Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor For Rich Textured Settings

Farmhouse bathroom decor offers a rustic aesthetic. To achieve this look, all you need is the right bathroom decor. The modern design adds authenticity and style to a bathroom setting.

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According to real estate magazine, Realtor, farmhouse bathroom design is, “All about layering different and unexpected textures, like placing rough hewn wood accessories against clean white subway tile or using rustic milk jugs with varying patinas as a side table, the mix prevents the style from becoming too predictable and helps the design appeal.”

For your next remodel, consider modern farmhouse bathroom decor. You wouldn’t need to commit to a full design. Start small and go big when you’re ready. 

What Is Farmhouse Decor?

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Modern rustic farmhouse bathroom decor offers functionality, charm, and simplicity. In this example, a modern farmhouse single sink vanity fits with this small space.

The stained wood and white sink offer contrast and charm. A stained wooden footstool provides extra seating for your little ones.

Farmhouse interiors are influenced by rural architecture but also feature modern touches.

  • Pragmatic Aesthetic – Pragmatism is at the center of the modern farmhouse bathrooms. In original farmhouses, furniture was scarce. Today, it makes sense for every object to have a utilitarian purpose. The raised sink, for example, provides more room for adults. Unlike traditional furniture with ornate details, farmhouse furniture is simple by design. 
  • Large Furniture – While farmhouse décor retains a minimalist aesthetic, farmhouse furniture is typically larger in scale, focusing on comfort and function above everything else. If you’re arranging a modern farmhouse living room, choose furniture pieces. Bigger furniture offers greater visual appeal.
  • Natural Materials -Unlike the original farmhouse feel, you are not required to use just materials found right outside your home. Modern farmhouse interiors, on the other hand, continue to appreciate natural materials such as wicker, stone, or reclaimed wood.  To recreate the modern farmhouse country-chic vibe, go with low shine materials and matte finishes for warmth and elegance.
  • Accept Imperfection -Modern farmhouse embraces the appeal of imperfection. Indeed, when choosing wood furniture, knots and scratches, as well as distressed finishes, can add to the authenticity of the style. Consider a worn metal finish for metal embellishments.

How To Decorate Bathrooms With Farmhouse Decor

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Kensington Smith Design, LLC

According to the Home Design Institute,”Modern farmhouse bathroom decor is a fusion of two conflicting styles that work well together. One is homey, warm, and inviting, while the other is cold and basic in design and style.”

Whether rustic touches, reclaimed wood, or vintage embellishments, the details are critical within this design approach.

1. Natural Wood

Wood decor is undergoing a renaissance. If you want warmth and texture in a cold environment, white oak is an excellent choice for a vanity.

2. Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

Sconce lighting enhances farmhouse bathroom decor. Another option is white distressed lanterns, which feature clear glass panels, and are good as standalone items on a bathroom counter or marble vanity.

3. Farmhouse Sink

One approach to infusing a plain bathroom design with modern farmhouse ambiance is to replace the usual sink vanity with a metal basin.

4. Farmhouse Bathroom Shiplap 

In the design industry, you either like or despise wood shiplap. When combined with contemporary elements, shiplap walls add texture to the modern farmhouse bathroom. 

5. Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

Objects are one of the simplest ways to incorporate modern farmhouse style into your home. A stunning pitcher or vintage accents are an excellent, low-maintenance way to add rustic touches to your bathroom. Or, add some more farmhouse wall decor ideas.

6. Bathroom Storage 

Creating bathroom storage has certain challenges. If you want to add additional space for your essentials, consider floating shelves with reclaimed wood. The shelving system provides additional space for amenities while maintaining a modern farmhouse bathroom aesthetic.

Easy Mistakes When Decorating Farmhouse Decor

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Solitude Homes

While farmhouse style can be described as “comfortable” and “chill,” it’s possible to make mistakes when trying to achieve that cozy home decor style. So, let’s look at some of the most common mistakes that people often make.

Replacing “worn out” furniture

The modern farmhouse feel conjures an extremely distinct mental image. You’re picturing pristine whites and calming neutral colors. However, true farmhouse style is all about endurance.

Replacing pieces as they begin to show signs of wear or purchasing “quick furniture” in the farmhouse style overlooks the style’s essence. Consider mixing and combining vintage pieces.

Additional Styles

Since farmhouse style appears to be so neutral, it’s easy to go overboard when combining types of decor. People frequently choose farmhouse décor because it’s simple to incorporate for a personal, homey touch.

You may run into difficulty if you combine too many distinct styles. While incorporating farmhouse characteristics into a modern home can work, adding a whole other aesthetic can result in a design disaster.


Perhaps you live on a working farm in a real farmhouse. If this is the case, delving into farmhouse style may be both practical and fashionable. If you live in a modern home and want a farmhouse feel, proceed with caution. 

Formal Style

With modern farmhouse design, the general belief is that we adore it for its low maintenance and uncomplicated nature. Dining rooms that match this style are oh-so-comfortable. 

Easy Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas For 2022

Handpicked by our team of interior design experts, we think you’ll enjoy the following decor suggestions for your farmhouse bathroom.

Bathtub Wood Paneling

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It only takes one element to change the look and feel of a room. In this example, the bathroom received a makeover and new rustic-industrial decor. And all it took was a few wood panels to cover one wall.  

If you plan on doing something similar for your modern farmhouse bathroom, check out blesserhouse

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

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If you don’t want to change your walls or get buy new furniture, you could alter the ambiance with farmhouse-inspired decor. Little things and accessories like light fixtures and sink faucets will impact your space. Consider industrial bathroom fixtures like the ones in this example. 

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror

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Other little but important things that can help give your bathroom the cozy farmhouse-style decor ideas that you always wanted include the mirror, which could have a simple wooden frame.

Perhaps it is one made of reclaimed wood for more character. Some open shelving can also change the mood of modern farmhouse bathrooms. Check out homemadelovely for more inspiring ideas.

Vintage Toilet Paper Dispenser

Toilet Paper Dispenser for Farmhouse BathroomView in gallery

You can also add accessories that your bathroom never had but that would make it more welcoming and comfortable. For example, a toilet paper dispenser storage module could fit in the corner.

Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

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Another idea is to take advantage of the usual bathroom layouts and necessary items and add visual interest. Modern farmhouse bathrooms include a cute vintage window panel that doubles as a towel holder. It’s a pretty unique combo with the wall art and if you want to find out more about it check out lilluna.

Farmhouse Sliding Barn Doors

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Rustic and farmhouse decor ideas are common choices for mountain cabins and alpine retreats in general. The hideaway featured on peacedesign is an example of how to use a sliding barn door.

Notice the style of the sliding barn door, the natural wood and stone on the walls, and the large mirror which prevents the bathroom from looking cluttered and tiny. The wood flooring ties the bathroom together with the bedroom area.

Related: The Best Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits For Your Next Successful Project

Flower Basket Decor

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If your bathroom has an exposed toilet tank placing a planter on it instantly changes the visual interest and the decor.

Similarly, you can have a wooden box that holds mason jar vases filled with flowers. It’s one of the great bathroom ideas for modern farmhouse decor that comes from oldewindmillfarm.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

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Modern farmhouse bathroom design might include a wood vanity with a single sink like this one featured on mylove2create. A chrome farmhouse bathroom faucet adds flair and light. An easy bathroom design and rustic furniture make the most of its imperfections, which could be your next DIY project. 

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Shelving

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Open shelving is ideal for a farmhouse bathroom. Shelving adds storage and style. Plus, the wood boards make the space look and feel complete. Check out cherishedbliss to learn how to make shelves with wood, metal pipes, and fittings.

Wrought Iron Lighting Fixtures

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There are plenty of small bathroom farmhouse ideas to choose from. The wrought iron light fixtures capture the farmhouse aesthetic. When you can’t decide which color to use, go with a grey modern farmhouse bathroom. And the round mirror with a wooden frame also offers rustic flair. For more details, check out lizmarieblog.

Maximizing Space

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In this example, the walls frame the tub. The open wooden shelving above the bathtub provides easy access to your everyday items. The space was transformed into a modern farmhouse bathroom with a few simple touches. To learn how it’s done, check out the details on thriftyandchic.

Soap Dispenser

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A DIY Mason jar soap dispenser can also give your modern bathroom a charming farmhouse-inspired look. The project is simple and all you need is a jar with a lid, a soap pump white lacquer spray paint, glue, and sandpaper. You’ll also need something to cut a hole in the lid with.

Sliding Door Cabinet

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A sliding barn door is a popular replacement for regular doors. This is also an easy project for the most part. It’s one that you can do yourself with a few materials and tools. Check out shanty-2-chic to find out all the details.

Rustic Towel Hooks

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A modern farmhouse-style towel rack is something you can do yourself with little time, effort, or money. Just assemble the rack and mount it on one of your bathroom walls, or the inside of the powder room door. You can find detailed instructions on angelamariemade.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity 

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A DIY farmhouse bathroom sink vanity is one way to achieve a rustic vibe. For more information, visit shadesofblueinteriors. You’ll find a list of supplies and tools needed for the job plus detailed instructions on how to build the vanity.

Burlap Curtains

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Burlap fabric curtains are the ideal fit for a modern farmhouse bathrooms. They’re simple and nostalgic. Complement this type of feature with other farmhouse-style rustic accessories for a cohesive look.

Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

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This example is from therusticboxwood. It focuses on the modern farmhouse bathroom accessories such as the soap dispenser. It can sit in a little tray that has a worn look and suggests a rich history and a cool story.

Water Trough Farmhouse Sink

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Believe it or not, you can even build your own modern farmhouse bathroom sink. You could make one out of a repurposed water trough. Give it four legs and a small shelf and make the necessary plumbing adjustments. The galvanized silver looks nice alongside the subway tile.

It’s easier if you have wall-mounted faucets. You can even use the space underneath for extra storage. All you need to know about this project can be found on countryliving.

Farmhouse Bathroom Tiles

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Subway tile, like in this example, looks sleek and contemporary. It also fits with this modern farmhouse bathroom from jennakateathome. The grout is one detail that makes this space different.  

Before & After

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Redesigning a bathroom and giving it a farmhouse-inspired look can refresh the décor and the ambiance and make this space look more up to date than before.

In this example featured on blessthisnestblog lighter and brighter colors augment worn finishes.

DIY Double Vanity 

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This example features small furniture pieces and repurposed accessories combined with a natural color palette and finishes. The double vanity featured on twelveonmain is a centerpiece for this modern farmhouse bathroom.

It’s complemented by two round mirrors and it looks just right with the black and white design.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover

Farmhouse Bathroom DecorView in gallery

White is the most popular color among modern farmhouse bathrooms. It also goes well with natural wood and helps to highlight the beauty of many finishes specific to this style.

The makeover featured at homemadelovely, the color palette is based on a classic black and white color scheme with wood accents. A built-in vanity with sink offers stability and a modern touch.

Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

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Modern farmhouse bathroom ideas are suited for small spaces. The style goes well with light and bright colors, which make a room feel bigger. Incorporate lighter wood flooring, too.  For more inspiration, check out martysmusings.

Fine Details

Farmhouse Bathroom DecorView in gallery

Modern farmhouse bathrooms can be eclectic. Draw inspiration from contemporary design elements of farmhouse decor. Keep it clean and simple or emphasize the finishes. With the right decorations and accessories, you’ll find yourself with an original and stylish bathroom. 

Dark Walls

Farmhouse Bathroom DecorView in gallery

From the studio Hart & Lock Design, this farmhouse bathroom utilizes darker tones to enhance texture. A white countertop combined with wood tones offers a farmhouse touch. The dark blue backdrop complements the wood shiplap walls without taking over the room.

The wood vanity with a white Duravit style sink makes for an ideal centerpiece. The vertical oval mirror and sconces ease the intensity of the backdrop. 

Large Farmhouse Bathroom Concepts

Farmhouse Bathroom DecorView in gallery

It may seem like wood and certain finishes wouldn’t suit a bathroom, but you can only tell when you take the entire context into consideration. A modern farmhouse freestanding tub is the ideal addition when creating a rustic vibe. 

Also, notice how the farmhouse-style double vanity adds to this modern farmhouse bathroom vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Decor Should You Have In A Farmhouse Bathroom?

Outdated farm tools like a wooden milking stool, cast iron sheep shears, a hoof pick, or corn sheller would make for ideal farmhouse bathroom decor.

Other tools from the 19th century include long handed pruning shears, a corn knife, potato planter. If your bathroom is big enough, an antique weathered wheelbarrow would be a nice farmhouse bathroom focal point. 

What Colors Go Best With Farmhouse Decor?

For farmhouse decor, colors like brown, tan, beige, and creamy whites are popular. If you need accent colors, green, yellow, and light blue would be your best options. 

How Do You Build A Farmhouse Powder Room?

Repurposed furniture pieces capture the farmhouse vibe. Wood pallets and old barrels offer more than stationery decor. Vintage items with a farm flair will enhance your farmhouse powder room. For a rustic aesthetic, wrap old chicken coop wire around the base of your sink. 

What Is Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Decor?

Decor items that offer a rustic beach and nautical vibe fit in this design category. Repurposed driftwood, antique jars filled with seashells, and rusty lanterns make for stylish accent pieces. As a focal point, an antique wooden helm would be the ideal coastal farmhouse style vanity mirror frame. 

What Is French Farmhouse Decor?

Combine eclectic and ornate with a dash of country rust to achieve a French farmhouse vibe. Off white backsplashes, distressed wood, and vintage chandeliers will provide a rustic French vibe. 

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Conclusion

We live in an era where farmhouse bathroom decorating is filled with surprises. As you’ve already observed. modern country bathrooms are popular for a reason. The style is easy to achieve. It doesn’t matter if you’re implementing tiny farmhouse bathroom ideas or working with a large space, there’s something for everyone.

DIY farmhouse bathroom decor is another design path you can take. There isn’t a shortage of rustic farmhouse bathrooms and decorating ideas, but choosing the best style requires time and patience.


Brushed Nickel Or Chrome Faucets: How To Choose The Best Bathroom Fixtures

Brushed nickel or chrome is not a simple decision. At the same time, you don’t need the Rosetta Stone to help you decide which material is best for your bathroom. When remodeling a bathroom, your fixture should complement the space. 

What Is Brushed Nickel 

When you improve your bathroom space, you add value to your home. According to Zillow, “Painting the home’s interior is the most common update (36 percent), followed by landscaping the yard (29 percent), replacing or repairing carpeting or flooring (26 percent), and making improvements to the bathroom (26 percent).” 

Bathroom fixtures make a statement. When considering different styles, you’ll need to factor in durability, maintenance, and cost. Your bathroom fixtures should be stylish, functional, and low maintenance. 

The two finishes will show you here are popular among professional home designers. Brushed nickel and chrome. Both options fulfill unique style and functionality requirements. To help you decide which is best for your bathroom space, we’ll show a brushed nickel finish and chrome fixtures are unique.  

What Is Brushed Nickel?

Brushed nickel finishes are soft. The material is brushed, meaning it has a semi-satin finish and isn’t super shiny or matte. It looks like stainless steel, but it’s not as clean. 

Brushed nickel or polished nickel are both popular finishes. DIYers and professional interior designers alike. Both styles have a calming effect.  

What Is Chrome?

Chrome faucet

Chrome is an edgier metal that is very popular and extremely shiny. Most “chrome” items aren’t actually made of chromium because real chromium is a health hazard and considered carcinogenic. 

Chrome is plated metal. When you polish chrome, it shines. Shiny metal not only looks good but it’s reflective. The material augments your bathroom light sources. A shiny appearance makes an indelible impression by filling the space with light.  Chrome is also considered high-end and beloved among appliances and hardware. 

Chrome Vs Brushed Nickel 

Chrome Vs. Brushed Nickel 

Chrome and brushed nickel are often mentioned in the same conversation. They’re like the yin and yang of bathroom sink fixtures.

A satin nickel widespread bathroom faucet would look nice in an industrial bathroom. However, the same faucet would fall flat in a modern beach house bathroom.


There’s no contest which material is shinier. Chrome is the bride while brushed nickel will forever be the bridesmaid. For some, shiny isn’t the goal. It depends on your bathroom space and preference. Hardware and not their faucet. But the fact of the matter remains the same.

Brushed nickel does sparkle, but not like chrome. Different nickel grades offer various shines.

Warm Or Cool?

After you decide between warm and cool colors, move forward.  Let this be an important lesson to those interested in interior design. Warm colors are red and orange. Cool colors are blue and green.

Chrome is for cool colors. Brushed nickel is for warm colors. However, brushed could go with cool colors in the right setting. For example, if you had a polished nickel freestanding tub filler, then a cool color backsplash would work. 

Remember this: brushed nickel is traditional and chrome is modern.


The price difference between brushed nickel and chrome is nowhere the size of the space between the Grand Canyon. Prices for both materials are much closer. 

It comes down to the name brand. Just like it is with automobiles. A lamborghini will always cost more than a Buick Estates station wagon. Apply the same mentality to bathroom faucets and you’ll be fine.  


In this category, it’s toss up. Because brushed nickel tarnishes easier but it is more difficult to see the imperfects in it. So I guess you could say that although chrome may naturally last longer, you can see every stage of decay it goes through.

However, and once again, it depends on the brand. You may get what you pay for because some brands that are more expensive will last ten times longer than cheaper brands. For best results, read reviews before buying. 

Easier To Clean

You only need a soft cloth to clean brushed nickel. It’s easier to keep clean because you can’t see smudges and fingerprints as brushed nickel hides smudges. Do not under any circumstances use abrasive cleaners.

With the right substances and tools, stains should easily wipe off of chrome fixtures. Chrome is corrosion resistant, but if you neglect it, you won’t be able to maintain its shine and lustre. 

Metal Finishes

Other faucet materials 768x1024

Although brushed nickel and chrome are two very popular options, they aren’t the only options for metal finishes. It’s believed that everyone has a metal finish that matches their personality. It isn’t hard to tell which one is yours. 

The easiest way to tell is to find which one speaks to you. Here are some other great metal finish options that may work even better for your needs.


Copper is a favorite among older homeowners and first time Generation Z homebuyers.. Since the industrial age, copper has been a go-to bathroom material. For bathrooms with warm colors, copper is the ideal fit. 

You can also match it to copper pipes for a full-on copper experience. This looks great and has an amazing ambiance. 


Modern bathroom faucet designs

Brass is another great choice if you want a warmer color. This special metal is actually a mixture of copper and zinc, traditionally. It isn’t a natural metal itself but a perfect combination of warm and cool metals.

However, it still favors warm colors because the warm tones are much more sensitive than the cool tones. Warm tones, especially gold and copper, stand out much more than cool tones which blend in.


Oil rubbed bronze is a deep and rustic-looking color. Older statues and figures are made of bronze, so it has not just an antique or vintage look. Its non reflective texture adds to its appeal.

Bronze isn’t cheap, but the right brands are available at discounted prices. Other bronze options also look much more modern than the standard bronze. 


Gold finish bathroom faucets

We couldn’t forget to mention gold. Gold can be difficult to work with simply because it is a powerful metal finish. Whenever there is gold in a room, it’s impossible to notice anything else. So you have to work with it. Brushed nickel and gold bathroom faucets would command attention.

This can be a blessing because people who use gold want it to stand out. A good compromise on standing out and fitting in is to get brushed gold, which is a unique look that doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. 


Pewter is a rare and wonderful metal finish that is dark yet cool in color. It is one of the darkest cool metal finishes you can get and deserves much praise for its uniqueness. 

The thing about pewter is that it isn’t so dark that it overcomes other decor nor so dark that it fades to the background. It stands its ground while balancing out nearly any design style that is based on cool colors. 

Pewter also makes for interesting cabinet pulls if you wanted to try something different. Among unique decor styles, pewter has the ability to surprise.


Onyx is the darkest metal finish available. While onyx is actually a gem, it can be used to create all sorts of objects. However, most onyx hardware isn’t real onyx but it is inspired by the gorgeous natural onyx.

Onyx can be considered black but it has that fabulous glimmer to it that makes you want more. The color is truly captivating and cannot be replaced with anything else if you fall in love with the onyx magic.

Colored Metal Finish

The rarest type of metal finish is a dyed finish. It’s rare because it is difficult to finish a metal item in a colored finish. Metals faucets aren’t available in bright colors, so if you choose something colorful you should know that it won’t be organic.

If you want elegance, install brushed nickel and gold bathroom faucets. A colorful metal finish offers a break from the bleak and mundane.

Bathtub freestanding faucet 768x1024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are Brushed Nickel And Chrome Both Silver?

Yes. Brushed nickel and chrome are both considered silver. Chrome is a bright silver while brushed nickel is a soft, muted silver. Chrome is cooler while brushed nickel is warm silver.

Is Brushed Nickel Or Chrome Better In 2021?

Brushed nickel is always in-style, including in 2021. It is a safe choice for faucets that looks trendy. Chrome is popular but is a riskier choice. Both metal finishes are going to get attention if chosen for your faucet.

Can You Mix Brushed Nickel And Chrome?

Yes, mixing brushed nickel and chrome can be a fun way to add contrast to your kitchen or bathroom. Choose one to be the main hardware color and the other to accent it.

Is Cleaning Brushed Nickel And Chrome The Same?

Brushed nickel is easier to clean than chrome because it hides fingerprints and smudges. Chrome lets everything show. Use vinegar to clean both if soap and water aren’t sufficient.

Brushed Nickel Vs Chrome: Choosing The Right Finish For You

Even if you find a different metal finish for your bathroom or kitchen, you’ve still made a solid choice. This is a preference oriented decision for you, and only you, to make. That said, there are a few more things to think about.

A brushed nickel bathtub faucet wall mount with matching warm and cool colors would be stellar. However, consider that the ideas will add to your bathroom’s resale value. 

Think about your bathroom design. It can be risky to mix and match metal finishes and takes a lot of experience to get it right. Try to stick with your favorite material for each room and work from there. 
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Corner Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Transform Your Washroom Space

Installing a corner bathroom vanity isn’t rocket science. A bathroom is straightforward. It doesn’t take much to find a wall mount vessel sink for your bathroom.

corner bathroom vanityView in gallery

“Bathrooms do a really good job of striking that balance: they’re not cheap, but also not nearly as expensive as something like a kitchen remodel,” said Mischa Fisher

A powder room is all about you. We’ll show you the latest corner bathroom vanities. With each example, you’ll see how the vanities add style and elegance to your bathroom spaces.  

Bathroom Transformations With Corner Vanities

When installing corner bathroom sinks, hire a professional contractor. Unless you have plumbing experience, vanity installation would not be a DIY project. There are a few steps you should take before you begin.

First, select a paint color and tile design. Second, measure the overall dimensions of your bathroom space. Third, decide if your vanity will require a wall mount or will it be free-standing.

Rounded Bathroom Sink Vanity

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Small powder rooms will benefit from a vanity like this example. The round front allows it to blend with the corner where a square counter would be awkward.

You’ll need to determine the location of your faucet holes. If you want a vessel sink, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Black Marble Corner Vanity 

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

A black marble corner vanity is the cherry on top of any bathroom space. Install a wall mounted vessel sink or go with a vitreous china design. 

Bathroom Wall Art

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Your mirror options are plenty with corner vanities. Fill your bathroom with wall art and turn your powder room into an art exhibition zone. In this example, a wall-mounted vessel sink with a white marble top adds the right amount of flair. 

Triangle Corner Vanity

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Added floor space and counters pace is a built-in feature with bathroom corner sinks. In this example, the triangle corner vanity provides lower cabinet storage for towels and additional cabinet space.  

Small Corner Vanity 

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Corner vanities are useful when you want to renovate an old home. A smaller vanity means more available space for the new shower and the old clawfoot tub

Corner Vanity Extension

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Did you know that a corner vanity can have an extension? If you have the space, a vanity extension would provide additional countertop space for small bathroom accessories. 

If you wanted to try a different countertop, think outside of the box. According to Consumer Reports, ultracompact countertops feature a combination of quartz, porcelain, and glass. Surface patterns and pigments can make the countertop look like stone or concrete. 

Dual Mirror Corner Vanity 

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

As the saying goes, two is better than one. With a corner vanity, one side can hold the sink and the other a flat counter space for the daily prep. However, two mirrors will enable you to use the space easily, without bothering your partner to use the mirror.

Corner Sink Storage Space

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

If you have the space, use it or lose it. Install a corner cabinet on top of your countertop for more storage where there would be wasted space otherwise. A glass front allows for more styling and decorating.

Closed Corner Cabinet

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Do you need a space where you can throw your bathroom odds and ends out of sight? A closed corner cabinet on the top of your corner vanity will provide you with the perfect spot. 

Two Connected Full Vanities

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Does your partner insist on having a sink to themselves? If your bathroom allows, go ahead and use the corner to house two full vanities connected by a cabinet and countertop. With bowl sinks, you won’t lose any surface space, giving you both all the luxuries of separate spaces.

Corner Sink And Shower

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Attach your corner vanity to the shower to create a complete bathing unit. This modern vanity adds a dressing table to the bathroom. Add a wall mounted vessel sink. A vitreous china countertop would be another option. 

Colorful Bathroom Vanity

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

In this example, Ana White shows us the DIY aspects of a corner vanity project.  Go with a coral color or a lighter hue if necessary.

Give yourself ten to 20 hours to create and uses plywood and birch trim as its main materials. After each application of paint.

Gray Bathroom Vanity Sink

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

If you like brutalism, then try a brutalist bathroom style. Gray, white, and concrete would make for the ideal brutalist bathroom layout.  

Corner Vanity Remodel

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

For vintage bathroom spaces, cherry wood cabinets with a black marble top would create a historic bathroom vibe. Remo. The antique pink corner sink was transformed into an elegant corner vanity with rich wood colors.

The granite countertop looks fantastic on this corner sink and is a modern addition to any bathroom. 

Minimalist Corner Vanity Unit

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

Your bathroom corner doesn’t necessarily need a chunky corner vanity to completely transform the space. This corner vanity unit is a minimalist option that has space for a good-sized sink.

Underneath, you’ll find plenty of space for adding your toiletries or towels, so it doubles up as additional storage for your bathroom.

DIY Dressing Table Corner Vanity

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

If you have the space, consider a full dressing table. This DIY dressing table is created from scratch and is the ideal spot for getting ready in the mornings.

Solid Oak Corner Bathroom Vanity

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

This solid oak corner vanity is a sturdy piece of furniture to add to any bathroom space. The light color makes it easy to add to most bathroom settings, and it is a functional yet stylish vanity.

You’ll enjoy plenty of storage space underneath the sink, as well as room to put your hand wash and toothbrush on either side.

Tiny Bathroom Corner Vanity

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

If you have a tiny bathroom, you’ll like this small corner sink vanity. For rooms where there’s only space for a toilet and vanity, you’ll find this is the perfect option for making the most of this room.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

In this example, the corner bath vanity in burnt oak would make a hearty addition in your bathroom space.  This rustic vanity provides extra storage space to relieve clutter issues.

Bathroom Sink Vanity

Rustic makeover corner vanityView in gallery

In this example, a modern bathroom sink vanity is the centerpiece of the bathroom. The addition of the small medicine cabinet overhead adds more storage space plus a small mirror.

The vanity is a place where you can brush your teeth and comb your hair. It’s an altar designed to help you worship your body and appearance. It isn’t called “vanity” for no reason.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is An ADA Compliant Bathroom Vanity?

ADA sinks with a rear drain location provide better plumbing drain hookups. Protection from hot water is most important. An open vanity receives waste and supplies insulating jackets applied to the pipes, protecting wheelchair users.

A closed model conceals pipes and is equipped with a removable face or face board covering the pipes. Vanities must have roll-under capabilities. Meanwhile, the vanity top shouldn’t be higher than 34 inches above the floor.

Can I Use Adhesive Caulking To Secure A Bathroom Vanity To A Wall?

Adhesive caulking isn’t strong enough to hold a vanity. Tile is durable for most bathroom accessories. However, epoxies can’t be trusted to secure something as heavy as a vanity. Vanities are made to be screwed in place.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Floating Vanity?

In modern bathroom design, floating vanities do not have legs or a base. Floating vanities are mounted directly to a wall. The vanity style helps unclutter bathrooms while providing extra storage for toiletries, towels, toilet paper, and other essentials.

Corner Bathroom Vanity Conclusion

A corner bathroom vanity adds value and versatility to your bathroom space.  You don’t have to create a mountain out of a molehill as bathroom vanities are not too difficult to install.

Bathroom vanities have the power to transform a bathroom space like Cinderella’s slippers after midnight. One addition to a bathroom will modernize its appearance. 

Decide on a faucet type and install a wall mounted corner sink. Bathroom sinks are like fruit, all of them are good for you, but they don’t taste the same. Find the style that’s right for your space, and watch how your bathroom is transformed.


White Tiles Black Grout: A Study In Contrast

The white tiles black grout combination is a proverbial interior design favorite. Dramatic appearances that play on the strength of contrasting colors represents a stylish aesthetic unlike any color combination.

White Tiles Black Grout
Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

White tile with black grout draws attention to the tile shapes. The tile isn’t minimized the way it would be if the same color grout was used. The stark contrast combined with an intricate tile pattern offers a visually eye-catching appearance.

The combination is a modern design favorite for industrial decor. Black grout with white tiles in traditional spaces blends the classic look of subway and herringbone tiles, adhering to a contemporary trends.

White Tiles Black Grout Designs

White Tiles Black Grout
Room Secret

The right tile options will highlight the black and white style better than other options. Tile size and style impacts the contrast. 

Below are a few example of tile options featuring black grout. When choosing tiles to go with black grout, the smaller and intricate they are, the more striking they will appear when paired with a  black grout contrast.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles
Cle Tile

Black grout subway tiles are classic. The tiles offer a modern look yet hold historic appeal. In households across America, black grout rectangular tiles are a timeless feature.

Herringbone Tile

Herringbone tiles
Hunted Interior

Herringbone is an intricate tile pattern featuring offset rectangular pieces. Black grout lines emphasize a sophisticated style.

Hexagonal Tile



Hexagonal tiles
Katrina Lee Chambers

Hexagonal tiles are six sided and available in different sizes. The tiles give bathroom or kitchen surfaces a historic look. It’s the black grout which keeps the style modern.

Black Grout Vs Light Grout

Grout Color

You need to understand the look and long-term wear of black grout and light grout. Consider every factor before making a decision.


Black grout looks modern and industrial. Lighter grout colors offer a classic look.

Black grout with white tile, and light grout with black tile create a busier and definite distinction between each tile. Complementary tiles and grout colors unify appearances.

Wear And Tear

Issues will arise with black and light grout. Water impact black grout, changing its color to a white haze, which is difficult to correct. Bright white grout will suffer from discoloration and attract dirt, and is difficult to regain its original brightness. 


Black grout is an inexpensive method that gives white tile a custom look. White and black grout cost the same.

Best Black Grout For 2022

If you’re set on black grout for your project, here are a few of the best black grout options available today.

Mapei Ultracolor Black Grout

Mapei Ultracolor Black Grout

This grout is an all-inclusive sanded polymer that you mix with water. The reviews of this grout speak to its ease of use and the true black coloring.

This is the perfect product if you are doing small sections at a time as you can reserve the product you want by just mixing a small amount at a time with water. Buy this product from Amazon.

Laticrete Grout

Laticrete Ready to Use Grout

This product comes pre-mixed, so once you open it, you need to be ready to use it. This grout has a deep black color with excellent stain resistance.

It is a durable grout that is resistant to cracking and sagging. You can find this product at Floor & Decor.

Bostik Neverseal Charcoal Black

Bostik Neverseal Charcoal Black

A pre-mixed grout variety that offers a composition with true color accuracy and water resistant features so it won’t need to be sealed.

The product features UV resistant additives to prevent the color from fading due to direct sunlight. Find this product at Floor & Decor.

How To Grout

Here is a primer on grouting around tile. It’s an overview of the grouting process. If you need a thorough explanation that includes a step-by-step process, check out this article.

  1. Mix grout with water by according to the manufacturer’s instructions or collect your pre-mixed grout for use.
  2. Fill a bucket with water. You’ll need quick access to a water source for rinsing and cleaning.
  3. Scrape grout with a float and press it into the spaces between the tiles. Work at a steady pace in the small area and advance after the grout lines are filled.
  4. Clean excess grout from the tile before it dries. Be careful not to remove grout from the tiles. Don’t worry about the haze on your tiles after you’ve finished.
  5. Wait two hours and then clean the tile surface with a cheesecloth.
  6. Apply a sealer to the grout line after it has cured. Apply sealer to the grout line to maintain the grout’s look and color.

White Tile Black Grout: A Style Guide

An exciting and fresh look that brings your house up to date with the latest styles. Here, we have a few ideas for you to consider. The tile and grout combinations work for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, and floor tiles.

White Subway Tiles With Black Grout

White Subway Tiles With Black Grout
Kardina Interior Design

This is a standard white subway tile with black grout look. The tile pattern is emphasized to create an intricate design pattern on the shower walls. The designers elevated the style by adding decorative white and black hexagonal tiles to the shower’s floor.

Mosaic Background Subway Tile

Subway Tile with a Mosaic Background
Kadilak Homes

White and mosaic tiles dominate this black grout bathroom. The white subway tile and hexagonal tile are classic with black grout lines. Decorative background tile softens the shower’s look.

White Subway Tile Backsplash

Traditional Kitchen with Subway Tile Backsplash
A.Jennison Interiors

White subway tile with black grout offers a contemporary vibe. In this example of a traditional kitchen, it looks right at home.

The combination of modern and traditional rustic elements is seamless. If you like this look but feel it is too modern, try a darker grout shade, like gray. This will give you a similar effect, but one that is softer than a dark black grout.

White Tiles Black Grout

White Tile and Black Tile
Studio Allie

White tile paired with black tile is a striking combination. In this midcentury bathroom renovation, Studio Allie used classic white subway tiles with black grout and black hexagonal tiles with white grout. The look was softened with a warm colored wood vanity.

Marble Tile With Black Grout

Marble Tile With Black Grout
Laurel Mercantile

If you want a white tile that will blend with black grout more, try a white marble tile with a dark grout. In this bathroom from Laurel and Ben Napier, they used square white marble tiles with a dark gray/black grout color.

They paired these with dark green walls and honey colored wood. The combination of the rustic with the modern style is effective because while there are many elements at play, each in and of itself is simple and unadorned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you use black grout with white tile?

Yes, black grout with stark white tile is a look that is being embraced by DIYers and interior designers alike. Using white tile with dark grout serves to emphasize the lines between the tile and makes the shape of the tiles more distinct. This creates a more intricate look on your walls and floor than using a grout color that is the same as the tile color. This blends the two giving the wall or floor a more unified look.

What grout looks good with white tile?

There are many grout colors that work well with stark white tiles. For example, gray looks amazing with white tile. You can use light gray or dark gray depending on the look you want and how much you want to emphasize the shape of the tile. Also, black grout looks stunning with white tile. One piece of advice is to not use bright white grout as this will develop stains and be difficult to clean over time.

Should grout be white or black?

It is best to not use bright white grout as this will develop stains and be difficult to clean over time. If you like the tone-on-tone look for white tiles, use an ivory or very light gray grout color with white tiles. Black grout that is exposed to constant water is also problematic. It can develop a white haze. Therefore, if you use dark gray grout in a shower area, the color will last longer.

Why is my black grout turning gray?

The most common reason for grout turning white is known as efflorescence. This is a reaction of moisture with the grout and it can happen in a variety of ways. First, moisture can rise from below the surface and stain the grout with salt and mineral deposits. Also, most people tend to use black grout in a shower or on a bathroom floor near the bathtub. This will expose the grout to moisture and splashes of water which can discolor the grout over time. One other reason for grout discoloration is harsh chemicals used to clean the grout which leave a residue.

What Kind Of Grout Does NASA Use To Secure Its Antennas?

Epoxy grout was used to secure the Mars antenna at NASA’s Deep Space Network. The grout was an essential component of the hydrostatic bearing assembly, enabling the antenna to rotate horizontally.

Why Are Contractors And Designers Switching To High Performance Cement Grouts?

Calcium aluminate base grouts with other advanced chemistries are compatible with porcelain tile. The advanced grout compositions mean less damage, so customer demand is fueling the development of high performance cement grout.

White Tiles Black Grout Conclusion

White tile and black grout may not be a common choice, but it is becoming more prominent in all settings and design styles.

Whatever color grout and tile you choose, it is necessary to consider. These are the details that will set your bathrooms and kitchen apart from the rest of the crowd.

When considering tile and grout, it is worth thinking outside the box as it is an easy way to give your home unique character and style. 
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20 Black Bathroom Ideas for a Stunning Makeover

Black bathrooms are popular. Many black bathroom elements, from vanities to bathtubs, can are easy to add a touch of personality. Black may make your bathroom feel small, but it’s a classic choice.

Black Bathroom Ideas

However, an all-black design would be incompatible if there’s little access to natural light. Black bathroom designs go well with vibrant hues and can display your décor style.

Things to Note When Designing a Black Bathroom

Color Scheme

Due to trend-driven colors, your bathroom may lack personality, even if it looks gorgeous. Focus on styles and color schemes you already relish.

Textured ceramic with tiles with a dark theme add interest and are easier to clean than smooth tile. Apart from flooring and fixtures, you can also try out dark bathroom wallpapers and artwork.

Lighting and Storage

When looking for the best bathroom storage solution, you’ll need to be creative. Some fixtures will last a long time, even if tastes change. The proper storage and lighting accessories for your black bathroom design are determined by the size and style of the room.

You can install a shower caddy or a medicine cabinet for additional storage. Medicine cabinets with reflective surfaces can make a bathroom appear larger. Contemporary black bathroom designs often have floor-to-ceiling shelves and dresser-style vanities.


When choosing a bathroom design, the floor helps to create a cohesive plan. You’ll want to choose a non-slip, long-lasting material that can handle moisture. It’s best to have an easy-to-clean and maintain floor design in a black bathroom.

When using dark colors, it’s more practical to use tiles because you may pick your design and cover the tile joints with black grout. We suggest hiring a professional tiler if you aren’t a skilled DIYer.

Layout & Ventilation

While the goal is to create a stylish black bathroom, this can be the most humid place in a home. Proper bathroom ventilation limits the growth of mold and mildew.

The layout of your bathroom should aid in humidity control. You can add an extractor fan or a large window into your bathroom design for proper ventilation.

2o Impressive Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Here’s a list of the best black bathroom ideas you could work with to remodel your shower space. They’re low-cost tweaks you could pull off if you’re a skilled DIYer.

Matte Black Walls

Matte Black Walls
Washingtonian Magazine

Matte black is a chic, dramatic color that mimics jet black but is less sophisticated. The walls make a statement if the idea is to develop a black bathroom design.

An accent wall will balance the atmosphere in a subtle yet bold manner if you don’t want an all-black bathroom. Black walls and flooring look great with a white tub, vanity, etc.

White Subway Tiles

White Subway Tiles

White subway tiles deserve a spot in our list of black bathroom ideas as they illuminate natural light and never go out of style. These iconic tiles are easy to identify in a black tiled bathroom from afar.

Plus, they’re not only limited to white bathrooms. They’re popular in kitchen designs, and they’ve made their way into modern bathroom concepts. If you want a black and white bathroom design, these tiles are a worthy option.

Black Bathroom Shelves

Black Bathroom Shelves

You can glam up your powder room with black paint without making the space look sophisticated. Installing black bathroom shelves helps contrast white tiles pretty well.

It’s easy to go black on black if the handles on the vanity have a gold color to keep the space from looking gloomy. To add a pop of color to your black bathroom, you can add a few accessories to the countertop. It helps neutralize the black cabinets.

Bold Color on Fixtures

Bold Color on Fixtures
Anita Yokota

Compared to other black bathroom ideas, this option blends with many trends and doesn’t need to match the faucets. Black bathroom fixtures are eye-catching and make the powder room pretty unique.

Bolder hues pair well with neutrals and elevate the black bathroom design due to their high contrast. You can install fixtures with a dark color to move away from the traditional colors and make your black bathroom stand out.

Black & White Floor Tiles

Black and white floor tiles
Decor pad

Black and white tiles are suitable for almost every bathroom, whether modern or traditional. Depending on the pattern, they can give your bathroom a minimalist or luxurious look.

There are many different tile patterns to choose from. Floral patterns look sleek and trendy in black bathrooms, while zigzag patterns add an artistic, chic flair.

Mix Black and Gold

Mix Black and Gold
Style Me Pretty

Blending metals decorates the bathroom without making it look cluttered. Gold-coated accents and cabinet handles can complement black bathrooms if balanced with light tones. Combining black with gold accents and white marble tends to add a touch of luxury.

Accent Your Countertop

Accent Your Countertop
Balboa Design Group

If your vanity features a matte black tone, it’s best to add some accessories to keep it from looking flat. The goal is to incorporate a black vanity into the bathroom without going overboard.

Sinks on granite countertops look stunning when there are accents on the side. If you have a small bathroom, you can add light items with bright colors like a toothbrush holder, soap dispensers, bathroom lighting, or even install a shelf.

Black Clawfoot Tub

Black Clawfoot Tub
Vintage Tub & Bath

A clawfoot tub is perfect for a black bathroom, regardless of your decor style. Black acrylic tubs can also look futuristic in white bathrooms. This way, it’s easy to create a black and white theme.

You can paint an installed tub black if you’re an avid DIYer. You need to protect the floors and remove any hardware attached to the tub. Black, chic bathtubs now have wrought iron accents. These upgrades can upscale a black bathroom and make it look high-end.

Stick to a Modern Decor Style

Stick to a Modern Decor Style
One Kindesign

Whether big or small, you can transform your black bathroom into a modern, functional haven. Bathrooms should reflect our style. There are many modern black bathroom ideas to work with, so it all depends on your visual interest.

If you want an all-black bathroom, you want to pick decorative elements and materials that bring a modern twist to the space.

Black Vanity Set

Black Vanity Set
Amber Interiors

Black vanities with white marble tops are a popular style for a bathroom designed to look sophisticated. Besides a black sink, you should consider a vanity set if you want to add darker elements to your black bathroom.

Brass handles and light fixtures also help add a metallic glow. Even when working with a small space, adding a vanity set complements your bathroom design.

Black Countertop

Black Countertop

You don’t need to have dark walls all over your bathroom. If the backsplash has a different color and texture, use high contrast fixtures like black countertops to create a high contrast to make an impression in your black bathroom.

Black bathroom countertops help define your bathroom style and are great for basic modernism. It’s also a perfect makeover if you have a white bathroom or colorful wallpaper on the walls.

Lighting Fixtures with Dark Colors

Lighting Fixtures with Dark Colors
Sand & Stable

The interior design of your black bathroom might look plain if there isn’t any space for modern fixtures. Choose a combination of ambient light styles, such as chandeliers, pendants, or flush mounts.

You can add a second layer for tasks like daily grooming. Side-mounted sconces are also great for lighting a black bathroom. You can opt for pendants instead of sconces if you need ambient or accent lighting for black bathroom vanity or shower enclosure.

Black Window Trim

Black Window Trim
Maria Killam

Any black bathroom with a black and white color scheme creates a clean, high contrast look. Although natural wood has been common in the past, painted trims are making a comeback on the list of trendy black bathroom ideas.

Black trim looks incredible when coupled with black walls, countertops, or the ceiling. The subtle contrast between a white frame and black is also remarkable compared to other styles.

Black Marble Wallpaper

Black Marble Wallpaper
Erin Williamson Design

Unlike some other black bathroom ideas, adding wallpaper is a low-cost way of updating your bathroom. A dark bathroom wallpaper adds mystery and allure to your bathroom, adding a modern, spa-like atmosphere to the space.

Dark tones make bathroom interiors look spacious and joyful, but you can create contrast with lighter flooring, lighting fixtures, or accessories. Wallpapers are easy to get rid off if you want to turn your black bathroom back to default settings.

Dark Floor & Contrasting Walls

Dark Floor & Contrasting Walls
Living After Midnite

Black-and-white color schemes are a classic. The checkerboard style reigns supreme in tile designs for a black bathroom. Romans popularized it, and it’s still common among other black bathroom ideas, making it ideal for classic baths.

You can keep the walls bright and the floor dark for a dramatic effect in your black and white bathroom. Choose a contrasting grout color to highlight their shape if you’re using smaller tiles.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Ceiling Wallpaper

Most contemporary wallpaper designs for a black bathroom are peel-and-stick. Wallpapers with a black marble theme create a luxurious atmosphere in the space.

Vinyl-based wallpaper, mold-proof pastes, and wallpaper varnish are other options to style high-moisture areas. Dark neutrals like dark brown, black, dark taupe and dark gray are popular wallpaper colors for black bathrooms.

Black Framed Art

Black Framed Art

Adding bathroom art can add thoughtfulness and beauty, giving the interior design of the shower some warmth. You can display something meaningful to you or one that matches your style. A large piece of art is ideal for black bathrooms with patterned flooring.

Black artwork can be challenging to lay out in a bathroom with a cramped space. You can also complement a black theme with lighting and stylish decor. A portrait on the tub’s side makes the area a center of attraction.

Matte Black Faucet

Matte Black Faucet
Home Bunch

Matte black as a bathroom accent color adds contrast and sophistication. It’s sleek and water-repellent. A matte black faucet will offer some class to a bathroom with black paint, no matter your aesthetic or style.

You also want to create a design that stresses durability and functionality. Pair matte black faucets with a white vanity top to add elegance to the room. Matte black faucets, cross handles, and other dark components work in traditional and contemporary black bathrooms.

Accessorize with Plants

Accessorize with Plants
Mel Design

Moisture coming from shower water is suitable for the growth of plants. Plants in the bathroom can filter the air and reduce stress. Assess the bathroom’s light and temperature before choosing a plant for your black bathroom.

Filling your bathroom with plants can add style without doing a full overhaul. Greening your bathroom doesn’t require big, leafy plants. Consider a succulent for the room if you can’t keep plants alive.

Black Bathroom Door

Black Bathroom Door
Mondragon Design + Build

Painting your bathroom door black creates a bold look to the shower. Black doors hide fingerprints and handprints. Black doors may be ideal for showing off gold door handles or knobs.

They make the room look deeper and larger. A black door can ground a bold color to create a stylish focal point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What’s the ideal way to clean matte black bathroom fixtures?

Common household cleaners should never be used to clean a matte black faucet. Avoid chemical cleaners like solvents, abrasive waxes, and bleach. Instead, you want to use dish soap.

Make sure the dish soap is pH-balanced and not acidic. Mix it all, then wipe off your fixtures with a towel dipped in soapy water.

What colors go with a black bathroom?

Black looks elegant in a bathroom with white marble. The two colors together look modern and classy. In a black bathroom, white is also often paired with neutral tones. Beige’s delicate appearance also can create serenity and quiet when mixed with black.

Is black too gloomy for a family bathroom?

Black is a fascinating dominant color, even for a family bathroom. When the theme is done right, it can look elegant. Neutral wall paint and white ceiling paint can brighten a black bathroom. Dark bathrooms need additional lighting, so consider using ambient, task, and lights.

Do black showers last?

Black tapware is stylish and easy to clean. It’s compatible with many colors and design schemes. It works well in monochrome and industrial settings and with wood and metal.

However, tapware’s black finish may fade over time. During installation or use, they’re often scratched or chipped. Overusing black tapware can make a room look dreary and lifeless.

Black Bathroom Ideas: Conclusion

The possibilities for black bathroom designs are boundless. Even if your bathroom is small, you can make it feel grand and inviting by choosing black. Most black bathroom design ideas are affordable, and you may complete the makeover in stages.

Black is famed for covering all unpleasant stains, fading at a gradual pace, and never going out of style.
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Chic Powder Room Ideas For Sizzling Bathroom Spaces

There’s an unlimited number of powder room ideas. The challenging part is finding one that’s right for your bathroom. If you’re thinking about transforming a bathroom into a powder room, there are a few things to consider. 

Powder Room Ideas

According to business magazine Forbes, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggested the budget of a bathroom remodel should be between five and ten percent of the home’s value. On average, bathroom remodels cost about $10,000. “The most budget-friendly remodel can be done for $2,500, while high-end projects can be upwards of $30,000. The cost will vary depending on the scope,” the report said.

Contemporary Powder Room Designs For Bathroom Spaces

Handpicked by our team of interior design experts, the following examples represent the latest in contemporary bathroom layouts.

Neutral Green

neutral green powder room

This neutral, green powder room from HGTV creates a harmonious vibe. And that coral addition to the walls adds a natural, “under the sea” quality that keeps it feeling fresh and relaxing.

Marble Tile Accent

Small powder room with tile trim

River Oak Cabinetry turned their powder room into a marble-inspired palace. Accent walls are popular in powder rooms. The gray paint and white appliances pop and blend well.  

Black & Gold

Black and gold powder room

Maybe you’re thinking of something more regal? If so, check out this gorgeous black and gold design we found while perusing the ideas at Domestic Charm.

Contemporary Wallpaper

contemporary powder room with accent wall

Zillow features awesome nooks and crannies of every home – and that includes this chic half bath. The pretty wallpaper is modern and unique, plus it complements the pedestal sink. 

White Texture

Modern powder room wall tiles

The Holland turns this half bath into a minimalistic bathroom. The natural wood pops right off of the multi-texture, crisp white walls. 

Marble Walls

powder room with marble wall

Among half bath ideas, marble is a respected material. This design from Minosa knocked our socks off and had us dreaming of Swedish style. The marble wall treatment add texture while the ambient lighting provides a soothing touch.

Gold Trellis

Gold accents powder room decor

Decoholic featured this golden half bath on their site and we snatched it up to showcase as well. The golden, trellis accent wall is a showstopper and head spinner. This is an example of how small spaces can elevate your living environment.

Round Mirror

masculine powder room

Instead of relying on an accent wall as the focal point, go with a round mirror. This powder room example has a masculine and contemporary art vibe.

Artistic Flooring

black and white powder room with printed tile

Home Depot shared this black and white example and it was hard not to fall in love with that tile floor. It’s different than others, but with small bathrooms but the great lighting helps to open the space. An argument could be made that the toilet paper stand is the focal point. Either way, don’t hesitate to use a decor item if you want to add character to your small space. 

Victorian Style

eclectic artistic powder room

La Dolce Vita chose a Victorian design path with this example. Between the hardware and mirror choices to the wallpaper is an example of how you can add interest without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. 

Hotel Inspired

hotel inspired powder room for the home

This chic powder room is on their site and we snatched it up because it reminded us of an ultra-contemporary hotel bathroom. There will always be more options to choose from when considering room ideas for your bathroom. Instead of textured wallpaper, you could use thick tile to cover the entire room. 

Elegant Powder Room Design

elegant powder room

Maybe you’d rather have a more elegant vision in mind for your newly revamped powder room? Check out this gorgeous Pinterest find for inspiration, and grab some fresh flowers too!

DIY Small Powder Room

cottage diy style powder room

You could take a DIY approach and add accent pieces to your bathroom. Check out everything done in this cozy, traditional space by visiting Nina Hendrick.

Extra Glam

extra glam powder room

DK Decor went with an extra glam design complete with a hammered sink and a mirrored vanity. Glistening and sparkling from corner to corner, this gorgeous take on a classic design uses a brass vessel sink as a focal point for this design.

Double Powder

double powder room design

This is Glamorous showcased this stunning, double bathroom that had us smiling from ear to ear. We love that pop of gold that comes off the wall and cabinetry.

Blue Swirls

powder-room-makeover with blue

Some of us thrive off color and a bit more than others. And inside this bathroom from Centsational Style, you get some blue swirls that complete the look and create a gorgeous focus.

Bohemian Powder Room

bohemian style powder room

This bathroom holds a certain amount of bohemian flair that we’re drawn to. Its “World Market” style was such a funky take on a powder room. Check out more at Amber Interiors.

Nautical Theme

nautical powder room inspiraton

Nautical themes are ideal for any home. It’s calm and relaxing, and we found this particular contemporary mix over at Happily Eva After.

Vintage Powder Room

Karen Aston Design powder room renovation chinoiserie wallpaper

This space from Laurel Home offers an antique flavor. But if you look closely, you’ll fall in love with all of the gorgeous, textural details.

Offbeat Color

Colorful small powder room decor

The Chronicles of Home went all the way with their color scheme. Turquoise, black, and a splatter of the rainbow too, it’s a youthful and uplifting space to share.

Extra Slim

extra slim powder blue powder room

Check out this unusual, extra slim powder room we found at DigsDigs. Sultry blue covers the walls and a swirled tile finishes out the floor to create a magical escape for you and your guests.

Mixed Material

silver printed contemporary powder room

Metal, acrylics, and, of course, porcelain too, check out this contemporary space from AD. We love the classic black and white color combination and the assortment of materials used to create the space.

Floral Wallpaper

Powder room with floral pattern

Jazzing up a small space is easier with large floral patterns on the walls. As an additional style point, a corner floating shelf system adds interest while providing more storage space. If you’re looking to create a more glam and feminine space then you’ll want to grab some inspiration from this spot at Your Marketing BFF.

Lavender Cues

feminine lavender powder room

The lavender hues shine with the throw rug that compliments the purple shades from the tiles on the wall. We love polka-dotted inspired floors as well from this beauty we snagged from Pinterest.

Royal Features

sky blue pretty powder room

The Scout Guide created this gorgeous, royal space and from top to bottom. From the hardware choices to the pretty wallpaper, this is a powder room fit for a princess.

Minimal Design

minimalistic powder room

House of Home designed this powder room with a minimal, simple style. It has a mid-century modern vibe that’s stylish for this setting. The white walls provide a neutral backdrop.

Beach House

beach house powder room

This Beautiful Day offers a bathroom from southern California’s Manhattan Beach. Distressed hardware, natural wood accents, and a ruffled shower curtain create an organic vibe. The light blue wall treatment and wooden floating shelves add the right amount of character.

Pink Powder Room Design

Chraming pallet color girl powder room

Blushing pink and gold has become one of the trendiest and most classic color combinations. A Beautiful Mess showcases how to get something similar in your own home with some DIY tricks.

Polka Dots

grey polka dot bathroom

Wallpaper accents with a polka-dot wall treatment that creates a cool vibe filled with character and personality. Driven by Decor shows us what you can do with a small space.

Nickel Hardware

beautiful white powder room

One can never go wrong with a classic approach. The example here is from Kristy Wicks. The marble countertop and nickel hardware go hand-in-hand creating a sophisticated place for the family and guests to enjoy.

Youthful Design

youthful guest bathroom

Amber Interiors also showcased this more youthful setup that could play to the hearts of the teens in our home. Add color accents and prints to personalize the powder room.

Rustic Vision

rustic vintage powder room

Tidbits & Twine had a rustic vision when it came to their bathroom style. An old wooden dresser turned into a vanity with wood frames on the walls came together to create a throwback, farmhouse feel.

Manhattan Beach Style

Mermaid and lemon powder room decor

You could dress your powder room in some of your favorite things. Mermaids and lemons seem to make quite the fun and vivacious combination according to Bright Bazaar.

Patterned Tile

unique tile in powder room

Emily Henderson went with a unique tiling to fill their powder room. All eyes are on the art below the feet of their guests while the rest of the space is crisp and simple. With small bathrooms, white is a popular color because it makes the space appear bigger. Instead of a wall accent, this example relies on the patterned tile to create an accented floor.

Industrial Design

Industrial guest powder room

Going industrial as they did at Cheetah is the New Black could be a good move. The metal and white combination keeps with that same modern, masculine vibe.

Deep Teal

deep teal powder room

Deep teal is a great color for the bathrooms and that’s what they used as the accent in this space from Bless’er House. It’s a good pop for those that still want a bit of simplicity in their home design. You’ll notice in this example how there is plenty of room for decorative accents.

Delicate Flowers

feminine floral powder room

Carley Brandon highlighted her powder room with delicate flowers. The wallpaper helps set the tone and scene for this modern, feminine space. A featured wallpaper design is a safe option when creating an accent wall. 

Vintage Light Fixture

Powder room with a small design and gold accents

Design Develop Realize included gold as their main source of inspiration. The foils on the walls create a beautiful pattern and focus for the narrow room. The petite sink also makes for a stylish addition. 

Extra Patterns

Patterned powder room decor

You’ll find this vivacious powder room hanging out with our friends at Trendir. And it’s a great example of how simplicity works and patterns can make a difference.

Blush Walls

modern blush bathroom

HGTV gives us our last bout of powder room inspiration and this time we’re swooning for the blushing walls and gray accents. It’s a relaxing and romantic space to enjoy for friends and for the family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

When Did Powder Rooms Become Popular?

In 1946, immediately following World War II, the US experienced a construction boom. It was also during this period when building codes changed, mandating that new homes would need a minimum of one bathroom. The new regulation made it economical for homeowners to add a second bathroom to their homes.

What’s The Minimum Size Of A Powder Room?

According to the International Residents Code (IRC), a powder room is 11 square feet at the bare minimum. However, powder rooms on average are roughly 20 square feet. When adding a powder room to your home, the room should blend with your home’s layout.

How Much Does A Powder Room Vanity Cost?

An average bathroom vanity unit costs between $500-$3,800, excluding labor expenses.  Normal, mass-produced bathroom vanity shouldn’t cost more than $2,600.

Can A Powder Room Have A Shower?

When installing a shower in a powder room, make sure to include additional ventilation. Showers produce hot water, which in turn generates steam and moisture. Without proper ventilation, a powder room shower would damage your interior structure. The water moisture would cause wood rot and other problems.

Which Wall Should Be The Accent Wall In A Powder Room?

When creating an accent wall in a powder room, professional interior designers prefer to use the wall behind the vanity or bathtub. However, there isn’t a design rule that mandates you must use a specific wall as an accent wall.

Powder Room Ideas Conclusion

Take your pick from the powder room designs offered here, or create one by yourself. Adding a tiny powder room. Adding a small space like a powder room to your home isn’t like refurbishing The Great Wall of China. When you take something that’s easy and you make it difficult, your efforts will end in failure.

Start your project with something small, like a marble sink, and go from there. A round mirror with a pedestal sink would also look nice. Floating shelves are another idea to consider as they would provide additional storage space.

The goal is to create an inviting space. You shouldn’t feel limited with a small bathroom. There are plenty of decorative accents you can add that would make the space feel bigger.
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Standard Shower Size For Your Bathroom Space

The standard shower size in US households is between 32 and 36 inches. If you don’t have a bathtub, your shower will consume most of your available floor space. Before you start a bathroom remodel, determine the size of your bathroom area.

Standard Shower Size View in gallery

If you’re considering a shower installation project, we’ll provide enough information to ensure a successful result. We’ll also show you different shower options, like mixer showers, and how they can transform your bathroom area into a contemporary spa setting.

Finding the right shower door 768x1024View in gallery

Determine the size and dimensions to help with your bathroom remodel process. Make sure your shower has enough room for things like a shower bench, shower pan, and shower rods. You’ll need to install an appropriate shower size, so ceiling height and floor space are also important.

Minimum Shower Dimensions

With shower installation, the minimum shower size is 32 x 32 inches. However, most typical shower sizes are 36 x 36 inches. However, the bigger, the better when it comes to showers if you have the space.

Standard Shower Dimensions

Let’s take a look at shower enclosures and standard dimensions of residential showers.

 shower sizeView in gallery

The standard enclosure shower sizes are 36 inches wide and 60-inches long. However, there are about a dozen “standard shower sizes” in the US alone. But showers bigger than 48-inches wide or 60-inches long are rare.

Longer showers over 48 inches wide are tub-shower units. Because otherwise, the standard sizes are as follows: 32 inches x 32 inches and all the up to 48 inches x 48 inches.

Shower Stall Dimensions 

Shower Stall Dimensions View in gallery

A shower can refer to any type of closed-in shower. But it refers to a shower that has been sunk into the wall. The size for this type of shower doesn’t change by much but it can look different. 

The sunken shower or built-in shower is 36-inches wide or around 60 inches wide. However, it depends on if it has a bathtub. Most shower stalls are built-in and customizable. 

Corner Shower Size

Corner Shower SizeView in gallery
Image from Root Architecture

When it comes to corner showers, the size doesn’t change. This is because the corner shower is still square. It can be arched, which will change the shower opening size, but not enough to matter. 

When it is curved or cut off on the corner, it means that the shower base has to be wider. Like 42-inches instead of 36-inches wide. This gives adds length to make up for the corner that was lost.

Standard Sizes Of Shower Accessories

Other Shower Dimensions and sizeView in gallery

It’s not just shower size that matters, but the size of everything else that makes up the shower. Let’s go over some common shower dimensions that can help you plan better for custom showers. Although they do affect the look and safety of your bathroom, they are primarily sized due to convenience.

Standard Shower Doors

Finding the right shower door 768x1024View in gallery

Shower door sizes matters when installing a new shower and will depend on your interior shower space. If the door to your stand alone shower stall is too small some people may not be able to use it. However, if your glass shower enclosure is too large, for example, you risk slippage and other bathroom hazards.

The standard shower door size is between 22 inches wide and 36 inches wide. Any narrower would be uncomfortable. You can go a few inches wider, however, but if you do, an extra panel will be needed for safety. If you don’t want to worry about a shower door, then consider walk in showers or a shower curtain. Walk in showers are easier to move around in and safer for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Shower Head

Finding the right shower door 768x1024View in gallery

Showerhead size isn’t important. However, the distance between the shower head, floor, and controls is important. The standard showerhead height is about 80 inches, which is both safe and comfortable.

Meanwhile, the minimum height for a showerhead is 72 inches. If your ceilings are low, you can get by with less than 80 inches, but any less than 72 inches will cause problems.

Shower Controls

Finding the right shower door 768x1024View in gallery

The controls are also known as shower valves. Shower valve heights vary but on average are between 30 and 50 inches above the floor.

For tub-shower units, the height can be a few inches above the tub or in the tub as part of the faucet. You can get hybrid valves that work with the tub or a separate one to control at a higher spot.

Shower Bar

Finding the right shower door 768x1024View in gallery

A shower bar is something that you can hold onto when you need balance and support. Not all showers have them but they can be useful for hanging your washcloths and more.

Around 30 to 48 inches is good. To help measure, have a family member put their hand out as if holding onto a bar and go from there.

Shower Bench

Finding the right shower door 768x1024View in gallery

Shower benches are uncommon, but they can be installed in most showers. They offer a great place to sit when tired or when you need to shave your legs comfortably. Shower benches do vary in size though.

Most are 18-inches tall. However, length varies. For chairs, they are around 15-inches, but for benches, they need to be at least twice the length of the shower. You could also include a shower pan with a shower bench.

How Much Does A Shower Cost?

Finding the right shower door 768x1024View in gallery

The cost of a shower varies depending on the type of shower and the brand. On average, the cost of installation is double the cost of materials, but prices vary.

Walk In Shower

Walk-in shower dimensions are large but customizable. They can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 to build. Because they’re so large and require more materials, they take longer to build than typical shower sizes and labor costs are higher.

The main cost is the material. If you use tile, you will pay more than if you want fiberglass or a cheaper option.

Tiled Shower

Tiled showers feature tile backer board covered in tile along with tiled floors (or teak floors). The cost is between $10 to $20 per square foot to install. But this depends on the type of tile you use for your shower unit.

Ceramic tiles have a large price range with tiles costing anywhere from $1 to $20 per square foot. Porcelain tiles cost $3 to $8 per square foot. Stone tiles cost $5 and $50 per square foot. Then glass tiles can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per square foot. 

Pre-Built Shower

Pre-build shower dimensions are 100% up to you. The installation cost for a prefab shower is very reasonable. They cost less than $500 for the unit itself. Unless you buy marble or acrylic, then you may pay closer to $1,000.

With installation, unless your plumbing is intricate, you won’t pay more than a few hundred dollars. Many people choose to DIY their pre-built showers because installation is easy. 

Shower Tub Walk In

A tub shower combo on average costs under $4,000. This is for a $500 to $2,000 bathtub and a $500 to $1,000 surround. You’ll need to add an extra $1,000 thousand for installation. Houses with bathtubs sell better than those without them. A tub combo unit is considered the best option for families.

The Right Shower Doors For Your Bathroom Area

Finding the right shower door 768x1024View in gallery

Finding the right shower dimensions is easy. Think about your family, shower area, and the style of shower you want. You’ll need to decide if you want a large shower and tub combo, a shower overhead, power showers, or separate shower doors.

Allow enough space in your bathroom to move around and get dressed. Do not cut yourself short on space for the sake of having a larger shower. Start with the minimum dimensions, or go with the 36-inch standard and work from there. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is An Alternative To A Walk In Tub?

Slide-in style bathtubs share similar characteristics with walk in tubs, but they’re not the same. For example, they have higher walls, and their seats are built into them. The special seats can rotate, allowing users to bathe.

What Is A Wet Room?

A shower area with a bathtub inside of it is a wet room. Most wet rooms have a freestanding or soaking tub inside the shower space, but they’re separated from the sink and toilet by a glass enclosure.

How Can I Make My Shower Environment Friendly?

For an eco-friendly shower, aerating showerheads offer the most benefits. The special shower heads combine air and water to restrict water flow while delivering the same pressure as a power shower.

Is A Shower Or Bath Better For The Environment?

Standing showers are good for the environment because they use less water than when you take a bath. Most people take five-minute showers, which require 10 gallons of water. Meanwhile, the average bath uses 15 gallons of water or more.

How Can I Remove Build-up From A Shower Arm? 

One DIY method that removes build-up from a shower arm is to soak it overnight in vinegar.

Standard Shower Size Conclusion

You want to create a comfortable shower environment. Your shower dimensions are easy to determine. It comes down to the basic needs of your family. The size of a new shower door for a steam shower in your wet room for example will depend on your bathroom remodel.

With shower-only installation, placement is important. Shower kits come in different sizes, so you won’t have a problem finding one for your remodel. If you have a frameless glass panel enclosure, then you won’t need to adhere to standard shower sizes.

Walk-in shower sizes offer flexibility and do not adhere to international residential code. You may want to consider a shower bathtub combo, but again, only if you have the space. You should also include safety features like a shower rod or shower pans if you have elderly family members. There are also high-tech options like digital showers and electric showers.


The Shower Curtain Alternative Guide That Will Transform Your Bathroom

Choosing a shower curtain alternative could be what you need to take your bathroom to the next level. Maybe looking for ways to refresh your bathroom into the space of relaxation and renewal you need?

Shower Curtain AlternativeView in gallery

There are plenty of options below to make that dream a reality.

Why Is The Traditional Shower Curtain Out?

Shower Curtain Alternative GuideView in gallery

Yes, the classic vinyl curtains are cheap and do their job (most of the time), but in reality, you get what you pay for. They’re not always as efficient at blocking water as they should. 

Traditional curtains are also less desirable when you consider the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. The nicest of bathroom updates can easily be diminished by a plain vinyl curtain. 

Why Choose A Shower Curtain Alternative? 

Why choose a shower curtain alternativeView in gallery
Blender Architecture

Shower curtain alternatives are generally longer lasting than the traditional choices. When a traditional curtain takes on mold, most people just toss it out and grab a new one. Overtime, that’s going to add up. Alternative choices made of washable materials or easy to clean glass and metals make for a lasting investment. 

As previously mentioned, using a shower curtain alternative can drastically change the feel of your bathroom. Alternatives are easy on the eyes and bring a sense of uniqueness to your space. 

Framed WindowsView in gallery

Interestingly enough, sustainability is one of the biggest reasons to choose an alternative option. Vinyl curtains often aren’t recyclable and thus flood our landfills each year which clearly isn’t an environmentally-friendly choice. 

Last, is that traditional curtains don’t stay in place. Not only does this cause water to fall outside your shower, it also creates that ever so annoying problem of the curtain sticking to your legs. 

How Much Can I Expect To Spend On A Shower Curtain Alternative?

How much can I expect to spend on a shower curtain alternativeView in gallery
Mike Kelly

That’s reliant on which alternative you choose. Depending on your budget, you can spend as little as twenty dollars or into the thousands for a bigger project. Here are a few examples:

  • Cotton Curtain: $20+
  • Framed Shower Doors: $600 – $1800
  • Frameless Shower Door: $1,200 – $2,900
  • Hinged Shower Door: $1,000 – $1,600 
  • Hemp Curtain: $25+
  • Glass Block: $1,000 – $1,200
  • Standard Sliding Glass: $250 – $780

Types of Shower Curtain Alternatives

With so many reasons to choose a shower curtain alternative, let’s take a look at the options. From a simple install to renovation inspiration, there’s something for everyone. 

Roll Up Shower Curtain

Roll Up Shower CurtainView in gallery

A spin on the traditional, but without all the issues, the roll up shower curtain offers a tidy look. With no rings, rods or hooks, it’s a frustration-free solution. 

Just mount it above the shower, pull it down when you enter and roll it up when it’s dry and you’ve got a clean, minimalist look. 

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass DoorsView in gallery
Linc Thelen Design

Probably the most popular choice as of late, sliding glass doors are an option that meshes with any style. Clean lines give your space a larger feel, no matter the actual shower size. Plus, you have two operating doors that slide, as opposed to just one that some other systems offer. 

Sliding glass is generally more affordable than a pivot system, so if budget is an issue, sliding glass is the way to go. Durable and easy to clean, it’s clear to see why it’s a favored option. 

Cotton Curtain

Cotton CurtainView in gallery
Hannah Dee Interiors

Still, looking for shower curtain ideas apart from vinyl? The easiest of the cloth options to wash, cotton shower curtains are a common alternative. If you prefer something without hooks or rings, grab a grommet curtain instead. 

More attractive than vinyl options, these curtains come in a variety of colors and textures that satisfy every aesthetic. 

Doorless – Open Wet Room 

Doorless - Open Wet Room View in gallery
modern house architects

Trendy and on the rise in popularity, doorless showers are both stylish and functional. The options for customization are endless which is an added bonus as well. 

An open tub and shower wet room allows you to move safely between the two, atop a protective coating that makes it one of the best choices in regard to durability. Since it’s all tiled too, you can spray everything down at once for a quick clean. 

Pivot Doors

Pivot DoorsView in gallery
Marcelle Guilbeau

Pivot shower doors are a familiar favorite since they open the same as an average door. Usually crafted without much trim work, these give your bathroom a particularly polished finish.

Also, pivot doors don’t use tracks as sliding doors do, so there are less cracks for scum and mold to invade. They can also be sized more easily to fit both a smaller opening for small bathrooms or a bigger opening if space isn’t an issue.

Hemp Curtain

Hemp CurtainView in gallery

Another option in bathroom shower curtain ideas is hemp. Made of strong, natural fibers, a hemp shower curtain is a reliable option with a ton of benefits. Not only is it a fast-drying fabric, it also has a natural resistance to mold.

Odor resistant and toxin-free, this option is also very eco-friendly. They’re not made with vinyl and are easy to clean, so unlike vinyl curtains, you won’t be tossing them in the trash every other month. You can buy and keep hemp curtains for years.

Frameless Partitions

Frameless PartitionsView in gallery

A stylish and minimalist choice, frameless partitions give an upscale vibe to any bathroom. Without framing you don’t need to worry about replacing worn parts.

This option also gives your shower an extraordinary level of light. The lack of liners and curtains throw light on the entire area which prevents you from having to install extra or stronger lighting throughout. 

Barn Style Frameless Partitions

Barn Style Frameless PartitionsView in gallery

Yes, the barn style partitions are frameless but they’re a system all their own. The rolling mechanism is meant to mimic that of the popular sliding barn doors that have been on the rise in farmhouse-style homes. 

With rollers set on top of a plain metal bar, these doors slide back and forth with ease. Much like normal frameless partitions, the lack of parts leads to low maintenance and easy cleaning. 

Glass Blocks

Glass BlocksView in gallery
Shasta Smith

Coming in a surprising amount of textures and colors, glass block showers are a notable shower curtain alternative. Further, customize your glass blocks by creating a curved wall or even a ceiling-high wall for an extra level of privacy and heat retention. 

Macrame Curtain

Macrame CurtainView in gallery

If you’re searching for a touch of the boho vibe, macrame shower curtains are the way to go. Many options come covered in a resin coating that repels water on contact, making them less prone to molding. 

Macrame shower curtains might be the easiest of DIY bathroom shower curtain idea as macrame has become extremely trendy. That said, there’s many tutorials that can help you on your way should you choose to let your creative juices flow. 

Framed Windows

Framed WindowsView in gallery
Denise Quade Design

Less expensive than the frameless option, framed windows are a modern take on glass enclosures. With a track that catches leaking water, this option keeps your floors safe from potential water damage.

Constructed in different types of metals, you can choose a color that matches your bathroom’s design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can I install these shower curtain alternatives myself?

That’s dependent on your level of handiness. Most of these alternatives require tools homeowners are likely to already have in their tool belts, so that’s a plus. There’s also so many free tutorials offered online if you feel it’s a project you can take on yourself.

How do I wash a cloth-based curtain?

Wash on a delicate setting in warm water with your favorite detergent and white vinegar. Be sure to let your curtain air dry, heat settings on a dryer could shrink your curtain. Always be sure to check your curtain’s tag in the event it requires hand washing.

Can I use any of the cloth-based curtains without a liner?

You can, but it’s not recommended. The liner adds a barrier of protection against water intrusion which can lead to mold and mildew. Ultimately, the liner will prevent unnecessary washing and wear and tear of your cloth-based curtain.

Can the alternatives mentioned in this article work on any shower?

That will be determined by the size of the bathroom you’re working with. If you choose one of the cloth-based options, it’s likely to work on any shower size. However, you’ll need to measure your space for options that require more work like a glass door or partition.

What is a standard size for a cloth-based curtain and should it touch the floor?

A standard size usually falls at about 72 inches. Your shower curtain should not touch the floor. To keep it clean, dry and safe from mold, it needs to hang above the floor.

What products do I use to keep my plastic or glass shower curtain alternative clear?

Calcium and lime build-up is inevitable but there’s several products and hard water cleaners that make it manageable. Check your store’s cleaning aisle for something that specifically cleans soap scum. For a more natural cleaner, try dish soap mixed with vinegar.

Shower Curtain Alternative: Conclusion

It’s clear that in every bathroom, there’s a need for protection against shower water. Offering privacy and protection, it’s a necessary purchase. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for safety. 

Whether you’re looking for a more simple shower curtain alternative via a washable cotton curtain or small remodel with an added door, there’s no shortage of options. You can ditch your traditional shower curtain and easily upgrade your bathroom with an attractive, effective alternative today. 


Narrow Small Bathroom Layout Ideas for More Function and Style Too

Narrow small bathroom layout ideas are valuable whether you live in a tiny urban apartment or a small country cottage. The bathroom is an essential space and maximizing its functionality is critical.

narrow small bathroom layout
Williams Burton Leopardi

You must have enough storage for your personal care necessities, a place to hang towels and decent lighting.

Narrow Bathroom Layouts

Many narrow bathroom layouts have a “three-in-a-row” linear design arrangement. This means that the three main fixtures line up in a row. The sink, the toilet and the bathtub or shower are in straight succession.

There are plenty of variations on this trio, in particular for a master bath. However, when the bathroom is narrow, in most cases you have no other option than to go long. When planning a bathroom remodel, it’s essential to know how much space each element needs, in general. On the other hand, if you have a very challenging narrow bathroom, space-saving fixtures and custom elements will be the best route.


A standard tub is 2’-6” by 5’-0”. For smaller spaces, you can buy tubs as short as 48 inches, which is four feet. Regarding width, available options are as narrow as 27 to 28 inches wide. Some freestanding tub styles can shave a couple more inches off the length.


A comfortable shower area is 3.5 feet square. In fact, most codes only require 2.5 feet square, but that can feel rather tight.


In a home, a space has to be 2.5 feet wide to fit a toilet. For better accessibility, increase the width to 3 feet. You can save extra floor space by choosing a wall-mounted toilet so it doesn’t feel cramped.


A typical double sink vanity is at least 6 feet long. But, they can be as short as 5 feet. Going custom and including wall-mounted faucets can make it shorter and narrower.


No, this isn’t a bathroom fixture but you need to allow space for doors to swing open. This goes for shower doors as well as the main door to the bathroom. If there’s not enough space, consider a sliding door or pocket door, along with a walk-in shower.

Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Of course, every bathroom has its own challenges. The more ideas you can gather, the more stylish and functional your narrow bathroom can be. Check out these options for narrow small bathroom layouts and designs.

Narrow Powder Room

Narrow Powder Room
Studio Frank

Long narrow bathroom designs for a powder room can also be challenging. This is especially true when you want it to look stylish for guests.

This bathroom is so narrow it is a tight squeeze indeed. There’s no way a pedestal sink would work. To make the layout work and look good, the vanity is very slim with a trough sink. In addition, the corners are rounded off and the faucet is mounted on the wall.

Tub/Shower Combo

Tub/Shower Combo
Dixon Projects

In a narrow bathroom, there might be no hope of fitting both a bathtub and a shower. If you can’t choose one or the other, consider a combination. This bathroom has plenty of natural light to make it feel like there’s more space.

Also, in a tight space, sometimes a shower curtain is more convenient and space-saving than a rigid stall. In this bathroom, the ceramic tiles go up more than three-fourths of the way to the ceiling, which also makes the space feel larger.

All-in-one Bathing Space

All-in-one Bathing Space
Andrea West Design

If you want both a shower and tub, another option is putting them both together into one tiled space. The area is glassed off and so that water doesn’t come into the rest of the bathroom.

This style of bathroom layout makes the narrow bathroom seem roomy even though it’s only as wide as the tub. The unique tile design also helps define the space.

Angled Ceiling

Angled Ceiling
Change Your Bathroom©

Some narrow bathrooms have other design challenges like this chic contemporary example. The angled ceiling could be an issue in some cases. However, here the designer kept all the essentials along one wall to save space.

The long vanity is off the floor, which makes the bathroom feel spacious and provides extra storage space. There’s also plenty of counter space. This design also features a walk-in shower and bathtub area behind a glass door.

Airy Powder Room

Airy Powder Room
Homesmith Construction

Although this bathroom is not the narrowest, it still presents some design challenges. The window means that no fixtures can go there. The toilet is set back into the end, slightly out of view from the window area. The saving grace is the alcove, which just fits the storage vanity with a vessel basin.

Because of tall the natural light, the darker wallpaper is not an issue. Its large-scale print is fresh but not overpowering.

Zen-like Simplicity

Zen-like Simplicity
Acadia-Architecture Davide Giannella

Opting for a simple, soothing design is a great way to make the most of a narrow bathroom. The palette is neutral and the floor tile and shower tile are the same. This makes the space feel even longer.

The floating vanity frees up floor space. However, there’s still built-in storage space for necessities in the drawers and enough counter space. Wall-mounted faucets and lighting emphasize the spa-like feeling.

One Big Space

One Big Space
Elizabeth Baird Architecture & Design

Small bathrooms can require some creativity and this example has plenty. Instead of sectioning off parts of the space, this is one big bathroom space. The floor is the same tile throughout and the bathroom walls are all concrete, as is the basin.

The lack of vanity is not a problem because there is a ledge on the mirror and one above the sink. The walk-in shower sits behind a sliding shower door. This is a very low-maintenance bathroom design.

Traditional Powder Room

Traditional Powder Room
Sarah Brown Interiors

Renovating a powder room in a traditional home means staying true to the style. Here, wainscoting and cane-print wallpaper set the stage.

The old-school toilet is paired with a small hand sink. Exposed plumbing underneath adds metallic accents to the lovely space. In this case, there is no storage, but in general, that is not a major problem in a powder room.

Minimalist Approach

Minimalist Approach
Williams Burton Leopardi

While not confined to one long, narrow space, this bathroom does have a narrow entry that is now functional. By taking a minimalist approach, this narrow bathroom looks very spacious. The all-white palette makes a big difference.

The vanity includes an undermounted trough sink and two faucets. Around the corner are the bathtub and shower. White walls and two sizes of floor tiles round out the airy vibe.

Colorful Distraction

Colorful Distraction
Studio Shamshiri

Sometimes there’s no way to make a tiny bathroom seem like a larger space. Instead, go with the layout and bring life to it with dramatic with color. This small one uses bold blue tile walls and a green door to distract from the narrow bathroom.

Save floor space with a floating basin and keep decor to a minimum. This is one of the more cost-conscious narrow bathroom ideas.

Gorgeous Tiles

Gorgeous Tiles
JDP Interiors

This bathroom is narrow and wide. There’s just enough space to open the door without hitting the toilet. The entire house is neutral and natural, so the patterned tile here is a touch of unexpected embellishment.

This powder room uses a few good techniques small spaces. These include the smaller sink, a large mirror, sconces and a wall-mounted faucet.

Dark and Dramatic

Dark and Dramatic
Frank & Faber

Narrow bathroom ideas don’t have to revolve around light colors. Choosing a dark and dramatic hue with contrasting elements is a wonderful way to dress up a small space.

This narrow bathroom is in a Victorian home that has deep teal walls throughout. In the bathroom, the white floating vanity creates dramatic contrast and the gold metallic accents heighten it.

Unique Design

Unique Design
Nefa Architects

Often a unique space challenge calls for a unique design. This Moscow bathroom has special modern elements throughout. From the large round mirror to the two-part wall-mounted vanity and minimalist faucet, the bathroom is a work of art.

Choosing an unexpected design can draw attention from the size of the bathroom and put it on the elements instead.

Modern Minimalism

Modern Minimalism
Elad Gonen

Long skinny bathroom ideas often trend toward the modern for good reason. The sleek minimalist look makes the most of the square footage in a tiny bathroom.

This narrow bathroom has all the elements along a single side. Moreover, the trough sink is super narrow and features a wall-mounted faucet. Even the storage shelf is long and narrow, perfect for a small space.

Tiny Bathroom

Tiny Bathroom

It doesn’t get any narrower than this tiny bathroom. This is a variation on the all-in-one wet room. The shower and toilet are next to each other while the towel bar is on the farthest side.

There’s no space for decor in a small bathroom like this one so the concrete-looking tiles have an etched pattern for visual interest. For obvious reason,s the only lighting is on the ceiling.

Shower with a View

Shower with a View
SA-DA Architecture

You’ve seen bathtubs with a view, but this shower has one. Instead of fighting the shape of the space, this small narrow bathroom turns the window end of the space into a showering area. In this case, it’s the only solution for including one in the layout. Otherwise, it’s too narrow to have it against a wall.

Go Custom

Go Custom
Paulo Martins Architecture & Design

Sometimes, custom narrow bathroom ideas are the only solution. This modern home is spacious, but the bathroom is very narrow. The entire bathroom is clad in stone and is in general an all-in-one wet room.

A backlit, frameless mirror provides lighting and the narrow trough sink and vanity are the only style that would fit.

Wet Room

Wet Room
Departure l Architecture

Quite popular in Asia, the wet room style of bathroom is gaining in other regions of the world too. This super stylish narrow bathroom has lovely tile and a sliding door to save space.

Having the toilet and the showering area all in one space makes it efficient to clean as well. You can just scrub and then rinse down all the surfaces.

Pack It In

Pack It In

When it comes to narrow bathroom ideas, some people prefer just to pack everything into the space. This modern bathroom is narrow but manages to have a spacious shower and a bathtub. The space sacrifice is that the bathtub is partially behind the shower.

Get Creative

Get Creative
Creative Spaces

Bathroom ideas don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can be artsy like this example. Natural stone surfaces on the walls and floor, and unusual custom shapes for the vanity and mirror really elevate the narrow bathroom. This design also puts the focus on the wall space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you arrange a long narrow bathroom?

When you have a small narrow bathroom, the best practice is to put all your elements on one side. This is the vanity wall in most cases. In general, it should be the one with the most wall space. By leaving one side open you create a walkway.

How do you make a small narrow bathroom look bigger?

Some of the ways to make a small bathroom look bigger are the same for any room. Take a minimalist approach, let in more natural light, get a slim vanity and use the same materials throughout. You can also install a larger mirror and opt for an enclosure that does not have a frame.

How much space do you need between toilet and shower?

Most local building codes require a minimum of 21 inches in front of the vanity, toilet and tub. Of course, that is the absolute minimum and most people will want more space. Most codes also call for at least 15 inches from any side wall or obstruction and a minimum of 30 inches measured center to center to any other fixture.

What is the narrowest shower?

You can find compact shower units as small as 32 inches square. These are designed to install in a corner or against one wall in a tiny space.

Do small tiles make a room look bigger or smaller?

In general, bigger tiles will make your small bathroom seem bigger. Using small tiles will do the opposite.

How do you optimize space in a small bathroom?

Adding shelving is the best way to add more storage to a narrow bathroom. You might not have the space for more cabinets, but you can often use vertical space for open shelves and extra storage.


Don’t despair if you have a long narrow small bathroom. It might be a challenge when you don’t have much extra space. However, there are plenty of very narrow bathroom ideas to inspire your renovation.

Think beyond the standard layouts and you can devise something that’s super functional and look cool too.

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High-End Luxury Bathrooms For Your Living Space

Who doesn’t like luxury bathrooms? With the right amount of effort, your master bathroom could be an elegant space. There are plenty of luxury bathroom ideas, but you want to find the one that’s right for you.

Luxury Bathrooms

In recent years, homeowners have demanded bigger and better bathrooms. Remodel jobs feature grandiloquent designs more than ever. And this is why you’ll like the bathroom design ideas we’ve gathered for you.

Modern Luxury bathtub 1024x683

We’ll show you the hottest luxury bathroom ideas available today. When we’re done, you’ll have enough information to create the bathroom space that your home deserves. 

Amazing Luxury Bathroom Ideas For 2022

Let’s take a look at the best luxury bathroom designs today.

Luxurious Bathroom Scheme

Luxurious Bathroom Design

If you have the space, then don’t hold back. A master bathroom with this much space is a dream. A marble freestanding bath next to a giant window with a view is something ripped from a film.

However, there’s more to this bathroom scheme than square footage. The power of a bathroom creates an illusion of space through its minimalist design and windows. 

Large Windows

Bathtub with a view

Bathrooms are small and don’t have large windows. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have a bathroom space that has large windows, then take advantage of the view they provide.  

Marble Walls

Marble walls and gold accents

Luxurious bathrooms feature natural materials on their walls and floors and marble is one of them. The gold sink fixtures add elegance and style. However, this is an acquired taste, especially if the marble is used extensively.

Spa Retreat

Black bathroom Luxurious finishes

The finishes and textures play an important role in the overall design of the bathroom. This particular one features a textured wallpaper on the walls that almost looks like stone and contrasts with the chromed details and shiny elements.

Mood Lighting

Black and gold accents luxury bathroom

Certain ornamental elements can give a bathroom a luxurious look, even if the room is not particularly spacious or if it doesn’t have floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views. 

Vintage Light Fixture

Luxury materials for bathroom

A combination of onyx and marble was used here to give this bathroom its unique and sophisticated appearance. However, this is not a look that suits all styles and is best left for traditional homes.

White Sanitaryware

Contrasting texture bathroom

The right combination of textures can make a bathroom look luxurious. Step on the shiny floor tiles and then onto the zebra accent rug, touch the soft and delicate curtains, and let yourself be enveloped in luxury.

Large Windows

Sunken tube japanese style bathroom

Pretty much that’s out of the ordinary and more difficult to include in a regular bathroom is considered luxurious. For example, a sunken tub can be such a feature. When used in the right environment, it can have the desired effect.

Accent Lighting

White Bathroom Design luxury

There are two ways in which light can affect the overall ambiance and the look of a bathroom. On one hand, lots of light in the bathroom can be a luxury. On the other hand, subtle, accent lighting used strategically in the room can also have a similar effect.

Freestanding Bathtub 

Focal point freestanding tub

Given the utilitarian nature of the bathroom and everything included in it, usually, the designs are space-efficient and focused on functionality. So having a freestanding tub act as a focal point is a luxury detail.

Mirrored Wall

Decorative wall art

Sacrificing a portion of a bathroom for decorative purposes can be a sign of luxury. In this case, the relief panel between the wall mirrors is a really beautiful and sophisticated feature.

The accent lighting on the floor designed to highlight the tub is a luxury detail.

Contour Bathtub

Shower tub combo

Most often, a bathroom either has a tub or a shower. Sometimes it has both but one stands out. But when both the tub and the shower are as amazing as these, then you have a luxury bathroom.

Here, it’s a wonderful combination of beautiful, natural material, graceful shapes, and wonderful transparency.

Roman Shower

Bathroom roman shower and freestanding tub

And speaking of showers, what about a Roman shower stall? Inspired by the original historical designs, these are a modern interpretation of those and treat the shower as a sort of alcove, as a separate room instead of just a partition.

This concept can suit spacious bathrooms but also smaller ones. Find the type of Roman shower stall that best suits your bathroom and adapt it to your preferences.

Nature Inspired Decor

Glidden Dark Olive Moody

Luxury bathrooms feature natural materials, textures and colors. Tub fittings and sink fittings can define a bathroom space. The combination of colors and materials, plus the freestanding tub round out this bathroom space.

Clean Lines

Dramatic contrasts and designs

Although simple, the elements used in this bathroom were strategically used to create strong and dramatic contrasts. The way the light reflects on the wall paneling and the clean lines create a soothing vibe.

The bathtub has a matte black finish, adding to the overall ambiance of an intimate and relaxing bathroom. {found on marciokogan}.

Natural Materials

Wooden bahtub design staircase

Anything that’s not usually included in a bathroom can make it look luxurious. For example, there’s a staircase here. The wooden tub and the way it matches everything around it is also an unexpected element.

Modern Art Bathtub

Unexpected shapes and materials

In this case, it’s not about the materials that were used but about the way in which they were used. The tub is the focal point and it looks like it’s been carved out of a giant block, hence its unique shape.

Stylish Accessories

Contemporary luxury bathroom design

A lot of times, the accessories are the ones that give a space its character. For example, a small but chic bathroom rug with a soft and pleasant texture, a mirrored wall, long and heavy curtains or decorative stones used as décor elements are all exquisite examples.


Skylight bathroom design

Another feature of luxury bathrooms can be a skylight. Anything that adds natural light and makes the bathroom look and feels airy and bright can allow it to look luxurious, interesting, and sophisticated. {found on eatas}.

Vintage Light Mixture

Bathroom Gorgeous light fixtures

A stunning light fixture can make any space look amazing. However, because the lighting in the bathroom is just functional and doesn’t focus on the decorative details, such an element has a stronger visual impact in this case. {found on architekten}.

Rustic Luxury Bathroom

Sophisticated bathroom decor

Never underestimate the power of color. The right color used in the right space can have an outstanding visual effect and greatly impact the overall design and ambiance. This shade is Wythe Blue and is stunning. {found on edmundsstudios}.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Much Does A Luxurious Bathroom Cost?

On average, the cost of a luxury bathroom remodel is between $55,000 and $65,000.

What Type Of Flooring Is Best For A Luxury Bathroom?

Vinyl is the best flooring for luxury bathrooms. The flooring material is waterproof and fireproof. Plus, vinyl flooring is inexpensive.

What Extras Should I Install In My Luxury Bathroom?

Due to the size of your bathroom, you’ll have more room for amenities. If you wanted to create a five-star experience, you could add a small wine fridge next to your marble bathtub. The most popular bathroom add-on feature is a water-resistant plasma screen TV with remote control and smartphone technology.

For an ultra modern modern luxury bathroom you could install voice activated control system that you could operate with just the sound of your voice.

What Are The Best Mirrors For A Luxury Bathroom?

Stylish round mirrors with hand-crafted frames are best for luxury bathrooms.

How Can I Keep A Luxury Bathroom Warm?

If you wanted your luxury bathroom to reach next level status, then radiant heat flooring would get you there. The heated flooring costs on average between $6 and $16 per square foot. Often, floor removal is included in the price.

Luxury Bathrooms Conclusion

If you want an elegant master bath, consider all of the elements. Stylish bathroom furniture would be a good place to start. You could get creative and add finer details like antique shower fittings.

Vintage light fixture styles will add style and class to your master bathroom. Most elegant bathrooms feature mood lighting or statement lighting. When you have a nice bathroom, you want to showcase the high points.

For a minimalist look, choose a freestanding bathtub and make it the centerpiece of your bathroom. By now, you should get the idea. An elegant bathroom may seem like a challenge at first, but once you get going, you won’t be able to stop. 
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