Victorian Style House: 19th Century Gothic Returns

The Victorian style house is making comeback. The home style features windows, steeply pitched roofs, narrow staircases, and welcoming porches. The 19th century style. Today, Victorian homes are in demand as homeowners appreciate their historical traits.

Victorian Style House

According to, views of Victorian and Edwardian properties in San Francisco have increased by 80 percent year-to-year, and the median price-per-square-foot for these homes reached $1,050 in January, up 8.7 percent in 2021.

If you’re not familiar with Victorian home architecture, we can help. We’ll show you the latest Victorian designs and why they’re special.  

Large trees shade the front yard. Painted arches hang over the entrance and porch. Victorian homes were designed for large families. Today, one home could be divided into eight units.

Victorian House Styles For 2022

Homes built between 1840 and 1900 are called Victorian due to the time period but depending on the style, they also have another subcategory. There are ten of these subcategories for Victorian homes so let’s peruse them one at a time. 

Victorian House Styles – Renovations

Here are a few examples of how Victorian style homes have been preserved over the years.

Gothic Revival

Victorian house in Aspen

They collaborated with studio CCY Architects and the goal was to add a music room. The design that they came up with features a perforated metal facade.

Gabled Roofs

CCY ArchitectsCCY Architects Victorian House Remodel gravel driveway

The Victorian house built in Aspen, Colorado is from the 1880s. It’s a standalone structure with a design similar to that of the original house. It has a gabled roof and similarly-sized windows the element that sets it apart is the facade with lets light filter in on three sides.

Low Roofs

The Coach House - London Extension

In New Cross, London this building was designed by studio Selencky Parsons

Outdoor Space

The Coach House London Extension backyard

A slender structure nestled between two existing houses, it occupies a small site that used to be a parking space for carriages during the Victorian era. The design is inspired by that of the neighboring houses, with a brick facade.

The tall and narrow front section extends at the back and opens into an L-shaped living area with access to a garden.

Black House

Coverted Simon Conder Associates Victorian House

From Simon Conder Architects, the two-story structure sits on top of a 19th Century warehouse. The expressed laminated frame and planed larch strategy were not intended as a renovation.

What the designers wanted  to do was build upon the original structure. the result was a modern extension of a Victorian warehouse in London.

Coverted Simon Conder Associates Victorian House tall architecture

It’s a project completed by Simon Conder Associates. The extension features a style very different from that of the existing warehouse but it fits into the context of the industrial area that surrounds it.

Coverted Simon Conder Associates Victorian House modern extension

It’s tall, minimalist, and black and its exterior walls are made of lightweight, super-insulated timber panels.

Coverted Simon Conder Associates Victorian House kitchen


Coverted Simon Conder Associates Victorian House living room

The elements were prefabricated off-site and then transported and installed here in sections which helped to reduce the construction time and the disruption on the site.

Towers Turrets

Canadian firm tongtong traditional home in Toronto

Victorian homes feature three stories. Small spaces are no exception. Located in Toronto, this Victorian house was designed by Studio +tongtong

Top Floor Plans

Canadian firm tongtong traditional home in Toronto bedroom

After the roof line is established, a Victorian home renovation will consist of two or three stories. The design style began during the Industrial Revolution. 

The quintessential Victorian home featured gabled roofs and natural materials. The designers chose gray and black zinc panels to create a contemporary vibe. Large windows and extensive glazing on the street-facing facade complement this old house.

Victorian Medieval Architecture

Dilapidated Victorian coach house conversion

An old and dilapidated Victorian house from Birmingham, England was recently renovated and also extended by studio Intervention Architecture.

Dilapidated Victorian coach house conversion interior

The goal of this project was to transform the building into a place that can be used both as a home and a workspace. 

Dilapidated Victorian coach house conversion stairs

The biggest challenge was making the interior look and feel spacious and bright. 

Victorian Architecture

350 square metre house by Delvendahl Martin Architects

Here’s not just one but two Victorian houses in England that were transformed a few years ago. The project was conducted by  Delvendahl Martin Architects and aimed to connect two semi-detached houses in order to create a large family home.

Interior Architectural Style

350 square metre house by Delvendahl Martin Architects interior

The new design preserved much of the original elements and adds a series of modern elements to it.

Narrow Stairwell

350 square metre house by Delvendahl Martin Architects stairs

An interior design feature of Victorian architecture is the narrow staircase. Another feature is how the homes are three stories tall. The large central space has full-height windows and an open floor plan.

This extension was built using brick and glass and connects the two sides of the building giving it asymmetrical look.

Steeply Pitched Roofs

Edmonds Lee has refurbished and expanded a gabled roof dwelling in San Francisco

The most common types of Victorian floor plans include three stories. For example, this San Francisco project where studio Edmonds + Lee worked on the refurbishment and expansion of a gable house built-in 1908.

Kitchen Design Style

Edmonds Lee has refurbished and expanded a gabled roof dwelling in San Francisco kitchen

The long and narrow foundation presented challenges when expanding the existing floor plan. The goal was to create an open kitchen.

Victorian Kitchen Layout

Edmonds Lee has refurbished and expanded a gabled roof dwelling in San Francisco dining area

The front exterior remained intact. Only one coat of paint was applied. However, more work was added to the back. Today, the Victorian home holds a series of new rooms connected to a staircase.

The new interior design is minimalist, modern, and infused with bright colors and neutral finishes.

UK Victorian Style

Uk Victorian house extension by designed by Simon Astridge

A Victorian house from London was refurbished and extended by Simon Astridge. Most Victorian renovations are two to three stories. The properties are chosen for their existing structures. Each job utilizes a simplistic approach. 

Modern Victorian Kitchen

Uk Victorian house extension by designed by Simon Astridge round window

The project aimed to reveal some of the original design and architectural elements of the existing house.

Casual Victorian Living Room

Uk Victorian house extension by designed by Simon Astridge leather couch

Simple materials and finishes were used throughout which puts more emphasis on the house as a whole rather than individual details. 

UK Victorian Schoolhouse 

Victorian school house into cinema for an English town

This project is  from Jonathan Dunn Architects. They were asked to work on a Victorian school building and transform it into a cinema.

Victorian school house into cinema for an English town wood

Located in Rye, England, the home is known as The Kino. The structure is a space that hosts live theatre events, ballet, opera, screenings of films, sports events, and other cool things.

In addition to transforming the existing school building, the architects also added an extension at the back.

Pendant Lighting

Victorian school house into cinema for an English town indoor

It’s a gallery space designed to serve as a space for art exhibitions. Both the interior and exterior of the building went through changes. On the outside, the architects repaired the original red brickwork and roof tiles and they used timber cladding for the extension as a way to set it apart.

Studio Haptic

Refurbishment and remodelling by architecture studio Haptic

Studio Haptic designed this project in London. The backyard setting offers an idyllic escape. 

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Refurbishment and remodelling by architecture studio Haptic kitchen

The renovation was centered on a semi-detached Victorian house. Two new extensions were placed in the garden, adding a new open-space kitchen and dining area. Efficiency and support are the underlying themes  for this kitchen design.


Refurbishment and remodelling by architecture studio Haptic backyard

A second guest area clad with untreated larch wood offers a gray patina. The interiors are bright and airy, featuring large skylights, white walls, and high ceilings.

Amazing Victorian Style Homes For 2022

Here are a few examples of Victorian home architecture.

Victorian Cottage 

1890s Victorian cottage in England

In this example, a modern and stylish brick renovation was designed by studio All & Nxthing

1890s Victorian cottage in England interior living area

Kitchen Contrasts

1890s Victorian cottage in England kitchen


1890s Victorian cottage in England fireplace living


1890s Victorian cottage in England bedroom 1890s Victorian cottage in England bedroom

They aimed to create a new layout and also to extend the original dilapidated cottage but to keep its spirit and original character alive. Exposed beams, concrete floors, and a wood-burning fireplace create a cozy atmosphere while also blending the old and the new in a pleasant manner.

Victorian Farmhouse In Georgia

Victorian farmhouse in Georgia entryway livingVictorian farmhouse in Georgia entryway living

Another inspiring transformation was done by studio Living Stone Design + Build. The stone stairs and wooden Dutch door highlight the front entrance porch. 

Victorian farmhouse in Georgia kitchen decor

They renovated a Victorian farmhouse located in Atlanta, Georgia, a beautiful structure on two levels with a lot of charm and character.

Victorian farmhouse in Georgia dining bench

The design is a mix of old and new details using a combination of materials that suits both the original style and the new look.

Victorian farmhouse in Georgia bedroom fireplace

Inside the décor and ambiance are very warm and cozy with a big emphasis being placed on texture.

Noe Valley Victorian Home

Classic Victorian home in Noe Valley

This Victorian home from San Francisco was given a makeover by studio Feldman Architecture

Classic Victorian home in Noe Valley kitchen decor

The goal was to preserve and respect the original character of the building.

Classic Victorian home in Noe Valley window bench

At the same time, the architects aimed to refresh and add a modern touch to the house, to make it brighter and more airy as well as practical.

Classic Victorian home in Noe Valley balcony

A few modifications were made to the interior. A series of internal walls were removed in order to create an open social area comprised of the kitchen, dining area, and family room.

High Ceilings

Classic Victorian home in Noe Valley bedroom

High ceilings are a characteristic of Victorian architecture. In this example, the bedroom takes advantage of the natural source thanks to the high ceilings. The color palette utilizes a gray monochrome scheme. With this effect, the brown leather chairs serve as color accents. 

Victorian Style Homes 

Small Victorian home Decor

That can make them feel very dark in comparison. This is one of the issues tackled by studio Robson Rak Architects.

Small Victorian home Decor white kitchen

Many old Victorian houses have beautiful designs but their interiors are not as bright and open as many modern and contemporary homes do.

Small Victorian home Decor interior

When working on the renovation of this Victorian house from Melbourne they created a new floor plan.

Small Victorian home Decor living area

The floor plan is open and airy, while a glass wall in the back serves as a natural light source.

Small Victorian home Decor courtyard backayrd

The house is small and only measures 150 square meters which makes these changes that much more beneficial.

Jewelery Box Extension 

The Jewellery Box Extension by Michael Collins Architect

This example is from Michael Collins Architect.

The Jewellery Box Extension by Michael Collins Architect interior

Adding extensions to old structures is always challenging.

The Jewellery Box Extension by Michael Collins Architect kitchen

Blending the old with the new is difficult and sometimes a strong contrast between the styles can look both refreshing and interesting.  

Italianate Style

Victorian Style House Exterior


Victorian Style House Exterior With Red front door


Victorian Style House Exterior With a small porch

Heading the front of the Victorian era were the Italianate style homes. Inspired by the villas of Italy, these houses had low roofs with wide eaves. Some of the more traditional homes had towering columns or posts on the front porch and almost always, you could find ornamental brackets tucked against the eaves.

Gothic Revival Style

Victorian Style House Exterior Gothic Decor

Around the same time period, the Gothic Revival style was also popular.

Victorian Style House Exterior Gothic


Victorian Style House Exterior Modern Colors

Architects drew from Medieval styles like pointed windows, towers, and decorative details. Some of these homes looked like miniature castles, worthy of Count Dracula himself.

And while you can find homes in this style, you can easily find Gothic Revival churches. Famous buildings like Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City and Trinity Church in Boston are all wonderful examples of the style.

Queen Anne Homes

Queen Anne Style House

The thing with Queen Annes is how they have big porches and bay windows.

victorian house plans turret New Italianate Victorian House Plans And Designs HOUSE STYLE DESIGN

Remember that house in the old neighborhood that you practically drooled over? It was probably a Queen Anne style home. These stately houses were popularized in the 1870’s by Scottish architect Norman Shaw. Deep sprawling porches invited you to sit for some lemonade in the summertime. 

Folk Style

Victorian Folk Style

The vast majority of houses in America’s historic neighborhoods can be categorized as Folk style.Victorian Style House Exterior with Jewel Tones

The architects took a classic farmhouse and added Victorian elements from other styles to make it fit with the time period.

Cape Cod Victorian

Victorian Style House Exterior Elevated Design

You’ll find the large windows, borrowed from the Gothic Revival. Maybe you’ll get some fancy woodwork, inspired by an Eastlake. 

Shingle Style

Victorian exterior shingle style

Modern Cape Cod

Victorian shingle beach house


Victorian shingle neutral shades

Other Victorian styles include shingle homes. They were built in coastal areas and served as weekend escapes. Covered in shingles, these dwellings made an austere appearance but they were more informal than your average neighborhood Victorian. 

Stick Style Houses

Stick Style houses feature heavy exterior wood trim and tall windows. The style emerged in the late 19th Century.

Emlen Physick Estate

Victorian stick green trim

The Emlen Physick Estate in Cape May, New Jersey is a classic Victorian home. Notice the large stick brackets on the front porch. Upside down chimneys and jerkinhead dormers complement the roof’s style.

A jerkinhead roof features gable and hip roof styles. Often, a clipped slope on one or both sides. 

Contemporary Paneling

Victorian stick style red trim

The Howard and Kate Mather house is in Galveston, Texas. This Victorian style house features half-timbered bay windows that look like a Swiss chalet. 

Victorian style house

If regular trim wasn’t enough, by the 1890’s, architects were using wood to create patterns and designs on the exterior of a Victorian home. Called stickwork, the style was created to mimic the half timbered Tudor homes of the time. Usually you wouldn’t just find a grid though. 

Mansard Style

Victorian mansard roof style


Victorian mansard brownstone


Victorian mansard ocean front

While a first glance might tell you it’s an Italianate style house, you’ll quickly change your mind if you look up. Mansard style houses all got their label from the roof. 

Richardsonian Style

Victorian richardsonian balcony

Located in Chicago, this Historic Landmark Greystone was renovated in 2015. Featuring reclaimed brick pavers and Magnolia trees, this Victorian style house is a testament to the architectural style. The steeply pitched roofs are a feature of gothic revival homes. 

Victorian richardsonian deep porch

Victorian richardsonian duel towers

When they needed a scary house in the old films, they would often find themselves a Richardsonian style home to work with. These big houses built from stone resembled tiny castles. 

Eastlake Style

Victorian eastlake modern gray


J. Milton Carson House

Victorian eastlake pink white

This is a classic example of the Queen Anne style.

Victorian eastlake roof detail

Another style that blurred the lines of Victorian homes is the Eastlake style home. Invented by Charles Eastlake, this style is all about the details. Fancy woodwork around the porch of a Victorian house. Pattern at the eaves and spindle supports.

Octagonal Style

Victorian octagon green trim

Victorian octagon three story

The Octagon House in Watertown, Wisconsin has defining features include rounded towers and tall, narrow windows. 

Victorian octagonal wrap porch

In the mid 1850’s, architects were building eight sided homes, the octagonal style. For some reason, it was assumed that an eight sided home would give the interior better light and ventilation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is A Small Victorian House Called?

Folk Victorians emerged after small homes started featuring elements of Victorian architecture. The homes were decorated with pre-fabricated decor. Folk Victorian homes rely on an easy floor plan rather that the complex architectural elements indicative of the era.

Are Victorian Homes Expensive?

A typical Victorian home is a little cheaper upfront, but the cost to maintain it is more expensive than a regular home. The maintenance that comes with owning a Victorian home is turn-off for some homebuyers. If you don’t have the extra money, then don’t do it.

Which US City Has The Most Victorian Houses?

In the US, Old Louisville, Kentucky, has the most Victorian houses nationwide. The suburb was founded in the 1870s, and was almost 50 city blocks long.

What Was Victorian Architecture Inspired By?

The Victorian style borrows heavily from Gothic architecture. It also infuses European and Egyptian style elements.

Why Are Victorian Stairs So Dangerous?

Staircases in Victorian homes are narrow and steep, and often uneven steps. A Victorian style house feature three stories, which means three flights of narrow stairs. The pointed arches are another hazard that make the homes dangerous.


Victorian Style House Conclusion

A typical Victorian home will feature Romanesque revival style architecture. In the US, some homes feature mansard roofs. Also, a few defining features include gabled roofs, rounded towers, and large windows.

“For the last 10-12 years during the massive economic boom here, houses were in such demand that you had people buying Victorians, painting them a solid dark gray and stripping out the interiors in an effort to modernize the appearance of a house that they obviously didn’t like that much,” said Lynne Rutter, a decorative painter 

The Victorian Era’s lavish style carried over to the US. Often, the home design features a porch that wraps around the house. When you think about it, an eight sided house gives you twice as much opportunity for landscaping. 
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