Farmhouse Style Designs Celebrate Pastoral Living

The farmhouse style embraces pastoral living. As farmhouses conjure images of yesteryear, peaceful living remains the goal. Today, US homeowners are the catalyst for the architectural style.

farmhouse style

farmhouse style

The future of interior design, according to designer Frederic Tang, will see “greater experimentation with textures like raked plaster, rougher clay, or grainy stuccos.” And this is where the modern farmhouse style enters the picture. 

The modern farmhouse represents a lifestyle. Mid century designs, popular in 2019, have taken a backseat to rustic and country living styles. 

What Is The Farmhouse Style?

What Is The Farmhouse Style?

What Is The Farmhouse Style?

The farmhouse style is about creating a pastoral living environment. The style aims to bring outdoor elements indoors by using decor elements like repurposed items, white shiplap, rustic french chandeliers, stone walls, and wood flooring, to name a few.  

Is Farmhouse Out Of Style?

Interior farmhouse concepts are not out of style. US media has given mixed signals on this issue. Some interior decorators have said the modern farmhouse is dated while others proclaim that it is alive and well.

Interior design is like an ocean. Styles ebb and flow organically. Whatever is hot one year, will not be hot the next. It doesn’t matter what others are doing, you’re free to incorporate it into your living spaces. 

What Is The Modern Farmhouse Style?

The modern farmhouse style utilizes white and neutral colors. At the core of the modern farmhouse aesthetic lies the idea of combining traditional farmhouse elements with modern design. For example, a stainless steel kitchen surrounded by rustic stone walls. 

Classic Farmhouse Vs Modern Farmhouse 

Difference Between A Classic And Modern Farmhouse Style?

Difference Between A Classic And Modern Farmhouse Style?

There are many differences between a classic farmhouse and a modern farmhouse. The farmhouse style is centered on simplicity. Warm, earth tones paired with aged or reclaimed wood or patina color accents prominent. 

Meanwhile, the modern farmhouse offers a pure lifestyle aesthetic combined with contemporary or industrial design concepts. When past and present elements are combined, an anachronistic environment is achieved.

Modern Farmhouse Elements

You’ll find similar traits among all modern farmhouses. Here are a few common features found in the farmhouse:

  • Reclaimed wood 
  • Sliding barn doors 
  • Oversized furniture
  • Exposed wooden beams
  • White shiplap walls
  • Wood flooring
  • Stainless steel kitchen surfaces
  • Large front porches

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Features

Let’s look at the exterior features of a modern farmhouse and see what makes them unique.

Front Porch Retaining Wall

Modern Farmhouse Front Porch FurnitureView in gallery
Whitten Architects

Adding an extension to a modern farmhouse front porch is achieved with a stone retaining wall. In this example, the retaining is stylish and functional as it provides a pathway to the elevated front porch. 

Long Front Porch

Modern Farmhouse Style Exterior
Hobbs, Inc.

Large modern farmhouses often feature porches that stretch across the front side of the home. When this style was popular, the covered outdoor spaces were known as “sleeping porches.”

They were named as such because in the early 20th century people thought sleeping outside was healthy. During that time, people believed fresh night air protected them from tuberculosis and other serious ailments. 

Wrap-Around Porch

Northwest Modern Farmhouse

Northwest Modern Farmhouse

In Oregon’s Willamette Valley is a marriage of Northwest comfort and rustic architecture styles. In this example, a wrap-around porch and French double doors adhere to the modern farmhouse designs.

A wrap-around porch covers two sides of a home or more. The functionality of a front porch is how it serves as a transitional space from outdoors to indoors. Wrap-around porches offer more space to host small gatherings during bad weather conditions or at night.

Limewashed Red Brick Porch

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window framesView in gallery
Visbeen Architects

Clad in cream-colored and inexpensive siding, covers the space up to both sides of the front windows. For a farmhouse porch, limewashed red brick, like in this example, offers rustic appeal. Light green porch shutters accent the cream-color entryway and mahogany French double doors.

Modern Farmhouse Interior

Modern farmhouse interiors share common characteristics. Let’s look at a few traits that make farmhouse kitchens unique. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Modern Farmhouse InteriorView in gallery

Pendant light fixtures are a common sight in modern farmhouse kitchens. In this example, a scalloped glass pendant light hangs above the sink. Another feature of the modern farmhouse kitchen is how the design combines old world appearances with modern appliances.

The iron and stainless steel stove top and under-cabinet lighting bring the farmhouse kitchen into the 21st century.

Wood Elements

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window framesView in gallery

Wood flooring is the flagship character of the modern farmhouse kitchen. Each timber has a natural tone. Ash, beech, and maple are the palest, followed by mid-toned oak, and dark cherry. When in doubt, go with classic oak.

A corner open shelving system provides easy access for necessary items or can serve as a display platform for personal items.

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen FurnitureView in gallery

Vintage and contemporary lighting follows the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Combining the past with the present is what the farmhouse style is all about.

Three green pendant lamps hang above the kitchen counter space. Meanwhile, a rustic French country chandelier hangs over the wooden kitchen dining table. 

Modern Farmhouse Study

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window framesView in gallery

A modern farmhouse study features floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Natural light sources are optimized with large windows. In this example, polished cedar wood flooring adds a touch of modern elegance. 

Exposed Wood Beams

Farmhouse Pendant LightingView in gallery

Exposed wood beams are a perennial favorite within modern farmhouse design. The light wood ceiling beams contrast with the dark stained wood flooring.

In between the beams and flooring, a wrought iron custom 18 light ring chandelier serves as the focal point for the interior space. 

Farmhouse Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window frames

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window frames

Wood flooring is a modern farmhouse characteristic and has been since the first farmhouse was built. Sliding barn doors are an organic fit with rustic farmhouse interiors. The wooden sliding doors are also ideal for dividing large, open spaces. 

Vaulted Ceilings

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window framesView in gallery

The vaulted ceiling in this modern farmhouse living room looks bigger. A cornice large lantern hangs over the room, adding rustic farmhouse appeal. Rounding out the interior decor is a repurposed industrial storage cupboard that offers extra storage space and support.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

Modern Farmhouse Style with black window framesView in gallery

In dining rooms, chandeliers add elegance and style. In this example, a Mia faceted crystal chandelier commands the most attention. Off-white is the go-to color for modern farmhouses as reinforced by this example. The cream-colored rug fits with the near monochromatic theme, providing a soft contrast with the wood plank flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is A New England Farmhouse Ell?

A ell farmhouse is a house shaped like the letter “L.” Popular throughout 19th century New England, the ell design concept made it easy to add extra rooms.

What Are Some Characteristics Of The Italianate Farmhouse Style?

As a minimalistic style, Italianate farmhouses were reminiscent of brick cottages built during Chicago’s early days. The farmhouse style featured ornamental bracketed cornice, canted one-story bay windows with decorative columns, and arched crowns above tall rectangular windows.

What Are The Best Cabinets For Small Farmhouse Kitchens?

Multifunctional cabinets offer storage, a hidden dressing table, and a hanging area. The new multipurpose cabinet was designed to provide homeowners with a solution for smaller homes without losing the utility or desire to create a rustic farmhouse living space.

Farmhouse Style Conclusion

The farmhouse style hasn’t waned. When a decorator says that an interior design has waned, it doesn’t mean much.  You shouldn’t care about what an interior designer has to say in an interview. You shouldn’t have to be reminded that your living space belongs to you. What other people think about it is of no importance. 


Cottage Style Homes Spark Demand For Pastoral Living

The cottage style home is an emerging residential feature that has shown no signs of slowing down. The housing design speaks to homeowners of all ages. For those seeking a pastoral life, the cottage conjures a wholesome lifestyle.

 Cottage Style Homes

The modern era as we know it has been flipped upside down due to the pandemic. During its first year, US homeowners focused on their living spaces in ways they never had before. According to one design magazine:

“The pandemic has boosted the craze as people have sought to escape the bleak reality of deserted town centers.”

A cottage is a unique home style. If you’re not familiar with English cottages, that’s okay because we’ll show you everything there is to know about cottage homes.

Sweet Cottage Home Styles For 2022

Handpicked by our team of home design experts, here are the latest examples of cottage style homes.

Tudor Cottage Home

Cottage Style Home With Georgian Facade

A cottage in the English countryside often resembles another home style. There may be a simple line of windows like a Georgian home or you might find the half timber pattern of a Tudor home.

Cozy Cottage

Black Cottage Style Home

For a modern direction, preserve the historic charm and use paint and details like fixtures to bring your little house up to date. Black will make your cottage stand out against the rest of the charming cottages.

Nautical Cottage

Patriotic Cottage Style Home

Trying to create a beachy cottage for you and your family and friends? Lean away from the traditional brick and stone and embrace the shingles of the seaside Victorian.

Paired with classic minty greens and windy grasses, you’ll make your cottage into a place you’ll never want to leave. {thecottagejournal}.

Thatched Roof Cottage

Tthatched roof Cottage Style Home

While thatched roofs aren’t common, they possess enough charm. They are the most classic cottages you’ll find.

Cottage House

Cottage Style Home With Vines

The architectural elements of cottage style homes include proper landscaping. For an old English look, try creeping vines, unruly bushes, and flowers that can be clipped for a vase.

Bay Windows

Cottage Style Home Layered Garden

If you prefer neat and tidy landscaping to the wildflower field, you’ll want to choose your plants based on how they’ll look symmetrically. Lines of shrubs in layers have a lovely tidy effect on your front yard and draw attention to your cottage instead of the landscaping.

Front Door

Cottage Style Home Porch Pots

Without a stylish front door, a cottage wouldn’t be the same. Sometimes a cottage will have a front porch rather than a real front yard. Take advantage of the square footage and give your porch some plant-y love with potted shrubs and flowers. 

Cape Cod Cottage

Cottage Style Home Flower Boxes

Don’t have much of a porch to speak of? Window boxes are your solution. They will make it easy to give your cottage that pop of color and you barely have to get your hands dirty at all. 

Southern Front Porch

Cottage Style Home Porch Swing

Are you blessed with an abundance of square footage? Then use that front porch as an extension to your living space. Add a swing and outdoor furniture with patterned cushions and you’ll have an outdoor living room.

Cottage House Porch Layout

Cottage Style Home Back patio

Cottage style homes in the south have porches. And not only a front porch but also a back patio. Not only is it a great way to expand your entertaining space in your small home but you also get to style it out in the coziest cottage decor. 

Open Living Room

Cottage Style Home Interior With Fireplace

When renovating a historic cottage, you’re likely to find lots of things underneath the modern wood and drywall, like brick and stone. If you’re able, keep these elements exposed to give your cottage a real nostalgic feel. 

White Kitchen

Cottage Style Home Wood Beams

Exposed wooden beams were once common in cottages. Homes with stone walls have been covered. They may need refinishing, but you’ll be able to appreciate that vintage touch.

Bedroom Blinds

Cottage Style Home Wooden Shutters

Many cottages have exterior shutters. You’ll be happy to know that cottage decor welcomes shutters on the inside too. In such a small space, interior shutters can fold away from the windows, allowing the maximum natural light, unlike curtains sometimes. 

Vintage Kitchen

Cottage Style Home Blue smeg Fridge

Kitchens can be tricky in a cottage, due to the small square footage. With this example, the first that catches your eye is the blue refrigerator. You can make the refrigerator the focal point by painting in with a loud color.

Embrace the opportunity to purchase the mini appliances, including a Smeg fridge in your choice color. They will provide you with an adequate kitchen without taking up too much storage space.

Traditional Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Style Home Open Shelving

Speaking of storage space, a wall of cabinets can look bulky and unwanted in a small cottage kitchen. Display those floral teacups and jam jars on open shelving that will help your kitchen feel like a real movie-worthy cottage kitchen.

This will also help you better edit your kitchen necessities based on style as well as use.

Built-In Kitchen Seating

Cottage style home breakfast nook

Even if you have a small house, a cottage style would work. Some cottages are so small there is no room for a dining room, so a breakfast nook must suffice instead. Rather than crying over the loss of your dining table, embrace the cushioned seating and pull up as many chairs as you can manage for your guests.

Victorian Cottage Bathroom

Cottage Style Home Floral Wallpaper

Many classic English cottages thrive on patterns. Floral wallpaper against a traditional rug and striped curtains works well in a cottage. If you can’t manage the curtains, give yourself the luxury of a floral wallpapered bathroom. 

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Style Home White Slate

Pattern and colors easily overwhelm you? Start by covering your walls, cabinets, furniture, and even the floor in white. A blank slate will help you determine what needs color and where the pattern should be without too much trial and error.

Eaves Bedroom

Cottage Style Home Attic Bedroom

A bedroom under the eaves is a common among cottage style homes. The slanted walls and ceilings enable you to create a charming bedroom escape.

Rustic Bedroom

Cottage Style Home Wood Frame

If shabby chic isn’t your thing it doesn’t mean you can’t live in a cottage. Eschew the roses and wallpaper in favor of modern lines and neutral tones. Add some leather accents for texture and black fixtures for modernity. You’ll find that shaping a modern cottage home is easier than it sounds.

Three Beautiful Cottage Style Homes

In many ways, a cottage is what a dream home feels like for many. It’s a very charming and cozy type of home by definition and while there are many variations of style and design which can occur, this warmth is always present.

Every home should feel like a cottage regardless of how it looks on the outside. Here are more examples that will inspire you to live in a cottage.

Beach Cottage

A charming cottage on the beach

This beautiful beach cottage from Florida is charming. The blend between the landscape, views, breezy, and sunny weather. 

A charming cottage on the beach bedroom

This is a 3-bedroom cottage that you can actually book as a vacation retreat. As you would expect given the location, the indoor-outdoor connection is very seamless and strongly emphasized.

A charming cottage on the beach dining

There’s a big wraparound porch that links the cozy indoor areas to the outdoors and acts as a transitional space. It’s a perfect spot for admiring the views and enjoying the sunny weather with a book on a cup of coffee in the morning.

A charming cottage on the beach porch

There are multiple points of access onto this porch from the living area as well as from the bedrooms. The two floors have similar designs and are equally inviting and charming.

Modern Cottage

A modern cottage home in Washington

The owners then worked with studio Hoedemaker Pfeiffer to build a new cottage home in its place. They wanted it to have the same charm and feel of their previous home and to look as if it’s been there for ages.

A modern cottage home in Washington lawn 683x1024

A story is told about how the sections were added. The house grew and expanded even though everything was built at the same time.

A modern cottage home in Washington living

A modern cottage home in Washington bedroomThe resulting cottage-style home has lots of bright and airy spaces linked to little outdoor porches and verandas and inside there’s an eclectic design with both modern and traditional influences.

Cottage Lake House

A stone cottage by the lake pathway

This charming cottage was designed and built by studio Murphy & Co. Design in Minnesota.  It was created as an addition to an existing house next to Lake Minnetonka.

The architects tried to give it some of the same style and character as the main house while still allowing it to stand out and to be unique.

A stone cottage by the lake dining

The plan was for this to serve as a separate guest house and to occupy a piece of land next to the main residence overlooking the lake. The materials for this cottage were inspired by the main residence and includes stone, plaster, and raw timber

A stone cottage by the lake kitchen

The textures give the cottage a rustic vibe, especially with this beautiful staggered roof design and the big chimney on the side. 

A stone cottage by the lake staircase

Inside there’s a big social area downstairs with a living room, dining area, and kitchen with access outside. Upstairs is where you sleep. The bedrooms have an open terrace with a view of the lake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity (ECHO)?

Designed for the disabled and elderly family members, the government initiative was launched by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The measure changes zoning laws so single-family properties can add an outbuilding.

The structure can be attached to the main house or separated by the yard. It also has an independent entrance, bath, and cooking facilities. Add-ons are otherwise known as “granny flats” or “mother-in-law’s quarters.”

What Is The Nautical Cottage Style?

You’ll find nautical cottages are popular on the East Coast. The homes are adaptable to different climates and locations. Nautical cottages feature cedar shakes for exteriors. Their porches will also have a Nantucket star design that adds to the cottage’s authentic look and feel.

How Much Of A Role Do Materials Play In Creating A Cottage Look?

If the overall design doesn’t fit the style, the result will be fake and gimmicky. When designing an escape home like a cottage, you’ll need to apply more effort rather than throwing together a few details.

How Do You Create A Casual Ambience In A Cottage Home?

Features like a stacked stone fireplace are a good place to start. Structural timber trusses are another popular idea if you want a soothing atmosphere. When selecting materials, make sure they correspond to your surrounding environment.

What Are Some Classic Details Of The Southern Cottage Home?

A blue porch ceiling, metal roof, and lap siding are three mainstays of the southern cottage home. If you have a front porch, paint the ceiling haint blue. For your kitchen, install a glass cabinet for a refined southern look.

Cottage Style Home Conclusion

When you search #cottagecore on Instagram, you get roughly one million pics, so that should tell you enough about the cottage trend. US architect Alan Maskin said, “We’re seeing a trend in the US among more affluent people for living in rural areas with more space – more social distance, frankly – than city-dwelling usually allows.”
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Sage Green Emerges As The True Color King

Sage green reigns supreme among all household interior colors. Its color lineage occupies a fascinating place in the history of colors. The first thing you should understand is how sage is just one color.

Sage Green

Common traits shared by sage greens include how they’re muted greens, and also have grey undertones. Although the color has chartered a course that has been a balanced combination of ebb and flow, today, it’s never been as popular.

If you’re not convinced or unfamiliar with the color, we can help you. Our team of experts has assembled sage design examples that illustrate the transformative and soothing qualities of the color. 

Sage Green Interior Design Ideas for 2022

Here are a few exciting examples of how sage green can transform interior spaces. 

Sage Green And Black

Sage Green Seating

Black and green hues go hand-in-hand, but as two colors that are known for their muted tones, you should use them in moderation. When paired together, the result is a cool blend with calm undertones. The color palette features a sage green monochrome style with black color accents.

Sage Green Wall Art

It has been proven time and again how the pairing produces something unique among all other paint combinations.

Sage Green Chairs

Armchairs in Sage Green Color

Some people might think a home sage green color would be mundane and simple. But just because a color is common doesn’t mean it’s bad. You can use the color to accent a room instead of covering your walls with it.

Modern Art Accents

Adrian Sasson ceramics sage green

Something about the soft, stable vibe of sage green makes it feel almost traditional. But it works as a component of modern design as well, perhaps due in large part to its nature of historic-feeling charm.

Sage Green Hues

Deep Sage and Low

When you consider which direction want to lean toward as you design your space, consider this: a dark, warm version of sage will feel more muted and somber than a pale, cool sage, which is more vibrant. 

Sage Green Flooring

Oragnic Sage Color for Dining Area

Why not use flooring as a color backdrop? If you want an organic, earthy vibe then start at the bottom and work your way up. But this attribute is apparent when sage is paired with wood and dark elements. The good news is that sage color is considered to be one of the easiest to work within design.

Sage Green Hue Backdrop

Cool sage color

Although the color has Sage emerged as a driving interior design force, that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it. Sage rests on the cooler side of the color spectrum, which means it can look quite grey, in a space with pale or little natural light. Be sure to test it out to get the temperature you want for your space.

Sage Green Accessories

When you choose your interior pieces wisely, you can use sage green to your advantage. Let’s look at a few examples here.

Random Decor

Sage with metal for outdoor furniture

The grey undertones of sage color make it a cool neutral, but one with some color (as opposed to relatively color-less neutrals such as beige or grey…which are great in their own ways). Brighten up the sophisticated hue by incorporating metal detailing for a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

Bowls And Vases

Warm sage porcelain vases

Warm shades of sage tend to be deeper, darker grey greens. These colors pair beautifully with other rich hues such as deep reds and golds. Even with this warmth, the colors maintain a more contemporary feel when given plenty of white space.

Sage Green Background

Moody Sage Color For Walls and Furniture

There’s no denying that a deep, dusty sage wall brings together all sorts of characteristics. It’s got brains, beauty, and brawn all rolled into one. Furnishings that match the depth and tone of a moody sage make a gorgeously sedated, reflective, and wise space.

Abstract Paint Style

Sage Pattern Toilet Art

The sage green aesthetic applies to everything, including the toilet. If you like abstract expressionism, as you can see with this example, that would work on any surface. Or if the pattern is comprised of lots of US $1 bills. Bonus: this way, one can’t be accused of flushing money down the toilet.

Neutral Sage

Neutral Sage Green For Coffee Tables Top

The grey green backbone of sage makes it a candidate for the top neutral color of choice. When working with a tight or restrained color palette, accessories, like soft pillows, play a key role in warming it up.

Standalone Sage

Sage Green Wall Cout

As a soft yet sophisticated neutral, sage is often the color of choice to paint the walls or furnish the large pieces. However, the color works well as a standalone object. It’s noticeable yet unobtrusive and unassuming, which makes a sage green piece perfectly charming.

Sage and Earth Tones

Sage and Earth Tones

Any temperature of sage green works well when paired with natural, earthy tones. The calming effect of a sage-and-wood combination is calming and sweetly inviting.

Outdoor Vibe 

Masculine Sage in Green

Sage color can take on the look of any space its place in, due in large part to its incredible versatility. It takes on a definitive masculine appeal when placed in a space with other dark and heavy components because those components themselves are masculine.

Retro Sage

Retro Sage

Despite its deep roots in the desert climate of Mother Earth, sage color can pull of a categorically authentic retro vibe when paired and patterned in the right way. It’s a refreshing and unexpected twist on this classical neutral color.

Chic Sofa

Sage Furniture Coach

With a lavender backdrop, a sage green sofa is apropos of this interior color palette. A streamlined, clean-lined sofa and chair set in a khaki-leaning sage hue provides an important subtly contrasting feature against violet walls. Funky pillows complete the modern, hip vibe where balance reigns supreme here.

Accent Pillows

Sage green with grey

Grey has come to be considered the decade’s (and perhaps beyond) neutral of choice. Sage is a neutral as well, so when the two are paired together, one becomes the foundation and the other a “pop.”

A couple of sage color throw pillows on a gunmetal grey sofa provide a great energy in a monochromatic grey space while keeping things comfortably muted.

Gold Accent 

Sage and gold decoration

Several colors that go with green hue include gold, like in this example. However, when you think about it, what doesn’t go with gold? With a sage green wall, you don’t want to overdo it. A gold accent some level, but sage is one hue that looks particularly luxe and gorgeous when paired with gold. 

Sage Green Rug

Sage as Rug

Over medium wood flooring, a sage colored area rug creates the perfect mix of organic neutral and helpful color. The combination is subtle yet so useful in some spaces that require intuitive definition.

Sage Green Furniture

Low Chair in Sage Green

Olive and sage make for an interesting pair. The colors share a few similarities, but also have characteristics that stand on their own. This is what makes them ideal for any room in your home or office space.

If you want to create a bold look with warm tones try using these two colors together. The result will provide a calming effect yet remain eye catching at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is Sage Green Good For A Bedroom?

Sage is considered a wonderful choice for bedroom walls. Designers like the color as it provides a soothing backdrop for slumber.

Is Sage Green A Good Exterior House Color?

A sage colored house blends with the surrounding natural hues. Remember, your home’s exterior color isn’t for you, it’s for your neighbors. You only see your home’s exterior for fleeting moments, like when you leave for work in the mornings and then return in the evenings. As the special green hue is soothing on the eyes, it’s your neighbors who will look at your home’s exterior paint color more than you.

Is Sage Green A Good Color For Kitchen Cabinets?

Sage offers a cool color palette and a restrained elegance. What that means is it won’t overwhelm a room. It’s a popular kitchen cabinet color among homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional kitchen cabinet colors.

What Color Pillows Go With A Sage Green Couch?

For an alternative look, neutral colors like mocha, charcoal, or silver will complement a sage sofa.

Is Sage Green A Gender Neutral Color?

Soft green hues are considered gender neutral by international design experts. As sage is versatile and flexible, the gentle green hue goes with almost everything. It’s the ideal color for those who want to provide a safe space for their child.

Sage Green Color

Homeowners enjoy the sophisticated look of a sage exterior, and so do the neighbors. Although simple and quiet, the color’s subtlety could be its biggest allure.

When you need extra flair for a solid color wood stain, for example, incorporate a cool color and watch what happens. With a sage green backdrop, your visitors will be blown away. contrast beautifully within any space while drawing attention wherever there are these beautiful pops themselves.
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Shabby Chic Style Ideas For Your Living Spaces

The shabby chic style is popular for many reasons. People are drawn to the shabby aesthetic because it’s easy, cheap, and it looks cool. If you’re searching for ways to give your living spaces a makeover, you’ll like the examples we’ve found the represent the shabby chic aesthetic. 

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic design is as a retro kaleidoscope of design ideas mixed together to create a relaxed, casual, and welcoming environment. To help you understand, look at it like this: the shabby chic aesthetic is to interior design version what the “messy look” was to fashion.

What Is The Shabby Chic Style?

Here are a few common style elements:

Shabby chic bathroom decor design 150x150
ShabbyChic office organizer 150x150
Home office with a shabby chic decor 150x150
Perfect kids corner pastel colors 150x150

The decor may feature floral patterns and look unorganized and sloppy, but only because that’s intentional. The shabby philosophy turns design ideas like perfection and symmetry upside down, and instead embraces casual chaos and peaceful mayhem. 

A combination of boho and unconventional flair, the shabby chic style strikes at the heart of retro interior design. Often we see vintage elements or new items included in the style.

Reclaimed materials are a go-to source for DIY shabby decor. And yet at the same time, the shabby chic aesthetic is defined by a clean and simple ideology.

Vintage Aesthetic

The aim is to include pieces that have a weathered look, regardless if they are true vintage or reproductions doesn’t matter.

Natural Finishes

Natural materials, finishes, and distressed surfaces have helped define the shabby chic style. Driftwood, whitewashed bricks, bamboo, rattan, rope, and other materials can be introduced to add texture and character to interior designs. The finishes and textures give your living space an organic feel. 


White on white is indicative of the shabby chic style. Whether pure white or a soft-white shade, when colors are used, white dominates the space.  

Soft Hues Only

There’s no place in a shabby chic home for vivid colors and bold, dominating prints. The style is gentle, so choose from soft hues when it’s time to add color to a space. 

Relaxed Fabrics

Loose, casual, and a bit unmade are good ways to describe the textiles that fit with the design style. This is not the place for formal fabrics, primly pleated accents, or tailored upholstery.

Mixed Not Matched

Mixing up the pieces in a shabby chic home is the way to go no matched sets of furniture. The eccentric, eclectic combinations of furniture and accessories you see in this decor style are what make the look so interesting. 

Shabby Chic Style Ideas For 2022

A few characteristics of the shabby chic style are: simple and uncluttered, textural, and used or worn. Here are a few contemporary designs that illustrate the shabby chic aesthetic.

shabby chic decor

Older finishes are associated with the shabby chic look and can be antiques or new items made to look like antiques. 

Shabby Sofa

shabby chic decor on table

This sofa captures the right rustic vibe with flour sack stripes and a light brown background. It looks even better when paired with vintage accessories.

Tufted Headboard

shabby chic bedding decor

A tufted headboard captures the shabby chic look. When the bed is fully dressed in natural layers of white linens, a cottage couture vibe is captured. The pillows and comforter add to the shabby style.

Flea Market Treasure

shabby chic furniture

Do not underestimate your local flea market. The markets are known to be hotbeds for shabby decor. Look for gentle colors as an accent, the one exception is the turquoise green that is found in the patina on a copper surface. 

Weathered Doors

shabby chic door

One thing you’ll notice is how architectural pieces are ideal for when you want to achieve a finished look.

Vintage accessories are at the core of the shabby chic style. The old doors are great for leaning against a repurposed wall, but you can also use shutters, windows, and other pieces.

Rustic Décor

Shabby chic rustic accessories

Another flea market treasure. You should always be on the lookout for rustic accessories. They are a great way to add age to a room. The pieces have the right worn look and would work in any room.

Rustic Chic Chandelier

Chandeliers are ideal for a shabby chic room

Chandeliers are ideal for shabby rooms, but you’ll have to look hard for a true vintage fixture. As a compromise, choose a new piece that looks old. This one has an old finish and features beads instead of crystals.

Worn Furniture

shabby chic style room and can quickly transform existing furniture

Slipcovers are part and parcel of any shabby vibe and can transform your furniture. These are more tailored than the typical slipcover but have the right look, thanks to the texture and exposed raveled seams.

Vintage Kitchen Set

Shabby kitchen or dining room cart 683x1024

How is this for inspiration? Mint is enjoying another moment and these enamelware pieces hark back to days gone by – perfect for a shabby kitchen or dining room.

Light Furniture Style

Working area shabby chic decor

Light-colored furniture with soft pastels serve as the inspiration for this room.

Kitchen Inspiration

Chabby chic kitchen interior

While it might raise a few eyebrows, including yours, if you were to decorate your space in old, worn-out pieces, there’s something absolutely charming in striking a balance between the beloved and historic with the fresh and new.

Here are 60 inspiring ways to incorporate shabby décor into every room of your home.{found on juliasvitadrommar}.

Shabby Chic Style Foyer

Shabby Chic Entryway.

A pale blue frame is kept empty in this all-white entryway, almost taking the role of a simple piece of art.

Barn door agains wall

A barn door is a fantastic piece of shabby décor, even if it leads to nowhere. {found on thefancyshack}.

Old vanity turquoise color

A trademark of the shabby chic style is utilizing furniture in spaces were they’re not intended. This large turquoise dresser makes a great entryway piece with plenty of “hidden” storage.

Entryway display old framed windows

This entryway displays plenty of shabby chic décor traits, including weathered wood, chipped paint, woven baskets, burlap, and an overall simple aesthetic.{found on farmhouseporch}.

Old window mantel decoration

An old wooden window of almost any shape, and IN almost any shape, makes a charming shabby chic entryway component.

Re using to create a shabby chic decor

In the shabby vein of reusing and/or upcycling, how about this old door-turned shelf? Simply mount the door on the wall, add a chunky shelf and two corbels, and you’ve got instant shabby entryway style.

Shabby Chic Living Room

Ornate lighting fixtures

Ornate lighting fixtures, such as these candelabra-style wall sconces, add a bit of sophistication to a space that embraces the wear and tear of everyday life. It’s a balancing act, for sure.

Vintage Furniture Pieces

Living room shabby chic interior design

A shabby chic home features vintage-looking furniture pieces. Not every piece needs to have a retro look. Incorporating one or two weathered pieces into a simple living room design scheme will get the message across perfectly.

Baroque floor mirror corner living room

Ornate, baroque styled furniture pieces accentuate the shabby chic style nicely. Perhaps because they are so opposite – one purposefully fancy, the other purposefully humble. Keep the color palette simple and neutral to make these two styles really sing in harmony.

Wooden door leaning against the wall

Once again, a weather-roughened wooden door leaning against the wall creates an instant sense of warmth, welcome, and home. Although it doesn’t act like a piece of furniture here, a weathered wood door is practically a staple of shabby chic furniture.

Vintage swedish furniture

Vintage furniture items, such as this delightfully paint-worn dresser in the living room, make lovely statement pieces and provide a foundation for showing off a collection of treasures. Just try to keep the collection well-edited.

White slipcovers shabby decor

White slipcovers over larger living room furniture pieces and a weather-beaten trunk for a coffee table create charming shabby chic style in the living area.

Living room shabby chic decor1

Floral curtains can be extremely versatile in a variety of styles, but these floral shabby chic curtains are paired to perfection with some worn oriental rugs and a rough wood stool.

Living room shabby chic decor

Casual country chic living room furniture sits at the heart of the shabby chic aesthetic. Specific wood details, such as the herringbone natural wood floor and the pale painted wood wall planks, create a lovely foundation for

Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby Chic Bedroom.

Loads of layers and ruffles in white or pale pastel colors embody shabby bedding. The chic, feminine characteristics juxtapose nicely with the “shabby” aspect. (found on amyneunsinger.)


Shabby Chic Floral patterned wallpaper

A detailed, almost damask-esque, wallpaper in subtle hues provides a fancy backdrop to heartwarmingly shabby and simple pieces, such as this antique metal bedside table. I love how the hues of the bedroom itself are bright and crisp, while the shabby chic piece stands out in a golden way.

Bedroom night stand from an old chair

Soft, pale color tones mixed with dreamy, almost ethereal whites, create the perfect shabby chic bedroom palette.

Metalic bed frame shabby chic decor

A simple metal four poster bed frame creates verticality and elegance in this bedroom that has effective shabby chic elements.{found on cotedetexas}.

Subtle bedroom shabby chic decor

Subtle shabby chic touches (e.g., painted planked wood floor, metal bedframe) mixed with glam elements (e.g., white chandelier, mirrored nightstands) produce a perfect soothing balance.{found on rigbyandmac}.

Bedding textile with a cottage flair

Opting for natural fibers in bedding provides a lovely wrinkled, shabby chic vibe to the bedroom. Colors needn’t be matchy-matchy, but rather they should meld together in peaceful pastels.{found on juliasvitadrommar}.

A beach cottage coastal vintage style bedroom

Keep in mind that, although many successful shabby chic bedroom spaces are mostly white, these rooms still need a grounding element. A woven or natural-fibered rug is an excellent, earthy way to provide this. (Plus, aren’t those pale blue glass vases just lovely?) {found on abeachcottage}.

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Chabby chic kitchen island

Plenty of room for floral patterns and mismatched hooks on one side of the wooden island make this shabby chic kitchen not only highly functional, but particularly lovely as well.

Shabby chic white kitchen chandelier

A chandelier in a white, vintage-y kitchen goes above and beyond the décor wow factor. Plus, that copper cake cover? I die.

White kitchen from ikea

Many might be under the impression that shabby chic style must be ensconced in vintage finds. A gleaming white kitchen with strategic farmhouse-style touches.

Lavender Color Accent

Light wood bemas shabby chic

There’s nothing like the power of a lavender color accent. In this example, it’s the focal piece of the entire kitchen. Light wood beams and drop-down recessed lights on the ceiling, white subway tile for the backsplash.

Interior design chabby chic decor

image byBill Mathews Photographer

Plenty of eclectic color and vintage pieces make this wood-tabled farmhouse kitchen a cozy, friendly space. A butcher block countertop and wood planked backsplash help to keep things down-to-earth.

Burlap upholstered bench

A burlap-upholstered bench, large wicker basket, and a severely weather-worn wooden island create an inviting section of the kitchen that people would want to hang out in.

Shabby Chic Dining Room.

Table diagonal checkerboard

A diamond (diagonal checkerboard) motif painted in muted tones and antiqued on the top of this dining table provide a lovely subtle shot of shabby chic personality. Beautiful

Light shabby chic decor

Keeping décor on the light and simple side of things is a critical element of fresh shabby chic style. Bright whites throughout this dining space keep the weathered furniture legs feeling intentional and fresh.{found on dreamywhites}.

Combination of crisp contemporary pendant light

The combination of crisp, contemporary pendant lights and chunky horizontal stripes on the walls with the worn and battered dining room chairs in this exemplary shabby chic style dining room is pure bliss.

Stunning variety dining room chic shabby decor

A variety of earthy, natural textures, paired with a bit of antique glam, make this dining room a perfect shabby chic specimen.

Blues dresser shabby chic

Muted blues create a fresh feeling amidst the shabby chic scheme. Paired with an antique-looking chandelier that still sparkles, these two elements make this dining room feel fresh, even crisp.


Dining area shabby chic decor

Pared down forms, like this bare mannequin torso and simple white porcelain flower vase, bring out a feeling of appealing authenticity. 

Perfect kids corner pastel colors

Perfect pastels and quaint, sweet accessories make this shabby chic style dining room a beacon. 

Shabby Chic Home Office

Home office with a shabby chic decor

An exterior lighting fixture, such as this hanging lantern, makes an excellent chandelier choice in a shabby chic space like this home office. Another example of placing pieces in unexpected/non-traditional spaces in shabby chic décor.

ShabbyChic office organizer

Turn regular soup cans into great shabby chic office organizers. Using natural-looking papers and fabrics, glue covers onto the cans. Place on lazy susan for easy, stylish accessibility.

Magnetic frame chalkboard paint

Turn an ornate art frame into a magnetic chalkboard for the ultimate shabby chic office accessory. Silk flower-covered magnets help to complete the look. (found on thewillowshomeandgarden.)

Shabby desk workspace

This workspace features a shabby chic look. Clean lines, minimal clutter, with a few shabby chic details produce a positive vibe all around.

Shabby Chic Bathroom

Shabby chic bathroom mirror large

In true to the shabby chic style, this bathroom mirror is a combination of many things. For example, the vintage old rake has been turned into a jewelry holder. A chipped paint cupboard door is the mirror’s foundation. And the mirror is an antiqued piece of glass.

Vintage Door Knob

Vintage doorknob bathroom towel hanger

A vintage door knob gets a white-then-distressed makeover to become an ideal shabby accessory as a robe or towel holder.{found on thehouseofsmiths}.

Shabby Chic Bathroom

Shabby chic bathroom decor design

If you have the space, the shabby chic style can be applied to your bathroom space. A chippy metal chair, for example, is both stylish and functional, and a battered hutch provides cool extra storage space.


Shabby chic turquoise paper holder

A bright, friendly turquoise color makes this toilet paper, slash, magazine holder a cheerful addition to the shabby style bathroom. Areas of worn paint add to the charm.{found on etsy}.

Ruffled shower curtain

A fully ruffled shower curtain is a romantic and feminine touch to the bathroom, working nicely with the white painted and antiqued ornate iron pieces above it.

Making toiletries part of your bathroom decor

Bathroom toiletries shabby chic decor

A chippy shelf is a fun way to display toiletries while also storing them.  (Found on farmhouseporch.)

Shabby Chic Laundry Room 

Creative decorating ideas old windows

An old wooden window, turned on its side, wallpapered, and mounted with hooks provides a shabby chic look for the laundry room.

Shabby chic decor laundry room
A shelf dedicated strictly to shabby chic décor in the laundry room is a luxury…yet, when seen here, is more of a necessity, don’t you think?

Laundry room small space

The storage of laundry detergents in blue glass mason jars. (Found on 11magnolialane}.

Hide your ugly washer behind curtans

“Hide” your ugly washer and dryer behind charming white sheet curtains. This is reminiscent of sheets hanging out to dry and makes for a most shabby laundry room.

Vintage Accessories

The shabby chic style also includes vintage accessories that fit with any room. The only thing you have to remember is to think outside of the box.

Hanging Jewelry Storage

DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

Do you need a place for your designer jewelry that also offers quick and easy access?  DIY projects add a shabby chic style to a room while also serving a purpose.

This picture frame jewelry organizer for example would look good in any bedroom.

Find out more on themakeyourownzone.

Picture Frames

Shabby Chic Butterfly Art The DIY Mommy

Shabby chic decorations like this framed butterfly art for instance can fit well in any room. If you want to create an elegant atmosphere, install this in the bedroom above the headboard.

You could also add it to your home office. Why not personalize the entryway or integrate it into another space to feel more welcoming?

You can learn more at thediymommy.

Shabby Mantel Piece

Old Shutter With LOVE

Using reclaimed materials and repurposed items adds shabby chic style to your projects. An idea that you might like is to transform an old wooden shutter into a cool piece of flair. 

The project is described in detail on hometalk so check it out to find out what you’ll need in order to make something similar.

Earring Cabinet Frame

Jewelry and Earring Organizer Martys Musings

Old frames look cool and are also functional. Here’s another version of a jewelry organizer which makes use of a reclaimed frame. It can be done in a few simple steps which are described on martysmusings.

First, you paint the frame, then you attach the chicken wire panel, you add the spacer on the back and finally, you hang it.

Vintage Lampshade

DIY Shabby Chic Lampshade

Something else that you could do to add a shabby aesthetic to a space like the bedroom or the living room is to decorate a lampshade with fabric roses. Check out the instructions and all the details on simplyciani before you get started.

Antique Storage Space


Restoring or transforming old furniture is another great way to create a shabby décor. Furniture makeovers are very rewarding and can have different goals. Check out paintmewhite to learn more about the transformation.

Vintage Candlesticks


A shabby chic style often includes a variety of decorative elements and ornamental features. These can range in size and can take a variety of forms. They can also be considered a wonderful opportunity to work on a DIY project.

Consider something simple, like a pair of painted hearts made out of thin plywood. You can find the tutorial for them on allthingsheartandhome.

French Bowls

DIY French Country Terracotta Pots

Something specific that you can use as a decoration or a design detail in a shabby style is a terracotta pot. It’s easy to do and all you need is some chalky paint, matte varnish and a paintbrush. More details can be found on picklee.

DIY Flower Pots

Tin Can Centerpiece Idea

Repurposed tin cans would also fit well in such a décor. There’s lots of different ways in which they can be repurposed but most commonly they’re turned into small vases or planters.

The tutorial from thepinningmama explains how you can transform empty tin cans using spray paint and lace and how you can use them to create beautiful shabby centerpieces.


Here’s another example of terracotta pots being used as decorations. This time the design introduced a new element. The pots have the house number on them and are meant to be displayed out on the front porch.

It’s a charming way of marking the house number. Head over to the36thavenue for more details.

DIY Footed Wood Slice Tray

You can achieve many cool things with a simple piece of wood. For instance, you can turn a wood slice into a beautiful tray and an element that you can integrate into a charming centerpiece. This tray has these stylish hairpin-style legs which are made out of bent metal tubes.

You can check out the tutorial on craftberrybush if you want to make something similar for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Difference Between Shabby Chic Style And French Country?

Shabby furniture features geometrical shapes, squares, rectangle tables, beds, and cupboards. Shabby chic furniture is more fashion oriented; meanwhile, French furniture décor offers a conventional and classy appeal.

What Gives Off A Shabby Chic Look?

The shabby chic look is an interior design where furniture and furnishings are chosen for their appearance. The reason why is because of their age and signs of wear and tear or with new items that are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique.

How To Make Shabby Chic Furniture?

You don’t need many tools to create a shabby chic furniture. Chalk paint in the color of your choice is the only thing you need, along with sandpaper and chalk paint wax to seal in your finish after you’re done painting. The furniture style features glazes and finishes that offer a sense of history and retro style.

What Does Shabby Sheek Style Mean?

The shabby chic look includes items that have been heavily painted through the years. You’ll notice many layers that show through time-worn areas. It’s also imitated in faux painting using glaze or by painting then rubbing and sanding away the top coat to show the wood or base coats. This process is known as distressing the finish of the furniture.


Shabby Chic Conclusion


As a design option, the shabby chic style offers room to explore creative DIY abilities. Between shabby chic beach house interior design to French country shabby chic cottage decor, you won’t encounter a shortage of ideas.


When you want to achieve a shabby chic look, you’ll find plenty of examples online to help you. You can find floral patterns and vintage accessories at your local flea market. 

If you’re designing a room by yourself, sort through the ideas your like the most. After you decide on a color palette, select one color and use it as your reference. The idea behind DIY projects is you want to enjoy what you’re doing. Also, it shouldn’t take more than a day to design one room. 
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Siding For Houses: How To Choose What’s Best For Your Home

The best siding for houses is subjective. When changing your house siding or installing new siding, the goal is to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Siding For Houses

With all of the many types of siding and colors and textures available, a siding project can be daunting. Before you can make an informed decision, you need to have the right information. 

Types Of Siding 

There is a wide array of siding on the market today. The good news is that with most house siding, the only maintenance required later is keeping it clean. Steel siding, metal siding, and fiber cement siding offer unique challenges, for example. In recent years, new siding has emerged that is highly durable and offers longer lifespans.

Residential home with wooden facade

One type of metal siding, for example, isn’t better than others because it depends on your needs. For those living in cold climates, the best siding will not be the same for those living in warmer climates.

Although there isn’t such a thing as the best siding, there are siding options that are best for your home. Let’s go over the different types of siding and the different types within each category. We’ll include the price, why people choose them, and how they’re cost effective.

Natural Wood Siding

Natural Wood Siding

If you want a real wood look there are many types of wood siding to choose from, including board and batten and log. The question is, what type of wood is best or long lasting? This is similar to picking a type of hardwood floor.

Engineered wood siding is popular because it can last 50 years or longer. Older homes do not have siding, so if your home was built before 1960, it’s time to explore other siding options.

Cedar Shakes 

Cost: $6 – $12 per square foot

Most types of wood shingles, like cedar shingles, are popular wood siding. Cedar shake shingles is a cost effective and environmentally friendly option that’s also long lasting compared to other siding options. It is a sustainable, durable softwood and offers a great sound barrier and insulation. Among all siding materials, it’s also known for its energy efficiency qualities.

But one of the most unique things about cedar shakes is the smell that it brings to your home. It’s also not a high maintenance option and can withstand most weather conditions.

Redwood Shingles

Cost:$8-$20 per square foot

Redwood siding’s name doesn’t betray its look. It does have red tones and makes your house look like a cozy lodge. But it’s not just the color that makes people choose it. It is also a durable hardwood that is weather and insect-resistant, and also low maintenance.

Pine Wood Siding

Cost: $1-$5 per square foot

Pine wood siding is one of the cheapest types of wood siding. You can get it for a dollar or less per square foot. If you install it yourself, you can enjoy the low cost even more. Made with recyclable materials, pine wood siding is durable and weather resistant, plus it offers great curb appeal to other types of siding.

Engineered Wood Siding

Stone house siding

Engineered wood siding is the best exterior siding for a house when you want something natural and rustic. Wood shingles can only go so far, but with engineered wood siding, you can add great curb appeal to your home.

Wood siding isn’t for everyone, but it is a unique option that most people end up falling in love with soon after they install it. Engineered wood is a nice alternative to brick veneer or natural stone.

Stone Veneer Siding

Stone veneer siding is a natural siding that can look both rustic and modern. It depends on the tones of the wood and how it is cut. You can get veneer siding in natural and or uncut shapes that will make siding installation easier. The siding is durable and many homeowners like its fade resistant qualities.

Natural Stone Veneer

Cost: $28-$50 per square foot

Natural stone veneer house siding is one of the most expensive siding options out there. This type of siding uses real rocks and stones that are usually uncut or cut to look natural. The plus side is that you can use it as your wall or even fireplace. 

Although the price points might be high, many homeowners like it because it’s highly durable and adds to their home’s curb appeal.

Stone Cladding

Cost: Varies

Stone cladding is a good way to find cheaper stone siding. It is still real stone, but it’s cut so that it is thin enough to go on top of existing siding or a base like plywood. It works in panels on most occasions or like vinyl siding. 

Natural Stone Block Siding

Cost: $10-$15 per square foot

Stone blocks are an alternative to uncut stones. Natural stone block is used to build walls and structures and are typically standalone whereas natural stones are usually used on top of other materials. Natural stone blocks are cheaper than natural stones. 

When Is Natural Stone Ideal House?

Natural stone is one of the more expensive options so unless you want something rather high-end, then stone isn’t ideal. If you want something that will impress, however, then you can’t go wrong with stone.

Cement Siding

Cement Siding

Cement siding is popular siding choice. Although you won’t get pure cement siding as cement is an ingredient, not a solid material, using cement in your siding can strengthen it. Learn the difference between cement and concrete


Cost: $10 to $60 per square foot

Concrete isn’t a siding as it can break if poured too thin and used as tile. However, concrete walls are popular. There’s not much that can affect concrete, so it’s a solid option for a home’s exterior walls. Where energy efficiency is concerned, concrete is a great choice and provides great value for your home.

Fiber Cement Siding

Cost: $1 to $20 per sq ft

Fiber cement is a very popular option for those who like the look of it. The price is largely depending on if you get shingles, boards, “stones” or something else. Labor costs more than the material, so it’s a good one to install yourself. 

Faux Stone Veneer

Cost: $10 to $15 per square foot

Faux stone veneer isn’t made of cement, despite looking like stone. It’s an amazing option if you want stone but can’t afford it. While it isn’t cheap, it’s a lot cheaper than getting real stone and most people won’t know the difference. 


Cost: $2 to 49 per square foot

If you want something that looks vintage and high-end, stucco is perfect. While acrylic stucco is “nicer” than cement stucco, it’s also five times more expensive. So most people go with cement for general houses. This is good for horizontal lap siding and also a popular replacement siding.

When Is Cement The Best For A House?

Cement is ideal for a house whenever you want something extremely durable and affordable. Made with Portland cement, it’s durable and the cheapest option that will also last a lifetime.

Metal Siding

Metal Siding

Metal siding isn’t all that common in structures that are lived in, it is a common siding for barns, metal roofs, and outdoor buildings. Only recently it’s been used in houses too due to the many pros that the siding types offer.

Copper Siding

Cost: $7 to $9 per square foot

Copper is a very distinguishable metal with a very warm hue. It rarely ever needs to be replaced as it is durable and doesn’t corrode. The only thing that does happen to copper is that it fades over time.

Steel Siding

Cost: $4 to $5 per square foot

Steel is a material made up of other metals. It’s one of the cheapest metal sidings you can have. There are cheaper options but they are reserved for outbuildings rather than residential homes which need to be safe.

Aluminum Siding

Cost: $3 to $4.50 per square foot

Aluminum siding is only slightly cheaper than steel. It is easier to install as it is flexible and can be placed on curves. It is also lightweight compared to steel which is heavy. Both options are good and come down to preference and availability. 

When Is Metal The Best For A House?

Metal siding is ideal for a house whenever you want something modern. It can be rustic only when you make it look barn-like. 

Brick Siding

Brick house siding

Brick houses are very common as brick has been used for decades and is often considered one of the strongest building materials. It doesn’t offer a lot of versatility but it makes up for that in strength and character. 

Solid Brick Siding

Cost:$14 to $28 per square foot

Solid brick siding is brick facing that is 4in thick. It uses real bricks that aren’t cut smaller to cover and insulate your home. They range in price but are one of the more expensive ways to add siding to a house.

Thin Brick Siding

Cost: $10 to $20 per square foot

Thin brick, or brick veneer, can be made out of real brick. It uses a lot fewer materials than solid brick and is cheaper in general. It’s a great option for saving money but isn’t quite as strong or durable as solid brick. 

When Is Brick Siding Ideal?  

Brick is ideal when you want something that looks modern, yet still homey. It is a common option also for those who live in stormy regions as brick is extremely durable compared to other siding types.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is popular and the cheapest siding on the market today. It can look any way that you want it to look but you’ll pay a lot less than you’d pay for the real material that it is replicating. 

Clapboard Siding

Cost: Less than $2 per square foot

This is one of the cheapest ways to add siding to a house. The cost of house siding can be expensive but a classic clapboard or lap siding of any kind will save you a ton of money. If you’re not picky, this is the best option. 

Log Siding

Cost: Varies

The cost of vinyl siding that looks like wood or log varies greatly. You can get lucky and pay the same as you’d pay for clapboard or not be able to find any for less than you’d pay for real wood. So this is a gamble. 

Board And Batten 

Cost: Less than $2 per square foot

Board and batten is sold for the same about as regular vinyl. The siding comes in panels and is easy to install. It isn’t high maintenance and offers something different than other types of siding.   

Shake Siding

Cost: $3 to $7 per square foot

Shake siding is similar to vinyl shingles. It cost a little more but can be quite a bit cheaper if you install it yourself. It takes time to install shake whereas other vinyl sidings can go up in mere hours, or even minutes. 

When Is Vinyl Siding Ideal? 

Vinyl siding is a good option if you want something versatile yet cheap. If you want something very specific yet cain’t afford it, then you should probably get vinyl as it will get the look you want a fraction of the price.

House Siding Colors And Textures

House siding comes in a variety of colors. The most important thing is to choose the color that you want and one that offers the most curb appeal. 

Deep Red

Deep red siding color house

Deep red, like brick red, is an excellent choice. Be careful not to get a barn red unless you want that country look. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with staying on the darker end of things. Darker shades like burgundy and maroon are great choices.


Yellow beige house siding

Beige offers a natural appearance and is popular with board and batten siding. It’s a safe choice and a great option for buyers if you’re selling your house. No one will say “no” to beige, but a different, brighter color may be off-putting. 


White house siding 1024x679
Shaddock Caldwell Builders & Developers

White white be the most popular color for vinyl siding. You can use any shade of white without regret. Choose creamy vanilla for a soft look or a crisp white for something clean and sophisticated. You want to achieve the same aesthetic that’s common in your neighborhood, and white is usually the best choice.

Soft Yellow

House in yellow siding

If you want to add color, yellow is a good option for board and batten siding or even lap siding. The color gives a house that special cottage feel. Try to stray from the dark or bright yellow and go with softer yellow. Yellow is a common house color that isn’t dull or overwhelming. 

Sage Green

Sage green barn like style

Any mute green will work. Green is also a popular vinyl siding color.  Metal siding can also be green, just make sure you use the right shade. A medium, more neutral green is the safest choice. Sage is one of the best choices as it never goes out of style. Darker shades are available, but before making a decision, check your HOA guidelines as some shades may not be prohibited.

Barely Blue

Barely Blue

Almost any blue can work for an exterior of a house, but one of the best blue house siding options is barely-there blue. This blue is so light that it almost looks white. If you want the smallest touch of color, this is your best bet. 


Gray exterior cottage

Gray is always a great choice for neutral environments. It is often the safest option for a house color. White beige and white are great, while gray offers something in-between the two. It is a cool color but also makes one think of stone, which adds value to a house. 

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue paint

You can use teal, aquamarine, or another ocean blue green to create an automatic beach house. Beach houses are doing very well right now so any beach house color will do well in personal homes and those on the market. 

Pale Peach exterior shade 788x1024

Most colors can work on house exteriors. While colors like purple are risky, you can get by with using peach quite freely. Not all pink tones work, but peach is a safe color to use if you want a pink house. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Which Type Of Siding Requires No Maintenance?

Vinyl siding is billed as low-maintenance siding materials that will free you from having to scrape, paint, and otherwise care for your home’s exterior. It’s been around since the 1950s, and was first introduced as an alternative to wood.

What Is The Difference Between Hard Plank And Hardie Board?

Fiber cement siding is often called “hardiplank” or even hardie board named from the most popular brand of fiber cement siding which is manufactured by James Hardie. Fiber cement planks are formed by combining wood pulp with Portland cement. If you want a natural wood look you might like hard plank. Hardie board, on the other hand, is a popular siding choice.

Which Type Of Aluminum Siding Is The Cheapest?

Vinyl siding is one of the best options when it comes to cheap siding, both with material and installation costs. Vinyl siding can be installed quickly and can even be installed directly over existing material. It’s not high maintenance and is a great choice when you’re on a limited budget.

What Is Clapboard Siding?

Clapboard siding is a siding made of wood that is installed horizontally in an overlapping pattern from the bottom of the wall moving upward. Batten siding styles are popular among homeowners.

Which Type Of Siding Is The Most Energy Efficient?

Wood siding is a good insulator, but it seems that vinyl siding is better. The thing is, you should expect wood, as a natural material, to change while temperatures change, so it is impossible having it entirely tight-sealed.

Types Of Siding Conclusion

Now that you know about the different types of siding available on the market, you can make an informed decision. You may decide you want real wood siding or a stone veneer, regardless you’ll know what to expect before you install it.

Most siding options last 50 years. Each siding comes with a warranty, but make sure you double check before you make a purchase. If you decide on a wood species, make sure it’s made with fire resistant material and can protect your home from moisture damage. Depending on where you live, different siding may be problematic and you’ll have to choose other siding styles.

Siding is available in a variety of colors, and all of them are weather resistant. The best types of siding are the ones that last a very long time and are made with durable material. In the long run, siding will protect your home better than anything else. When applied directly, you’ll find that siding will preserve your home.

Before you get started, you don’t want to buy siding more than once when you own a home. Siding is an eco friendly solution that sometimes requires regular maintenance, but in the long, is worth it. Any type of siding you choose will offer a unique look, so take your time and choose what’s best for your home.
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Suspended In Style: The Hanging Bed Makes A Comeback

Hanging beds are something most people dream of having. Otherwise known as a rope bed or suspended bed, the bed style offers a unique sleep experience.

hanging bed

Hanging beds are comfortable, fun, and can turn a bedroom into an exciting living space. The beds are also great for outdoor social areas.

The most important thing to remember is that hanging beds require professional installation. Unless you have experience, installing a hanging in a bedroom is not a DIY project. 

The hanging bed is more versatile and durable than its traditional counterpart. Hanging beds come in a variety of styles, including rustic and contemporary. More than anything, the beds provide a better sleep experience. You can stall them in any small space like attic bedrooms.

The beds are also ideal for those with special needs. With adjustable firmness capabilities, after you throw a memory foam mattress over the frame, your bed swing will be good to go and you’ll be swept away by the comfort it provides.

Hanging Bed Design Ideas

To provide you with inspiration, we thought it would be helpful if we shared with you some of our favorite hanging beds. 

Outdoor Swing Beds

The Merry Thought

Can you imagine how fun it would be to have a swing bed at home? To build one you need wood, lumber, a drill, screws, a saw, and rope. Make sure your platform is safe and secure when you’re adding the rope. 

Outdoor Daybed

Wooden boards, wood screws, lag screws, nylon rope or chain, and some wood filler. The dimension of the platform should fit the mattress you’re planning to use with around 4 inches of space around it. Cut the lumber and start building the frame.


Attach the deck boards, lag screws, and fill the holes with wood filler. Sand the surface and apply a fresh coat of paint. When hanging the bed, use rope or chain at the desired height.

Hanging Style


But why reserve all that fun and comfort for the outdoors when you can also have a hanging bed inside the house? This one is intended for open rafter ceilings. You need to secure the braces to the ceiling joists and drill a vertical hole in each brace for the eye bolts. Push the bolts through the holes and place a fender washer on the threaded end of each one.


Assembling the bed frame doesn’t have to be hard, and it’s easy for most people. Once it’s all done and painted, attach the bed frame eye bolts to the holes you drilled in it. Use S hooks to attach each eye bolt on the bed to the end of each chain. Lift the bed and hook the chain to the ceiling support.

Bedroom Ideas

A lot of people are intrigued by the idea of having a hanging bed in their bedroom but they just can’t take this step without being certain they’re going to love it. Well, there’s nothing to be afraid about. A hanging bed is pretty much just like any other kind of bed except for the fact that it lets you swing gently and fall asleep easier.

Wood Pallet Hanging Bed

Pallet hanging bedroom

The best DIY materials use when making a hanging bed are wood pallets and rope. 

Chic Suspension

Cool hanging bed
Use a spare bed frame to hang a regular bed from the ceiling

Contemporary Hanging Beds

Centuries ago, hanging beds were known as rope beds. Their designs have changed since then and many creative styles have emerged

Double Suspended Beds

Slate ceilings hanging beds

When working with a slanted ceiling, you’ll need to measure everything twice.

Suspended Bed With Chains

Barnwood Hanging Bed

The chains and barn wood frame offer and rustic look.

Reading Nook Rope Bed

hanging bedDo you have a white room that needs a color accent or a unique focal point? Look no further than this idea. Depending on the style you prefer, you can either use rope or chain to hang the bed.

Stunning modern hanging bed like cocon
This nest read is the perfect reading nook, private and cozy
Exposed ceiling beams hang bed
If you have exposed ceiling beams, hanging the bed just got a lot easier

Porch Swing Bed

Platform green bed design
If the bed has a bigger frame, you can also have a built-in side table

Matching Swing Beds

Petalic pipes suspended in style beds

For smaller children, instead of ropes, you can use metal pipes to suspend the beds. 

Industrial Swing Bed

Rustic loft hanging bed
A hanging bed can be placed at any desired height, making it easier to customize the room

Master Bedroom Suspended Bed

Rope with decorative appeal for hanging bed
For a more dramatic look, use thick rope with decorative appeal

Outdoor Beds

Canopy hanging bed
This canopy hanging bed is definitely the focal point of the bedroom
Teen room with hanging bed
You can mount the bed on the wall on one side and hang it with rope on the other
Cottage beach inspired room hanging bed
Hanging beds make any room feel extra cozy and casual
Iron hanging bed
Hang the bed with wrought iron rods for a more elegant look
Wood attic room multiple windows hanging bed
The bed looks right at home in this rustic attic bedroom
Rope hanging plantform bed
You don’t necessarily need a platform bed. Any type would do

Small room rope hanging bed

For extra strength, use thicker ropes. 

Hanging Out With The Kids

Kids would definitely jump at the idea of having suspended beds in their rooms. They associate the beds with swings which they all love and for good reason. So why not give them rope beds? They’re just as safe as other beds if installed correctly and they even help you save space.

Here are a few examples of how you can use them in the design.

Hanging bunk beds for 4 kids

Bunk Style

Bunk beds hanging for teenage room

Notice in this example how a wall can provide support. 

Faux Floating Bed

Teenage room hanging bed

From a distance  this bed looks like a floating bed, but upon closer inspection you’ll realize that the top area is connected to the wall. With this example, the wall functions as a headrest and support source. 

Love Seat

Nursery room hanging bed
Instead of a bed, you could have a hanging window bench

Hanging bed nursery room

Screen Porch Designs

The screened porch is the best seat in the house. Sunrooms are the same thing as a screened porch: a cozy room with large windows, sometimes with a glass roof, where you get to relax and admire the views no matter how cold or ugly the weather is outside. 

Sleeping porch summer hanging beds
Get some hanging beds out on the sleeping porch
Black furnished porch hanging bed
Place the swing bed near the window so you can admire the views
Symmetry hanging beds mountain barn
For the sake of symmetry and natural beauty, install two hanging beds
Hanging bed mountain views
Don’t forget the comfy cushions in case you want to take a nap
Hanging bed swing
Nobody wants to be left out so get a bed as big as you can find

Porch bbq or simple another room for summer

A hanging sofa could work too if you feel a bed would be too casual.

Pergolas Hanging Beds

Let’s not forget the patios and pergolas. You can relax, feel the breezy wind going through your hair, the sun touching your skin, and all the other great things that you can only experience outdoors make things even better.

Huge swing bed on porch
Kids would sure love to have a huge swing bed out on the deck
Hanging oversized hammock over pond
You can also envision the hanging bed as an oversized hammock
White painted fireplace bricks for porch and swing bed
A hanging daybed on the porch is a nice alternative to regular seating
Porch hanging bed
Make the bed the focal point of the porch and the ideal spot for admiring the views
Concrete porch bed swing
Hang a small bed on the porch, add a floor lamp and you have a relaxing reading nook
Round hanging beds
In the case of round beds, the strategy is a little different
Cottage outdoor hanging bed
Build your own platform and make it as big as you need

Suspended Beach Beds

If you’ve visited a tropical island or exotic beach destination, then chances are you spent time relaxing on a suspended bed on the beach. Here are a few favorites that uphold the beach bed aesthetic.

Beach hanging bed summer vacation
Relax outside and enjoy the breeze. A hanging bed on the beach
Porch daybed hanging fresh air
The bed can either be part of a casual sitting area or a separate feature
Pergola and beds the best mix
Pergolas are excellent for hanging beds thanks to their design

Outdoor Gazebo

Outdoor hanging bed

If you have a pool, then why not get a hanging day bed to go with it? You don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy their comforts. They’re easy to make and do not cost much to install. It doesn’t take much to turn your backyard space into the vacation-like setting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Much Weight Can A Hanging Bed Hold?

The weight limit of a hanging bed is 220 pounds. Hanging beds are limited in how much weight they can hold, unlike beds with solid wood or metal bedposts.

How High From The Floor Can A Bed Hang?

A hanging bed should be 18 inches to 22 inches from the floor. As it’s recommended to enlist a professional contractor to install your hanging bed, if you do it yourself, you can use five gallon plastic buckets to determine the height of your hanging bed.

What Size Mattress Is Good For A Hanging Bed?

A twin mattress is the most common mattress size for hanging beds.

Is A Floating Bed The Same As A Hanging Bed?

A floating bed and hanging bed are not the same. A floating bed has a bed frame that looks like it’s floating. When looking at the bed, you can’t see its legs. When you look underneath, you’ll discover the legs are in the center of the bed frame.

How Dangerous Are Hanging Beds?

Hanging beds, like anything that requires professional installation, can be dangerous if they’re not installed correctly. Reports of children and young adults receiving concussions from hanging bed accidents are not uncommon. Head and neck injuries are also not uncommon.

Hanging Bed Conclusion

Although the hanging bed may seem unusual, you’d be surprised how their popularity is growing. Unlike a floating bed, the swinging bed is tailored for children, young people, and those with disabilities. 

Start with an outdoor bed as they’re weather proof. If you build a DIY hanging bed, hire a professional to hang it. They can also check to make sure you built it right. If you need materials, like wood pallets, check your local feed shop. 

Swing beds are enjoyed by many who like the gentle rocking sound that they provide. The beds offer amazing comfort in outdoor or indoor settings. For bedrooms, they provide more floor space for storage as they hang from the ground.

One thing you noticed in the photos provided here is they don’t require a headboard. This makes them easier to incorporate them into your living space. With the right linen and other creative ideas, you can create an exciting bedroom space. 

With adjusted height and added storage space underneath, a rope bed might be the ideal fit for your child’s bedroom. Checkout a video tutorial to learn more about how to make one. The images provided and photos here should serve as inspiration. And if you run into problems, contact a professional. 
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Best Hardware Store In The US

What is the best hardware store in the US that’s independently owned? It seems a great hardware store might be hard to find these days as big box retailers dominate the industry. Even though most people may shop at a hardware store a few times each year, they still prefer to visit a locally-owned business. 

best hardware store in the US

Here, we’ll show you what a local hardware store is all about and provide you with examples from across the US.  

Best Hardware Stores 

The businesses we’ve selected offer great prices, friendly customer service, and a wide variety of home and garden supplies. 

Minnesota: Bryant Hardware – Minneapolis

Bryant Hardware

Bryant Hardware offers everything from builder’s supplies to cleaning supplies and even outdoor toys. The local retailer has a loyal customer following who refuse to shop at big box retail chains for their home supplies or lawn care needs. This place keeps a healthy stock of repair supplies so you won’t have to visit anywhere else.

Indiana: Fusek’s True Value Hardware 

Fuseks True Value Indianapolis

Fusek’s Hardware is a True Value store located in Indianapolis, so they’re part of a national chain. They believe in locals helping each other and will deliver within a five-mile radius for free. So, you can stay at home and order from their site knowing that they will fill your order and bring it to your home.

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Arkansas: Fuller & Son — Little Rock

Fuller And Son hardware

If you’re looking for helpful advice on how to repair things, give this shop a visit. Fuller & Son has made America’s Best Hardware Store list more than once and can compete with national chains.

Their slogan is, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it,” implying in a witty way that they have everything that you need. If you ever visit Little Rock, you don’t want to miss Fuller & Son.

Texas: Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware – San Antonio

Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware

San Antonio has a lot of character and when you visit Sunset Ridge you’ll understand why. Not only can you find everything you need at Sunset Ridge, but they also carry extra home supplies, which is a sign of a great hardware store. 

Tennessee: Sloan’s Hardware – Vonore, TN

Sloan’s Hardware - Vonore, TN

Sloan’s Of Vonore literally has everything. The local business is a convenience store and sporting goods store all in one. They even have a small restaurant so you can grab lunch after you finish shopping. 

Ohio: Chagrin Hardware – Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Hardware & Supply

Chagrin Hardware is an adorable small store with an old-school feel. Yet they have in stock everything that other retailers have. People come for the atmosphere and stay for the amenities. The reason this place is well-loved is that it’s been up and running since 1857. 

Louisiana: Our Hardware – Baton Rouge

Our Hardware - Baton Rouge, LA

Our Hardware doesn’t look like much when you’re driving by, but after you walk inside, you’ll be surprised you almost missed it. The real reason that everyone loves it so much is how the owners are friendly and welcoming. 

Washington D.C.: Logan Hardware 

Logan Hardware — Washington D C

Live in the Washington D.C. area and looking for a local supply source that’s close to home? Logan Hardware is there for you. 

Crest Hardware — Brooklyn, New York City

Crest Hardware — Brooklyn, New York

Imagine being voted New York’s Number One Hardware Store two years in a row?  That’s what happened to Crest Hardware as they have long been an industry leader. 

The small operation has character and offers friendly customer service. Even if you don’t need anything, the place is worth a visit.  

New York: Best Brothers Hardware 

Brothers Hardware is owned by two brothers. As a family operation, their goal is to make life easy for other families. The word on the street is they’re always willing to lend a hand. They offer the best prices, and many people feel that it’s a great local hardware store.

Ayers’ Variety & Hardware – Westover, Virginia

Ayers’ Variety & Hardware - Westover, VA

Ayer’s Variety and Hardware in Westover, Virginia is also a supermarket. They literally have everything you need for your home and to feed your family. The small town is the ideal location for this place as it caters to friends and families alike who live in proximity to the store.

Massachusetts: Charles Street Supply — Boston

Charles Street Supply

Charles Street Supply holds a special place in the local community. When a business owner treats non-customers as well as regulars during every visit, word will spread and the operation will grow. 

Deleware: Felton Hardware – Felton

Felton is a great store known for its top-notch quality customer service. The small location opened to the public in 1962. If a business can last 60 years, then it must be doing something right.  

Pennsylvania: Newtown Hardware 

This place is more than useful, it has aesthetic appeal. When down the street where it’s located, you’re transported to a different time in US history. The store is so popular they have their own clothing line, food line, candle line, and more. 

Bonus: Hardware Hawaii Kailua — Oahu, Hawaii

When you think of a small business, Hawaii may not come to mind. But the people of Hawaii need home repair supplies just like anyone else in the US. 

Because of the location, Hardware Hawaii Kailua specializes in heavy rain and other natural disaster supplies.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Hard Is It To Start A Hardware Store?

Starting a hardware business in today’s marketplace would be difficult. The most important you would need to consider is your location. You would need to find the right market in the best location. Keep in mind that wherever you opened your business, you would be competing with online vendors.

What Is The Largest Independent Hardware Store In America?

Hartville Hardware in Hartville, Ohio is the largest independently owned store in the country. Founded in 1947, today, the location covers seven acres and employs 200 people.

Do Independent Hardware Stores Offer Online Shopping?

Yes, they do. If a store has an online site then chances are you can place orders there. Some stores offer even offer same-day delivery.

Is The Customer Service Better At An Independent Hardware Store?

When you visit an independently owned business you can expect to receive quality customer service. Local operations build their reputation by providing helpful service to local residents, and in return, the community gives them their business.

How Many Independent Hardware Stores Are There In The US?

According to the latest data, today, there are approximately 14, 918 independent hardware businesses up and running in the US.

Best Hardware Store Conclusion

A great hardware store is one that cares about their customers. That’s not to say that retail chains like Ace Hardware aren’t good. However, family-owned businesses provide a higher-quality of service and can provide advice on a home repair project. 

It’s rare that you’ll have a bad experience when you visit an independent retailer. Most of us shop for home repair or lawn care supplies a few times each year. And when we do, we like to feel secure knowing that if we have a question we can find an answer. 

Stores like Ace Hardware registered trademarks, which means they occupy a national presence. When you shop there, you’re supporting a national chain rather than a local business. Every time you buy something you’re voting with your dollar. You need to decide which is more important to you.
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45 Timeless Black And White Bedroom Ideas That Stand Out

I find black and white to be a perfect color combination for the bedroom. Sure, it may not offer the room the warm glow that other colors such as beige, brown, or the natural color of the wood do, but the simplicity of the combination creates a classic, timeless and peaceful look, which is exactly what the room needs to feel relaxing and inviting. And even though it may be very simple in theory, a black and white bedroom can stand out in numerous interesting ways.

How to Decorate a Black and White Bedroom

Of course, decorating a black and white bedroom can be easier said than done. You will want to be sure you create the perfect balance between the two colors without overdoing one or the other.

You may also want to mix in accent colors, or the occasional piece of wood furniture just to ensure your room isn’t too contrasting. Here is how you can get started on decorating your black and white bedroom.

Step 1: Switch Up the Furniture

The furniture is the hardest part of a black and white bedroom, as these pieces will be your eye-catchers. Therefore you should ensure you have a couple of large black pieces, as well as some white pieces. You can also mix in wood and glass furniture pieces as you see fit.

Step 2: Work on the Fabrics

Next to the furniture, your next biggest draw of the room will be the fabrics. You should work to contrast these as much as possible. For example, if you have a black bed, you should invest in a white comforter. If one wall is white, then black curtains would be best.

Don’t be afraid to have curtains that contrast with the comforter, and put pillows of both colors on the bed.

Step 3: Add Artwork

Besides fabrics, art is a great way to bring contrast into your black and white bedroom. You’ll want to pick pieces that stand out, and you may want to consider those which contain an accent color.

Step 4: Finish Touches

Before your room can be complete, you will need to step back and take a look at what you have so far. Is it too dark? Not dark enough? You’ll want to add accents in either color or in a third color at this point to get the balance just right. Even something as simple as a live plant in a black and white pot can go a long way.

black and white bedroomView in gallery

Black and White Bedroom Décor Ideas

Decorating a room is difficult, especially when you are worried about overdoing an imposing color like black.

Below are some décor ideas for a black and white bedroom to help guide you as you decorate:

  • Use great lighting to keep the room light, use natural light if possible.
  • Arrange furniture against contrasting colors (i.e. a white bed against a black wall etc.)
  • Choose an all-white or all-black rug, or perhaps one that is a mix of the two in a fun pattern
  • Incorporate textured pieces to help soften an all-white or all-black side of the room
  • Include pops of accent colors
  • Consider using off-white
  • Paint only one wall all black
  • Add greenery
  • Add wall décor

Black and White Bedroom Furniture Ideas

The direction you take your black and white room will widely depend on the type of furniture you find or already have. Furniture is an eye-catching part of a room, and there are typically several large pieces in a bedroom that need to be incorporated.

Here are some furniture ideas for your black and white bedroom:

  • Use wooden furniture, stain it darker or lighter as needed
  • Paint all your furniture white
  • Incorporate glass furniture
  • Paint your furniture all black
  • Add tufted pieces to break up large expanses of either color (such as on a headboard).
  • Mix in grey-toned furniture for a softer look
  • Use leather for some of the black pieces
  • Choose minimalistic furniture for a more modern look
  • Use a pop of color here and there
  • Buy furniture with metallic accents

Wall Décor Ideas for a Black and White Bedroom

So you’ve got your furniture, and some basic ideas of how to decorate your black and white bedroom, but how do you decorate the walls?

Here are some tips to help with selecting wall art for your black and white bedroom:

  • Choose wall art with a pop of color
  • Hang a mirror (or two!)
  • Place wall art where it contrasts (white wall art on a black wall etc.)
  • Hang curtains over a wall to create texture
  • Consider a textured black and white wallpaper
  • Only put wallpaper on an accent wall
  • Hang a tapestry
  • Incorporate industrial elements, such as a brick ceiling or wall by painting it black or white.
  • Paint the frames around the window the color contrasting the wall.
  • Keep it simple, especially if the contrast in the room is already quite dramatic.
  • Use gray if you think black is just too dark
  • Place wooden accents
black and white bedroom View in gallery

How to Soften a Black and White Bedroom

A black and white bedroom, while classy, can sometimes be a very hard look. But don’t despair, as there are many ways you can work to soften a black and white bedroom. Below are some tips to help you soften a black and white bedroom.

Tip 1: Use Texture

Textures can be a great way to soften an imposing color like black. Consider a black throw or comforter for your bed or a black curtain instead of painting a black wall.

Tip 2: Incorporate a Third Color

Although you may be excited about your all black and white bedroom, an accent color can really help soften the room, especially if you pick a pastel. Pastel green, blue, pink, or even purple are great ways to soften a black and white bedroom.

Tip 3: Add a Plant

Greenery can help soften any room. So grab a large plant or two to add to the corner. An orchid or other flower placed on the nightstand can help brighten a room as well.

Tip 4: Add More Light

The main reason your room may seem too hard to achieve a black and white bedroom is that there isn’t enough light. Try to find window coverings that allow as much natural light in the bedroom as possible. If there is no natural light options, then add a modern lamp or two to soften the room.

Tip 5: Add Wood

Wooden accents also help to soften a black and white room. For those that haven’t already chosen their furniture pieces, this is the best way to incorporate wood into a bedroom. Otherwise, you can consider a hardwood floor, or wooden wall art to bring wood accents into a room.

black and white bedroomView in gallery

How Do You Brighten a Black and White Bedroom?

Besides needing to soften a black and white bedroom, you may also decide that the room is too dark after you have painted a wall black. In this case, there are several ways you can work to brighten the room without having to repaint the wall.

Tip 1: Add Metallic Touches

Brighten up a dark black and white room by adding touches of silver and gold. These can easily be added through furniture, accessories, or even a nice framed mirror.

Tip 2: Consider Unique Lighting

You’ve likely already tried everything you could with the natural lighting of a room, so it may be time to consider some unique lighting, such as a string of lights along a dark wall, or perhaps a string of lights around the base of the bed to create a floating effect. 

Tip 3: Place Woven Accessories

Woven accessories, like a hemp hanging plant, or a tapestry can go a long way towards warming up a dark room. Just be sure these woven accessories fit with any accent colors you may have in place.

Tip 4: Switch Out a Single Piece of Furniture

Have you tried everything else on this list to no avail? Then it may be time to switch out a single piece of black or white furniture for a piece of color. If the bedroom has a chair, consider swapping it for a red one, or perhaps grab a purple side table. As long as the pop of color is large it will brighten the room tremendously.

Tip 5: Use Patterns

The final way to brighten a room is by incorporating a pattern. For example, a black wall could look nice with a white stripe or two, or maybe you could paint a unique vintage pattern. Either way, the pattern will break up the black and brighten the room.

By now, you should have a bunch of ideas for the décor of your own black and white bedroom. Keep scrolling to see just how you might incorporate these into your home to create a decorative masterpiece.

Inspirational Rooms for Your Black and White Bedroom Makeover

1. A Wavy White Bedroom Wall

Wavy White Bedroom WallView in gallery

When the color palette is so simple, other elements can be used to make a bedroom décor stand out. The wavy wall in this case adds a plus of sophistication to the room while the oversized padded headboard gives the space a pleasant and comfortable feel.

2. Brighten Up A Black and White Bedroom Space With Mirrors, Lamps, And Artwork

Brighten Up A Black and White Bedroom Space With Mirrors, Lamps, And ArtworkView in gallery

When black is the main color for the bedroom, features such as mirrors and lamps can be used to help brighten up the space. You could even opt for black and white wall art to add some detail to the walls. For example, the tall mirror behind the nightstand is a really nice touch in this case.

3. Add Eye-Catching Accents To A Minimalist Space

Add Eye-Catching Accents To A Minimalist SpaceView in gallery

A minimalist and basic color palette can be complemented by eye-catching accents such as an imposing chandelier or wallpaper with a subtle but eye-catching print only visible when the light falls at a certain angle. {found on boutiquehomes}.

4. A Black Headboard Against A White Wall

Black Headboard Against A White WallView in gallery

Usually, however, a balanced combination is preferred. So a black headboard can rest against a white wall, a white bed sheet can be complemented by black accent pillows and a light gray rug can contrast with the dark-stained flooring. {found on thesofaandchair}.

5. Find The Right Balance Of Black And White Bedroom Elements

Find The Right Balance Of Black And White Bedroom ElementsView in gallery

The most important thing is to find the right balance of black and white elements in the room. It should be a cohesive look throughout so, if the walls are white for example, you can put in a black dresser, a matching bed, and some small accent details featuring the same color. {found on ianmoorearchitects}.

6. A Shiny Floor And Accent Pieces

Shiny Floor And Accent PiecesView in gallery

A really interesting approach is to opt for black flooring. This modern master bedroom has a shiny floor and accent pieces that combine the two colors specified above in a natural way. The area rug and the armchair share a similar theme. {found on edndesign}.

7. Use Black As An Accent Color

Use Black As An Accent ColorView in gallery

To create a sense of spaciousness in the bedroom, use black as an accent color while white is your main shade. Use clean, simple lines throughout and soften the look through texture and accent lighting. {found on chrissnookphotography}.

8. Opt For A More Casual And Relaxed Feel

Opt For A More Casual And Relaxed FeelView in gallery

A black and white bedroom can be a bit too harsh and sober for some, in which case you can try to give the space a more casual and relaxed feel. For example, opt for an open clothes rack design, an artistic painting displayed on a wall, or for wooden flooring painted white.

9. Highlight The Contrast Between The Two Colors

Highlight The Contrast Between The Two ColorsView in gallery

A bedroom can feature a really simple and basic color palette and still stand out, even if the décor is just as simple as the color scheme. Highlight the contrast between these two colors. Use white where you know it will be emphasized by the natural light and black where you wish to create focal points.

10. Decorate Your Room With Black Walls

Decorate Your Room With Black WallsView in gallery

Another possibility is to decorate with black walls. It’s enough to have one black wall white the rest stay white. Emphasize the strong contrast through framed wall décor. Put white features on the black wall and black features on the adjacent white wall.

11. Choose A Dark Gray Shade Instead

Choose A Dark Gray Shade InsteadView in gallery

If a black wall seems a bit too dramatic for your style, opt for a dark gray shade instead. It will also pair nicely with other crisp white elements and you can coordinate it with a few other gray accent details such as a small area rug or a planter or vase. {found on stylizimoblog}.

12. Add a Black Trim to White Walls or Bedding

Add a Black Trim to White Walls or BeddingView in gallery

Give the bedroom a classic, elegant look using a black trim for white walls or bedding. Then you can also mix and match these two colors throughout the room. A black bookcase can be placed against a white wall, a black lamp on a white nightstand, and so on. {found on domino}.

13. Add Black Accessories and Accent Features

Add Black Accessories and Accent FeaturesView in gallery

An interesting approach is to make all the furniture and all the walls in the room white and to only use black in the form of accessories and accent features such as the duvet, the hardware, accent pillows, or framed artwork. {found on lolalina}.

14. Use Prints And Patterns Throughout The Black and White Bedroom

Use Prints And Patterns Throughout The Black and White BedroomView in gallery

When the color palette is limited to only black and white, you can show your creativity by using various prints and patterns throughout the room. Opt for bedding that features graphic or geometric designs in these two colors.

15. A Black Accent Wall

black accent wallView in gallery

Even though the prints and patterns are very variate, the room décor stays simple and very enjoyable. We particularly like the way the black accent wall complements the bed and everything on it.

16. Add a Slanted Ceiling

slanted ceilingView in gallery

A huge black wall can darken the room, even if the rest of the walls are white. In this case, however, the slanted ceiling offers a perfect opportunity to include a black wall in the décor without making it stand out too much. It’s merely like a headboard that extends on either side to incorporate the nightstands.

17. Add Black Window Drapes and Carpet

black window drapes and carpetView in gallery

If you opt for black drapes or window coverings, then the light from the window will stand out and seem a lot brighter because of the strong contrast. Continue the décor with a coordinating black floor which flawlessly contrasts with a white platform bed. Soften the look with an upholstered headboard and an ornate chandelier.

18. A Black Platform Bed As The Centerpiece Of Your Room

Black Platform Bed As The Centerpiece Of Your RoomView in gallery

Or try the opposite look. A black platform bed can be the main piece in the room, even if the wall closet is visibly larger. To maintain balance in the room, you can have the floor covered with a light gray carpet. {found on carr}.

19. Combine Straight Lines and Soft Curves

combine Straight Lines and Soft Curves black and white bedroomView in gallery

When straight lines and angles are combined with soft curvatures and simple and elegant colors, the result is a well-balanced and pleasant décor. A beautiful detail in the case of this contemporary bedroom is the sleek black lines that almost look like a shadow between the full height closets and the ceiling. {found on n-lab}.

20. A Bright White Ceiling

bright white ceilingView in gallery

Although it’s generally believed that black walls can make a room seem smaller and dark and gloomy, that’s not always the case. If the ceiling is white and there are other elements that can brighten up the space, then black walls can actually give a bedroom an intimate and comfortable feel. {found on homelife}.

21. Make the Bed the Only Black Feature in the Room

Make the Bed the Only Black Feature in the RoomView in gallery

But if the room is really small, then the approach can be a bit different. It’s best if the bed is the only black feature in the room. Turn the small size of the space to an advantage by making it feel cozy and welcoming through soft textures and accent lighting. {found on bozhinovskidesign}.

22. Use the Colors in Big Blocks

Use the Colors in Big BlocksView in gallery

When the color palette is limited, an interesting option is to use the colors in big blocks so that contrasts are simple and visible. A black floor can coordinate with a bed that has a black frame to diminish the barrier between the two. {found on intermode}.

23. Create A Feminine Vibe For A Black and White Bedroom

Create A Feminine Vibe For A Black and White BedroomView in gallery

A black and white combination seems like a good option for a boys’ bedroom, making it easy to create a masculine vibe. However, it can also be used to create a feminine décor. It’s all in the details. A headboard with a delicate, ornate frame or a chic mirror can totally change the ambiance. {found on sfadesign}.

24. Add Fun and Modern Furniture

Add Fun and Modern FurnitureView in gallery

These two ball chairs are perfect for a bedroom with a minimal color palette and a modern décor. Though they work with strong, dramatic color contrasts, their soft lines don’t have a harsh impact on the room. Also, the wooden floor warms up the design. {found on ashvilleinc}.

25. Layer Black and White Elements

Layer Black and White ElementsView in gallery

The way the black and the white elements are layered here helps create a visually interesting look and transform that wall into the focal point of the room. The dark brown floor keeps a low profile, although it would stand out in a different situation. {found on atmosphere360studio}.

26. Find Unique Ways to Sneak Black Features Into Your Room

Find Unique Ways to Sneak Black Features Into Your RoomView in gallery

Only after a second look, do you realize that this bedroom actually has a back, shiny ceiling which reflects the windows and the light. A wonderful example that proves that black is not always a gloomy color. {found on a-cero}.

27. A Black and White Master Bedroom Makeover

A Black and White Master Bedroom MakeoverView in gallery

This is a master bedroom that immediately creates a feeling of comfort despite being black and white. That’s because it uses texture to combat the drama of the strong contrasts and definite aspects of each of these two colors.

28. A Playful Yet Elegant Black and White Bedroom

A Playful Yet Elegant Black and White BedroomView in gallery

A bedroom can be playful in an elegant and classy way, despite being decorated with non-colors like black and white. It’s a matter of working with patterns, chic combinations, and managing to create a casual ambiance through accent decorations that are strategically placed.

29. Add Light Blue Accents to a Black and White Room

Add Light Blue Accents to a Black and White RoomView in gallery

Light blue accents in a black and white environment create a fresh and relaxing ambiance. The light wooden floor keeps the room from becoming too cold and austere.

30. Brighten Up The Room with a Splash of Yellow

Brighten Up The Room with a Splash of YellowView in gallery

Yellow is a cheerful color that can easily make a black and white bedroom look sunny, bright, and vibrant. A lovely accent color for a teen bedroom for example, which combined with playful wall décor and patterns, can prove to be exquisite.

31. Add a Pastel Color to Break Up the Black and White Design

Add a Pastel Color to Break Up the Black and White DesignView in gallery

Sometimes even the faintest presence of a third color in such a décor can establish balance in the room. Like this wall painting and the slight violet taint on the chair. {found on aeacon}.

32. Add a Simple Small Green Plant or a Lamp

Add a Simple Small Green Plant or a LampView in gallery

Even something as simple as a small green plant or a lamp can have a big impact on the overall décor and ambiance of a space. Such a detail can make the space feel fresh, or it can also give the look a subtle industrial twist. {found on lonny}.

33. Add Brass Accents for an Elegant and Sophisticated Room Makeover

Add Brass Accents for an Elegant and Sophisticated Room MakeoverView in gallery

Brass accents can make a black and white bedroom seem particularly elegant and even sophisticated. They can come in the form of a table lamp, a planter, or the buttons on a tufted headboard.

34. Gold or Silver Accents in Small Quantities

Gold or Silver Accents in Small QuantitiesView in gallery

A few golden or silver accents can have a similar effect. But it’s important to use them with great care and in small quantities. It’s easy to cross the line between chic or elegant and kitschy. {found on ldn}.

35. Create a Warm and Comfortable Look with Earthy Tones

Create a Warm and Comfortable Look with Earthy Tones in your black and white bedroomView in gallery

The color of the walls in this case says it all. It offers the bedroom a warm and comfortable look and has a nice earthy tone. It coordinates well with the chandelier and it’s great that the rest of the color palette was kept simple, neutral, and basic. {found on darrenpalmer}.

36. Floral Black and White Wallpaper

Floral Black and White WallpaperView in gallery

When you think of adding black and white to a bedroom, your mind probably goes straight to modern and striking designs. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, consider adding black and white floral wallpaper, as shown in this project from House Beautiful.

This allows you to add black and white elements to a farmhouse or a more traditional home. This wallpaper from Ralph Lauren won’t darken up your room but will add a lovely pattern to your walls.

37. Paint Half of the Wall Black

Paint Half of the Wall BlackView in gallery

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a full black wall in your bedroom, take inspiration from Grillo Designs and their modern vintage bedroom makeover. Painting the bottom half of your wall black adds a fun accent to the room without making it too dark or dreary.

This would look great on the wall behind your bed and can also extend to underneath the window. You can then paint the top half of the wall white or another shade to add more light to the space.

38. Graphic Wood Trim Accent Wall

Graphic Wood Trim Accent WallView in gallery

Another great option for anyone who isn’t ready to go for a completely black wall is a graphic wood trim accent wall behind your bed. Apartment Therapy shows us how to create this beautiful bedroom makeover, which begins by painting the whole bedroom white.

After that, you’ll use a nail gun and a manual miter saw to create this design. Paint the wood black so it stands out from your walls and create a fun design that will wow any guests who enter the room.

39. Add Abstract Black and White Art

Add Abstract Black and White ArtView in gallery

For anyone who is just looking to try out adding black and white elements into their bedroom, try hanging a large abstract black and white art project, like this one from Julia Apostolova, on the wall above your bed. You could even create your own piece of artwork of any shape and size to fit your bedroom.

You can take inspiration from anything you have in your home for this abstract art project and unleash your creativity to create a unique DIY addition to your walls. You’ll just need a photo frame and poster board to get started, and then black acrylic paint will be used to create the design of your choice.

40. Pair Black and Rose Colored Elements

Pair Black and Rose Colored ElementsView in gallery

Adding a pastel color to your black and white bedroom can help to break up the color scheme. We think rose is a lovely color to add to a bedroom, and you can simply place a few cushions or a throw over the bed to break up the monotony of the black and white.

Pretty Little Details incorporates rose into the bedroom through the huge curtains behind the bed. They offer a great contrasting color to the black wall and offer a sophisticated touch to this modern bedroom.

41. A Wood Grain Black Wall

Wood Grain Black WallView in gallery

Kristi Murphy offers us this amazing DIY bedroom makeover which features a DIY herringbone wall. While this may look like a huge undertaking for your next bedroom makeover, she used Stikwood to make this a much simpler process. You’ll literally just cut the material up and stick it onto the wall.

If you are using this type of material to make a feature wall, ensure you measure your wall carefully and order enough material for the project. To create a herringbone pattern, you’ll need about 15% more wood than your measurements suggest.

42. A Black Statement Headboard

Black Statement HeadboardView in gallery

We understand that adding a huge black feature wall or a large piece of dark furniture into your room can be a daunting prospect. If you don’t fancy adding these into your room, consider a black statement headboard instead.

House Beautiful shares this master bedroom which frames the bed with a black headboard. This is a great option for a smaller bedroom where too many dark walls could make the room seem even smaller than it actually is.

43. Black and White Bedding Sets

Black and White Bedroom Bedding SetsView in gallery

Lushome shares a huge selection of bedding sets you could take inspiration from for your black and white bedroom. If you already have a room with white walls, this is a great way to start your black and white makeover.

A bedding set is a very inexpensive way to transform a bedroom. However, as the bed is usually the focal point of any room, it’s something you’ll want to give a good amount of thought and effort to before decorating.

44. An Industrial Modern Loft

An Industrial Modern LoftView in gallery

A modern loft is the perfect space to add black and white elements to. If you have an open-plan living setup, a black partition wall can help to separate your bedroom from your bathroom or another living space.

Elle Decor shows us this industrial loft in New York City, which almost feels like you are sleeping in a hotel every night. The low bed and the minimal décor go well with the black wall. It just goes to show that black and white can work in bedrooms of almost any shape and design.

45. Create a Relaxing Black and White Bedroom

Create a Relaxing Black and White BedroomView in gallery

When planned well, black and white can also create a relaxing bedroom environment. Homes & Gardens shows us how to create this monochrome bedroom design which is very calming and stylish.

By using soft furnishings, textured throws, and cushions, you can layer up black and white shades to create a welcoming bedroom environment. If you feel like the room needs a little more color, add some other accessories or cushions in a brighter shade to warm up the room.

The Best Accent Colors for Black and White Bedrooms

When it comes to decorating your black and white bedroom, chances are you don’t want to have just black and white. Rather, you’ll want to integrate some accent colors into your color scheme.

Adding accent colors to a black and white bedroom is perfectly fine, just be sure you don’t add more than one or two, and consider picking one off of this list.

  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red

Incorporating brown into your black and white bedroom is easy, as there are typically many furniture pieces that can be added to create a warm look in the room.

You might have to try a little harder to incorporate yellow, but consider adding a throw pillow, or perhaps painting a wall yellow to give the room a nice little pop of brightness.

Green is another simple one, as you can place a plant or two in your bedroom, or grab a nice lime green throw to toss on your white bed for a nice lively touch.

The final accent color, red, is extremely elegant but should be added with care. Stick to a single painting or pillow in this show-stopping color.

black and white bedroomView in gallery

Black and White Bedroom FAQ

Can You Mix Black and White Bedroom Furniture?

You can most certainly mix white and black bedroom furniture, and doing so will create a nice modern look in your room. Just be sure you use furniture placement to emphasize contrast throughout the room.

What Color Goes Best With a Black and White Bedroom?

The best accent colors for a black and white bedroom are those which come in a pastel shade. Pastels will contrast nicely with white while also softening the black in a room.

Can a Black and White Bedroom Work with Wood Furniture?

A black and white bedroom can work with wood furniture, but it is better to lean more towards white when you have lots of wood furniture. Otherwise, the black and the wood may clash. So start with white as the main color, and add black accents when you have wood furniture in a black and white bedroom.

Is a Black and White Bedroom Timeless?

Black and white bedroom décor is not only timeless, but it is also classy and elegant. It is also very versatile, allowing you to use it to create almost any feel you desire for a room to have.

Time to Consider Making Your Bedroom Black and White

Regardless of the shape and size of your bedroom or apartment, we think black and white is a great way to modernize any bedroom. Before opting to add black and white to your bedroom, we always recommend planning out the design.

Ensure the room will get enough light, which can help to offset any dark walls or furniture you are planning to add to the space. Instead of going for a huge transformation in one go, we recommend adding darker pieces one at a time to see how they impact your space.

This can make the change a little less dramatic, and you can simply stop adding darker elements when you think the room’s overall appearance is becoming too dark.

When planning a black and white bedroom makeover this year, take inspiration from these 45 ideas we’ve showcased here today. Mix and match your favorite elements from all of these projects, and you’ll soon create a monochromatic bedroom that you and your partner love to spend time in.

Regardless of the atmosphere, you are looking to create in your bedroom, whether that’s stylish or calming, you’ll find that black and white can be layered together to create a homely bedroom environment. Enjoy transforming your bedroom into a timeless black and white room that will stand out this year!


Everything You Need To Know About Cape Cod Style Houses

A Cape Cod house is the most recognizable style of house in America. They are simple in style and ornamentation. They have remained a popular and beloved style home since the colonial era, and it is worth exploring to understand why these homes have such universal appeal.

Cape Cod Style Houses

Cape Cod Style Houses

Cape Cod Houses

Cape Cod homes give the impression of idyllic living with their white picket fences and picturesque flowerbeds. These homes have been around for a long time, morphing from simple and practical to charming to sleek and modern. If you love these homes as much as we do, here’s everything you need to know about these homes so you can begin your search for one.

History of the Cape Cod House

History of the Cape Cod HouseView in gallery
Cape cod style house with narrow pathwayView in gallery
Patriotic cape cod style homeView in gallery
Harbour cape cod style homeView in gallery
Cozy cape cod style homeView in gallery

Puritan carpenters brought the Cape Cod architecture style to America from England. The many homes of this type built in New England helped to popularize the style. With the harsh climates to contend with, it was imperative that building choices were easy and durable.

The common wood of oak and pine found throughout the area was used to build the homes. They were covered in cedar shingles or clapboard. Also, these homes had a symmetrical appearance with a central front door and windows on either side. The basic square shape usually held one story and maybe a couple of bedrooms hidden under the eaves.

Low ceilings and a large central chimney indoors provided the warmth that the residents needed during harsh winters. They added shutters to protect windows from the elements. So where did the name “Cape Cod” come from? We can thank Reverend Timothy Dwight IV for that, coining the phrase during his visit to the Cape in New England in 1800.

Cape cod style home decorView in gallery
Tiny cape cod home architectureView in gallery
Cape-cod-shingled-copperView in gallery
Cape cod style home with flowers on windowView in gallery
house plans with porches all the way around Luxury Walk Out Basement House Plans Best Home Plans Farmhouse HomeView in gallery

Over the years, we see that Cape Cod homes have morphed from very plain square structures to larger abodes. It was common to add wings to the basic square frame, either on the sides of the back, to accommodate space for modern amenities like garages and large dining areas.

If a traditional Cape Cod house had an attic bedroom, dormers might be added to provide more space and light to the second story. You might even find a porch on the front or back of a modern Cape Cod. All additions increased the living space of the home but by no means took away the charm.

The Exterior of Cape Cod Houses

Cape cod home with small fenceView in gallery

When a home is small like some of the historic Capes, you need to think hard about the exterior design since there isn’t much space to work with. Natural shingles can give your home the style of yesteryear and provide an eye-catching pattern amidst rows of cliche siding on your street.

Tri dormers cape codView in gallery

In the past, Capes were all about symmetry. So it’s easier to keep this in mind as you update or build your Cape Cod house because of the examples available. Since dormers are a more modern thing, you’ll probably be adding two or three, depending on the size of your house.

Working on wooden shutters cape codView in gallery

You might have noticed already that almost all these homes have shutters. The originals could open and close them, depending on the weather. Tip your hat to the asset and install working shutters on your Cape Cod cottage, whether you actually need them or not.

Blue accent window shuttersView in gallery

Of course, most of our shutters today are purely decorative and there is nothing wrong with that. If that’s where you’re leaning for your home, you might as well make those shutters bright and happy. They’ll make your house stand out for sure.

Natural landscape cape codView in gallery

So many Cape homes have beautiful gardens with minimal lawns. Draw on the area you live in and make your front yard a field of wildflowers. Not only will it thrive but your yard will be a safe haven for the bees and butterflies in the area.

Cape cod bushes exteriorView in gallery

If you prefer the more restrained and classic front yard, you’ll want to consider roses. While that might seem intimidating, with a little effort to educate yourself on care, you’ll have a beautiful blooming front lawn worthy of any feature film.

Cape-exterior picket fenceView in gallery

There is nothing like a Cape Cod home with a white picket fence. They seem to be a match made in heaven. Whether you live in the country or in town, a picket fence will give you a nice border to edge your landscaping and guests will know exactly what kind of charm they’re in for.

Cape exterior front porchView in gallery

Some Cape Cod style homes have a front porch, giving the whole house more of a farmhouse feel. Embrace that space and make it a part of your living area. Hang a swing, place some rockers, go all out for Halloween. We’re not sure who will enjoy it more, you or your house.

Cape exterior black accentsView in gallery

Maybe you’re looking for a way to bring a little modern style to your old Cape house. You can never go wrong with black. Just a little black on the front door, shutters, and any trim around the house will give the whole facade a brand new look.

Cape exterior retreat cottagesView in gallery

Who would say no to a vacation in a Cape Cod house? If you want your Cape to feel like a vacation retreat, you’re going to have to partner with the neighbors. With similar siding and some climbing roses, your street will look like a vacation community, with our without the beach.

Cape Cod House Interior

Open space kitchen cape cod decorView in gallery

If you thought we were going to leave the wood to the outside of the Cape Cod home, think again. Wood was traditionally used for the flooring indoors as well. Since wood floors are currently on-trend, that shouldn’t upset you much though.

Cape cod interior home with pastel colorView in gallery

Pastel color palettes were another common find inside this type of home. With low ceilings and small rooms to contend with, you really wouldn’t want something dark and heavy anyway. Embrace those sage greens, sky blues, and butter yellows for a charming historically true home.

Cape cod interior with yellow accentsView in gallery

Pastels might make you think of your Grandmother’s house that hasn’t been updated in several decades. Opt for a white palette that will capture all the natural light. Thus, this will make even the smallest home look bright and airy.

Cape interior shiplap wallsView in gallery

When the outside of your home is shiplap, why not continue the trend on the inside as well? Especially if your home is next to a body of water, that simple linear design will give you the perfect fresh clean seaside feel.

Cape interior chair railView in gallery

With such a plain exterior, it makes sense that even historical homes would spruce up the inside. You’ll often find beadboard or board and batten somewhere in these homes. It’s an easy way to make a big impact with very little time and money.

Cape interior built insView in gallery

Craftsman homes aren’t the only ones that feature built-ins! With such a small space to work with, it’s imperative to use every nook and cranny for a practical purpose. Built-in bookshelves and china cabinets achieve the goal and provide some really serious charm to your space.

Cape interior classic kitchenView in gallery

While you’re still thinking about beadboard, you’ll want to consider where you can add it into the kitchen when you’re trying to create a classic style. Cabinet fronts, cabinet backs, even the ceiling, that creamy texture will only add to the whole look.

Cape cod interior designView in gallery

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be traditional just because you live in a Cape Cod house. A sleek and modern kitchen will be a nice surprise when the outside of your home seems so charming and quaint.{found on AD}.

Cape interior open livingView in gallery

Open living plans are a thing of recent times but using the style in a small home, like a Cape, can really give your space the facelift it needs. Go all Joanna Gaines and see how many walls you can tear down before you have to quit. Your house will breathe again and thank you for it.

Cape interior statement lightingView in gallery

Looking for a quick fix to bring your home up to date? Look overhead. Change the builder-grade lighting for something new and exciting. A good piece of statement lighting will give you new eyes to see your space and what changes can be made on a dime.

Attic room for kidsView in gallery

When there is a second story on a Cape Cod style home, it’s more like an attic room than a full story with all kinds of nooks and crannies stuffed tight under the eaves. Building your own beds, shelving and other storage can help you use the space to its fullest.

Dormer attic roomView in gallery

Many of the newer Capes have a dormer or two to add to the height and light of the second story’s floor plan. If that looks like your bedroom, use that dormer to create the coziest nook with a desk or chair. It will be a favorite place to work and read and spend all your time after that.

Cape Cod House Plans

In the construction of Cape Cod cottages, there are different floor plans that are common. There are a full Cape, three-quarters cape, and a half cape. A full Cape, also known as a double cape, is what you think of when you think of a Cape Cod cottage and is the most common type of Cape today. It has perfect symmetry with a central door, windows that flank the door, and a large central chimney.

Three-quarter Capes and half Capes are not symmetrical in appearance and are smaller in size. Three-quarter Capes were the most popular form of the home in the 18th and early 19th centuries. A half Cape is a small Cape Cod style house that was the starter home in historic New England.

Two Beautiful Cape Cod Houses

This charming picture-perfect style has been kept alive and is still the inspiration behind many houses being built today. The aesthetic has changed a bit over time so you can expect some of today’s Cape Cod homes to have a more modern look and feel and a more imposing overall appearance. Here are a couple of examples.

Modern Cape Cod House in California

Modern Cape Cod House in CaliforniaView in gallery

The inspiration for this beach house was the classic style home but a contemporary spin was added to its design. Studios Brandon Architects and Spinnaker Development worked together to give this house from Newport Beach a unique style.

Beautifully designed Cape Cod in California living areaView in gallery
Beautifully designed Cape Cod in California dining with benchView in gallery

At the same time, the designers wanted to keep it simple, elegant and to make it feel like a home. It’s a home that promotes outdoor living and given its proximity to the beach it was important to take advantage of the views.

Beautifully designed Cape Cod in California kitchen decorView in gallery
Beautifully designed Cape Cod in California patioView in gallery
Beautifully designed Cape Cod in California officeView in gallery
Beautifully designed Cape Cod in California bedroomView in gallery
Beautifully designed Cape Cod in California bathroomView in gallery

Inside there’s a big open kitchen, a living area, and double doors leading out to a small porch. Upstairs the master bedroom has a beautiful screened balcony and big doors and windows that bring the outdoors in and create a breezy ambiance suitable for a beach house. The use of natural wood adds a really nice and warm touch to the décor and the white walls and ceilings help the rooms seem bigger and brighter.

A Renovated Cape Cod Home in Canada

Cape Cod style waterfront estate in VancouverView in gallery

Once again, the views are amazing here. This house is located in Vancouver, Canada, and is a waterfront home with beautiful trees and vegetation all around it. It was the perfect spot for creating an inviting family home and this style really suits the place.

Cape Cod style waterfront estate in Vancouver interiorView in gallery
Cape Cod style waterfront estate in Vancouver bedroom decorView in gallery

When asked to renovate it, studio Jodi Foster Design + Planning made sure to take advantage of the views and to find new ways to emphasize the relationship between the indoor spaces and the surroundings.

Cape Cod style waterfront estate in Vancouver bathroom decorView in gallery

All of the interior spaces have access outside. They connect to a series of wraparound terraces on both the ground floor and the upper level which make it easy and convenient to enjoy the lovely vistas and the fresh air at any time.

cape cod style house renovationView in gallery

The exterior of the house retained its classic flair with the white frames and trims around the doors, windows, and everything else. The interior was updated and simplified with a more modern aesthetic. It relies on light and neutral colors and natural materials.

Cape Cod Beach House Rentals

cape cod style house on the beachView in gallery
Image source.

If you want to experience a vacation that is truly restful. Try a Cape Cod beach house. These homes are built on quiet and picturesque oceanfront locations like Martha’s Vineyard and, of course, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. You can find Cape Cod beach cottages on large rental sites like Vrbo or Airbnb. Also, you can go to sites that are more specific to these types of houses at Vacation Cape Cod. 


What is a Cape Cod house? 

A Cape Cod house is a classic style home design built with one or one and a half stories, with a high pitched roof, a central chimney, and a symmetrical design. Also, Cape Cods use building materials that weather well like cedar shakes with little decorative detailing.  

 Are Cape Cods good houses?

As stated, Cape Cods have a classical shape, and their design stands the test of time. Cape Cods, like all other homes, can be built with poor or good-quality construction material. A historic Cape Cod will use better quality material than newly constructed Capes. 

Is a Cape Cod house a cottage?

A small house is referred to as a cottage. Many Capes are cottages in the sense that they are small; however, not all cottages are Capes. 

Do Cape Cods have basements?

Most modern Cape Cods have basements. However, most historic Capes do not have a basement. Rather, they feature a bricked crawl space that has room for a few modern necessities like a water heater and electrical panel. 

Are Cape Cods popular?

Cape style homes have been popular throughout history and remain popular today. They are a classic style house that has little ornamentation. Thus, these homes can be adapted to many different geographic contexts. Its versatility is one of the reasons that it will continue to be popular. 

Is a Cape Cod two-story?

Most historic Cape homes were one story; however, many modern Capes have two stories with dormer windows built into the roof to bring added light to the second story. 

How big is Cape Cod? 

A Cape Cod will vary in size. Full Capes can be large with two stories and many rooms. However, the front of a full Cape is symmetric in its design. Many half Capes are the smallest versions of these homes. These were considered the starter houses in historic New England. These style homes do not have a symmetric front. Three-quarter Capes also do not have symmetric front; rather they have two windows on one side of the door with one on the other. However sometimes, the names full, half, and three-quarter have more to do with their front symmetry than their size.   


Cape Cod homes have a quintessential style that has both historic character and modern appeal. They are simple in appearance and lack the external ornamentation that can date other house styles over time. Don’t let the plain style put you off; rather, think of it as an opportunity to add a unique character with a brightly colored door or a lovely garden design. In the end, you will have a home that you can enjoy for many years to come. 


Aesthetically Pleasing Colors That Go Together

Choosing colors for your home can be daunting. Aesthetically pleasing colors that go together can be hard to find. It’s up to you to find the flow and balance of each room.

A great color pairing can make a room or setting shine. To make things easier, we’ve chosen some reliable color combos.

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These pairings never fail. If you need an easy-win combo, then you’ll find one here. Remember, don’t try to please anyone else.

Find what works for you and stick with it, even if it changes monthly.

Colors That Go Together Naturally

If the homeowner is happy with the colors, then good. You want color duos that bring harmony to a room.

Sandy Brown And Seafoam

Sandy Brown And Seafoam two colors that go togetherView in gallery
Wyatt Poindexter of Keller Williams Elite

Sandy brown and seafoam green are beach colors. They work well in beach houses. If you go with this combo, you can make any room look beachy.

However, sandy brown and seafoam are good for other living spaces. The style of furniture and seafoam hue can set the mood. Choosing birch instead of driftwood makes a difference.

Coral And Lavender 

Coral And Lavender goes together aswellView in gallery
Kelly Hohla Interiors

You may have been told that pink and purple do not work. But with the right shades, they’re great. A brighter, peachy pink looks nice with a light purple.

Purple is a strong color. Softer purples look better with brighter pinks. You don’t need coral as any bright or dark pink will do. Magenta also works with purple pastels.

Gold And Deep Purple

Pruple and gold dining roomView in gallery
Image from berensinteriors

If you use darker or deeper purples, then go with royal colors like gold to accent them. Purple is a royal color. It looks great with silver, but gold is more regent and purple complements it. 

With a lighter purple, you risk a different aesthetic being portrayed. If regency is your goal, then stick with darker purples. 

Pastel Pink And Baby Blue

Kids room pink and blue 1024x748View in gallery
Denise Maloney Interior Design

Any light shade of pink and any lighter shade of blue can work wonders for a room in need of an airy feel. Although pink and blue pastels are good for rooms, they look best in a child’s room or a shabby chic living room.

With shabby chic, a whitewash or distressed texture can mature the colors. Plain colors make any room look like a kid’s room. 

Turquoise And Cream

Turquoise and cream dining room 1024x692View in gallery
KDS Interiors, Inc.

Turquoise and cream is a popular combo. Do not ignore these colors.  A soft and warm neutral hue makes the perfect partner. Turquoise and cream are also versatile. 

You can use it in beach houses, kids’ rooms, or bathrooms that need a splash of color. But don’t let that keep you from making turquoise an elegant color. It can be just as sophisticated as any other color if used right. 

Green And Purple Colors That Go Together

Green And Purple colors that go togetherView in gallery
Design Focus

Shade doesn’t matter when pairing green and purple. Darker shades of purple and green work well together if your walls or floors are darker tones. They add real elegance to a room.

The deeper the colors, the more intense the room will be. Try to keep the floors and walls a neutral color to tone down and balance the room. 

Red And Green

Green and red bedroom with sitting area 1024x752View in gallery
Katie Scott Design

There’s a reason this dynamic duo shows up at Christmastime. The pair looks amazing together and is festive no matter which holiday you’re celebrating. Just like at Christmastime, red and green should be bright when used together. 

If you want to keep a red and green room from appearing too Christmassy, use blacks instead of browns. This keeps the Christmas tree colors away and adds a more modern tone. 

Rust And Beige

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Image from condeusa

Rust can be a touchy color, which is why pairing it with a forgiving color like beige is such a great idea. The warmth from the beige rises when paired with rust that has orange hues. 

If you want a third color here, a soft white or cream can keep the room from looking too rustic. Cream adds a more delicate touch that keeps the room soft. 

Blush And Sage 

Pink and green sibling bedroomView in gallery
Anna Watkins Porter

Pink and green is a calming combo when those shades are blush and sage. The soft colors complement each other well and offer a respite from the things that drag us down each day.

Pink and green are the colors of a pink rose, lily, or hydrangeas. The color combo is soft enough to suit any room yet bold enough to still make a statement in a classy way.

Indigo And Teal

Indigo and teal with lavender bedspreadView in gallery

Indigo is blue with a purple tint while teal is blue with a green tint. Pairing two colors of different shades don’t always work, so this sweet combo pays off. Add bits of green and purple to bring it all together. 

When adding green and purple, be careful not to let them overshadow the indigo and teal. Those two colors should be the stars. 

Dusty Pink And Dark Brown

Pink and brown bedroom 1024x686View in gallery
RL Design Studio

Pink and brown are a great combo and was popular in the early 2000s. While brown hues don’t matter as much, soft pink is important for this style, sophistication, and taste. 

The color of brown looks best if a medium color but can change depending on the colors of wood used. Match the pink to the tone of the wood. 

And don’t forget about mauve. A mauve-colored room can impact an interior.

Charcoal And Honey

Black and yellow bedroom with chalk walls 1024x685View in gallery
Marc Rutenberg Homes

Inspired by the bumblebee, charcoal and honey offer a soft combo and intense contrast. Honey offers warmth to the dark charcoal, which is a shade lighter and dustier than solid black. Chalkboards offer great inspiration with this combo. 

Even the word honey is pleasing, so of course, the honey color is therapeutic. Add a bit of off-white to balance it out, just be careful with adding any bright color to a yellow room. 

Stone Grey And Arctic Blue

Blue and grey bedroom 1024x673View in gallery
Dream Finders Homes

Grey works with most colors, but arctic blue is special. Adding it to the mix turns an earthy room cool and refreshing. If the grey is coming from real stone, consider glass or crystals to bring out the blue. 

Agate and quartz are cheap crystals that come in arctic colors. But for a true arctic blue crystal, consider aquamarine, or chalcedony. 

Forest Green And Brown

Green and brown lodge bedroom 1024x603View in gallery
Envision Web

Tan and sage look good together, but forest green and a darker brown can look just as amazing. Try for a dark hunting green and deep chocolate or walnut brown for best results. You will find an automatic rustic lodge look. 

If you don’t want a masculine or musky feel, then you can add sheer curtains or other lighter home decor. Just make sure to keep the integrity of the natural look that these colors add. 

Creating Your Own Combos

If none of these combos please you, then don’t be afraid to branch out. No matter how many visitors you have, the most important person in home design is the homeowner. If they’re happy, everyone else should be too. 

Check out these tips to create your color combo. 

Try One Accent Color

Sticking with neutrals is great. When you do, you can choose one accent color to stand out. If you have a black and white home design, consider a color like red or pink for an artistic flair and balanced combination. 

Find Contrasts

Contrasting colors are a good beginning.  Pick one color that you like first. Then, find a color on the opposite end to match it. For example, pair light blue with dark brown. 

Choose Cool Or Warm Colors

Pick a temperature and stick with it. Mixing warm and cool colors doesn’t work out well. It’s best to pick warmer or cooler colors from the start, or find something in the middle with medium browns, and beiges.

Pick A Neutral 

Picking a neutral color will help you begin. A color like greige or ivory can be the start of your design. Go from there and keep the pace going with inspiration. 

Search For Inspiration In Nature

This is one of the best ways to find color combos. Find a picture or natural scene that inspired you. Imagine a blue brook along a mountain, or bluebird sitting in a tree.

Nature offers the best color pairs, which is where we should look for inspiration.

Colors That Go Together Frequently Asked Questions

What Are 3 Fall Colors That Go Together?

Three fall colors that go together are beige, brown, and dark brown. When combined, the colors create a warm room vibe.

For a kid’s room, try blue, yellow, and green. The colors represent wisdom and stability.

Can You Have Two Different Color Curtains In The Same Room?

You can use different colored curtains in the same room. With rooms that have too much light, two sets of heavy colors will offer surprising results.

One way to mix curtain colors is to match them with items in the room. A monochromatic color scheme should be the goal.

Another fun option would be to clash the colors on purpose. Alternating color patterns will help you achieve this look.

What Are Some Good Colors For A Gaming Room?

The most trending gaming room color is Frank Blue. The name might confuse you as the color belongs to the purple family. It’s classy and comfortable and offers a soothing effect.

Red and black is a popular gaming room color combo. You’ll notice how arcades feature this color pairing. When combined, they bring out the competitive nature of those in the room.

Aesthetically Pleasing Colors That Go Together Conclusion

When choosing colors for a room, have some fun. If you like certain colors, you can find a way to make them work. If they clash, change a few items in the room and see what happens.

A good place to start would be to choose a color scheme from the biggest hues in a room. Decorate in a vertical style. You can also contrast warm with cool colors to achieve a balance.

Harmony is the goal. Colors and set the tempo for a room, so keep in mind the personalities of those who use the room the most.