new Georgian home is on Whitemarsh Island, located off the coast of Georgia. The homes do not look like they were built in the 19th century, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a new one. 

Shanks House

Georgian Style Homes Grass landscape

From Ptolemy Dean Architects and winner of the 2015 Georgian Group award, this 16th century home sits on the edge of Blackmore Vale in Dorset. 


Georgian Style Homes design

This Georgian home was once owned by the English actor John Hurt. Located in Ireland and first built in 1785, the structure was a rectory for an Anglican church.

Classic Georgian

Georgian Style Homes Townhouse

The term “Georgian” comes from the monarchs who ruled England from 1714 to 1830, all named George. During this period, English master architects Inigo Jones, Christopher Wren, and James Gibbs were inspired by the beauty and symmetry of Renaissance architecture and determined to create a version for the British people. Enter Georgian style homes.

In larger cities, tall and narrow Georgian style homes were the norm. The homes had a second floor, and it wasn’t uncommon for some to have a third floor. 

These Georgian houses boasted wonderful symmetry as their main feature, whether they were small cottages or sprawling estates. Windows displayed multiple panes, standing to attention across the front of the house. Sometimes they were flanked at the corners with decorative quoins. The front door was always found at the center and often surrounded by windows or columns.

Georgian Revival Architecture

Georgian Style Homes Small fence

Symmetry is the main feature. This example is balanced by the windows.

Classical Neo-Georgian House

White Georgian Style Homes

This example was inspired by Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. The home’s exterior features a large front door with a short, yet elegant staircase. Evenly-spaced windows and dormer windows are classic features of Georgian style architecture.

Decorative Elements

Georgian Style Homes brown Brick

The single gable window at the top is this home’s focal point. With Georgian houses, the architectural styles revolve around balance. The extra window is an accent touch more than anything else. The faded brick with burgundy board and batten window trim complements the brick and white columns in front of the entryway. 

Historic Homes

Classic Georgian Style Homes

Located in Montecito, California, this Georgian style home once belonged to American actor Rob Lowe. Designed in Georgian Traditional style, the home features coffered ceilings and custom millwork.

Georgian Revival Homes

Georgian Style Homes Double

Georgian style homes became so popular across England that they created pattern books so these architectural styles could be quickly recreated to meet demand. Being so prevalent, it isn’t surprising that this is the first major style to appear in America.

These pattern books were easy to transport, making the building of Georgian homes in the colonies efficient. And here’s where we deviate. As early America progressed, you see Georgian architecture mixing with farmhouse, ranch, and other kinds of homes.

Today you won’t find new Georgian style homes being built but you can get a glimpse of them in some of the symmetry of certain styles, proving that a good style lasts forever.

Whincop Georgian Home

Modern Georgian Style Homes

Symmetry is the underlying motif of Georgian home architecture. In this example, the front door serves as the center point. The dormer windows at the top and first floor windows provide overall balance. A smaller Georgian home might have a simple flat front.

Georgian Buildings

gray Exterior Georgian Style Homes

Multiple windows will mean investing in more curtains, they will guarantee that all your indoor rooms are filled with natural light. The various architectural styles of Georgian houses make the structures more versatile than you may have imagined. It was in smaller town where you’ find larger homes. 

Gabled Roofs

Beautiful Georgian Style Homes

Georgian style architecture features more than one fireplace per home. Thankfully you won’t have any strange chimneys because, just like the rest of the house, all your chimneys will be symmetrical with the front view. No matter if you have two chimneys or six.

East Coast Gabled Roofs

Beautiful Georgian Style Homes Design Exterior

Red brick construction makes this example stand out. Oftentimes the classic Georgian style homes would have decorative quoins on the corners to break up the stone or brick. It helped achieve that tidy box look and was a simple way to add interest to the home’s facade.

Colonial Style

Modern White Beautiful Georgian Style Homes

Another feature sometimes found in Georgian homes was columns. Heralding back to the Greek roots of architecture, columns made a home appear more stately and gave the entrance a little more grandeur. Nothing like welcoming guests to a clear display of your wealth.

Neoclassical Architecture

Aspect of Beautiful Georgian Style Homes

While you may not see this aspect as much in Britain, you’ll find it often in the US. They might be black or white or blue or gray, but they add to the symmetrical rigidity of the home’s facade with very little effort. The white gable windows feature arched tops, a classic signature touch.

Crown Moldings

Beautiful Georgian Style Home bold door

Georgian front doors are worth a closer look. Sometimes they’ll be flanked by columns or long windows. The front of the house looks more like a southern Colonial style home. In many ways, crown moldings are connected to the federal style.

Understated Elegance

Beautiful Georgian Style Homes fence

When your home’s architecture focuses on symmetry and clean lines, that’s obviously what your landscaping should reflect. Hedges that can be trimmed into boxy shapes work well on a border.

Georgian Landscape Design

Beautiful Georgian Style Homes Gravel

Boxwood hedges  are simple to maintain and they look so nice against a symmetrical Georgian home. Line your front walk or your driveway or even just the flowerbeds by your home.

Old Manor House

Beautiful Georgian Style Homes Gravel Drive

At the height of the Georgian style, pathways were stone, brick, or gravel. If you want to give your Georgian home a historical feel, use gravel along your sweeping driveway

All White Interior

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home

When you picture a grand house in your head, you are probably greeted with a large foyer and sweeping staircase, right? It won’t surprise you that Georgian homes greeted guests this way. 

Dining Room

period living room ideas Inspirational Georgian Style In Period Property Oliver Burns

In the larger Georgian style homes, you’ll find an abundance of rooms because some are meant to be formal living areas. Get out your velvet furniture and hang the sparkly chandeliers in these rooms to keep that elegance past going in your life.

Georgian Foyer Design

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home with Gold accents

In this example, the interior takes advantage of everything rich and luxurious. You’ll find elegant details like patterned marble floors and delicate looking architectural accents. 

Rustic Living Areas

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home Fireplace

The wood planks give the decor in this example a rustic flavor. Walls and floors aren’t the only places in a Georgian homes are where you’ll find extra stylish accents.

Many old homes have more than one fireplace. The added benefit here is how you’ll have more than one mantle to set the tone for you

Small Panes

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home Mid Century sofa

Most if not all of your living areas will have wonderful natural light. Don’t hinder that with curtains. Embrace indoor shutters that can be folded away from the windows during the day and provide your privacy at night.

Classic Living Room

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home Fireplace reading

Those gold framed vintage beauties with floral details belong in a Georgian style home. Place them strategically to help bounce light around in rooms that don’t have quite enough.

Kitchen Area

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home Kitchen

You’ll find exterior materials indoors like deep set windows and maybe an extra sitting room with a fireplace. These are common features that homeowners enjoy. When the American colonies were established, the homes were the same. It wasn’t the 18th Century that home design began to offer great home variety options.

Georgian Living Areas

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home Wall

Since you will have light to work with, your color options limitless. So consider some deeper dusky shades that you might not choose. 

Interior Design

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home Wallpaper Floral Accents

You don’t have to stick with flat paint either. More light also allows for busy patterned wallpaper. Pick something floral and dainty if you want to stick with the historical Georgian feel or go with something bold and bright for a modern look.

Open Living Room Layout

Beautiful Interior of Georgian Style Home Shutters

This is how you take advantage of natural daylight. With open space for a living room, you can create your dream home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Georgian Order?

A consistent set of rules applied to architecture, material culture, and living styles. The homes are symmetrical inside and out. Each room has a designated function. The hall is an entrance vestibule instead of a bustling center in a traditional home.

When Did Georgian Revival Emerge In The US?

Georgian Revival re-emerged in 1876. It wasn’t until after WWI that the style became common on the West Coast. Early revival homes copy the proportions of the original style. Today, the term  “Georgian” is used as a synonym for “symmetrical.”

When Did Neo-Georgian Architecture Emerge?

The architectural style emerged in the 19th and 20th centuries. It’s not a different architectural style. It’s a rehash movement that followed the same principles and guidelines as Georgian architecture.

What Is A Characteristic Of A Scottish Georgian House?

A house with a hip roof and small window openings is typical of early Scottish-Georgian homes. The homes also feature dado rails between the walls.

Can A Georgian Home Have Clerestory Windows?

The size and amount of shading will impact clerestory window installation.  Also, you’ll need to include in your measurements the distance between the window and the soffit.

Georgian Style Home Conclusion

Georgian architecture is about symmetry and order, unlike Colonial architecture which is centered on utility. When you hear the term “Georgian” you think of formal symmetry, red brick, five equal-spaced window openings, and black shutters.

However, if you wanted to analyze the building style, you would need to look past the exterior trimmings.
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